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Catmann T18 EVO mini tractor review

Not long ago, the MZKG plant in Belarus began producing inexpensive Catmann T18 EVO mini tractors. This new product has high technical parameters, budget cost, inexpensive maintenance and high-quality parts.

  • The Catmann T 18 EVO has a reinforced frame, which gives the transmission increased reliability.
  • The Katman T 18 diesel engine has a power of 18 horsepower.

The most common problem in mini tractors is the V-belt drive, which regularly breaks. The manufacturer has improved this point and installed durable belts.

The Catmann T 18 EVO minitractor has small overall dimensions. This improves the control and maneuverability of the machine. The Katman T18 is capable of performing tasks in indoor warehouses or large greenhouses.

The Catmann T 18 EVO can work with a variety of attachments and units. Thanks to hydraulics, it is capable of powering even the heaviest implements.

The tread of the Katman T18 tires is wide with a special relief, which allows you to work in conditions of viscous soil and snow cover.

Due to its characteristics, the device is used in agriculture and public utilities.

Device Features

The design of the Katman 240 minitractor has a professional lined power unit consisting of two cylinders. For the model, this engine was provided by the Japanese manufacturer KUBOTA. Its distinctive feature is its fairly large operating power, equal to 24 horsepower, which is quite enough to perform a wide range of tasks. In order to ensure proper operation over a long period of time, a liquid cooling system was used.

An installed manual transmission with eight speeds (two for reverse and six for forward) allows you to choose a rational speed and the required traction force when performing any task.

The drive axle of the mini-tractor has a locking differential, which provides increased maneuverability on various types of soil by eliminating slipping of one of the wheels.

The design of the tractor provides for adjustable track width, which allows you to optimally configure the machine for work in certain areas. This is accomplished by shifting the wheels on the axle shafts.

Also, in order to increase ease of use, the Katman 240 received hydraulic power steering, which allows you to turn without much effort. It is worth noting that ease of control is observed even on viscous soils. This system has a positive effect on reducing the load on the power unit. Moreover, this element does not require special maintenance and has a long service life.

To install additional attachments, a universal three-point unit was installed, which allows the use of not only original units, but also equipment from other similar equipment. Which is especially convenient if the owner has several units in his assortment.

The tractor is equipped with an intuitive dashboard that controls the most required information. There are several sensors on it that indicate the temperature of the power plant, oil pressure, fuel level in the tank, as well as a voltmeter that indicates the battery capacity.

The model is equipped with two hydraulic inputs/outputs that allow the use of hydraulic attachments such as utility brushes, tipper trailers, and a front loader.

To work at night, the manufacturer has supplemented the design of the model with two halogen headlights with two lighting modes: low beam and high beam. In addition, headlights can act as signal lights when driving on roads in poor visibility conditions. This also includes direction indicators, brake lights and horns.

Among other features, the following should be highlighted:

1. The mini-tractor tires used are made of special materials using silicone components, which provides them with the necessary degree of softness at sub-zero temperatures and prevents the tires from sagging significantly at positive ambient temperatures. This solution made it possible to achieve excellent cross-country ability both in winter and summer. 2. The drive axle uses a friction locking differential, which not only allows for increased cross-country ability, but also has a significantly increased service life, which affects the overall service life of the mini-tractor.


The Catmann MT240 minitractor is rightfully considered a trouble-free agricultural machinery that can operate in absolutely any weather and climate conditions. This is due to the use of reliable components and mechanisms. The engine alone is capable of working properly even around the clock.

Repair features

To constantly maintain the equipment in good working order, the owner will only need to promptly replace consumable items, which are the oil, fuel and air filters, as well as oil. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the suitability of the elements and parts most susceptible to wear. Due to proper maintenance, equipment can last much longer, which can significantly reduce repair and maintenance costs.


Manufacturer countryBelarus
Engine capacity903.0(cc)
Volume of the tank8.0(l)
Wheel drive typeRear
Wheel formula4×2
Gear boxMechanical
Fuel consumption350.0(g/kWh)
Theoretical forward speed30.0(km/h)
Theoretical reverse speed10.0(km/h)
Ground clearance300.0(mm)
engine's typeDiesel
Differential lockNo
Cabin availabilityNo
Power steering typeNo
Rated shaft speed540.0(rpm)
Number of gears6 forward/2 reverse
additional characteristics
Life time96 months
Rear wheel size6,50-16
Track width (adjustable)900-1100 mm
Front wheel size5,00-12

Features of application

Mini tractors Catmann T 18 EVO operate a wide range of different attachments.

Minitractor Catmann T 18 EVO

The hydraulic system of this model is located on top, so dust and dirt do not accumulate there. The hydraulic drive of the Katman T 18 mini tractors is capable of driving attachments weighing up to 150 kg.

Some shops offer a cutter or plow complete with the Catmann T 18 EVO. Other attachments can be purchased additionally: hillers, hullers, potato digger and potato planter, mower, harrow, trailer, etc.


As described above, this technique can cope with a large list of different jobs. This was facilitated by the ability to use various types of attachments during the work process. The set of such devices itself contains a huge number of variations of one type or another. All offered equipment is installed in two places of the machine, namely front and rear, which allows for greater efficiency. Let's consider the most used types of equipment:

  1. Potato plow. The equipment fulfills its intended purpose at speeds of up to 8 kilometers per hour. The smallest processing depth is 180 millimeters. The greatest processing depth is 220 millimeters. The smallest working width of the equipment is 600 millimeters. The largest working width is 680 millimeters. The average productivity of such equipment is 0.53 hectares per working hour.
  2. Ordinary plow. Basically, such a unit has three buildings. The plowing width is 600 millimeters. The smallest plowing depth is 200 millimeters. The greatest plowing depth is 250 millimeters. The weight of the equipment is 115 kilograms.
  3. Rotary cutter. The width of the treated area is 1400 millimeters. The smallest tillage depth is 120 millimeters. The greatest tillage depth is 160 millimeters. The structural weight of such a unit is 220 kilograms.
  4. Mower. The width of the captured area is 1400 millimeters. The smallest cutting height is 60 millimeters. The maximum cutting height is 80 millimeters. The optimal speed of the rear PTO for operation of the unit is 540 rpm. Overall length 880 millimeters. Overall width is 1650 millimeters. Overall height is 670 millimeters. The weight of the equipment is 106 kilograms.

User manual

Every new owner of a Catmann T 18 EVO mini tractor must study the user manual. It demonstrates the operating principle of the machine, the process of assembly, start-up, running-in, maintenance, etc.

If you purchase the Catmann T 18 EVO mini tractor secondhand, be sure to ask for the operating instructions from the previous owner.

Minitractor CATMANN XD-300 - transition to new quality after deep modernization

The CATMANN XD-300 mini tractors of the new series differ significantly from previous models by a more careful selection of component materials, careful assembly, and the almost complete elimination of the disadvantages characteristic of small cars in the budget category.

Replacing bearings, crosspieces, wheel tires and other structural elements of the modernized Katman model XD-300 with high-quality imported analogues made it possible to increase the service life of the main systems and the entire tractor as a whole, and reduce the number of negative reviews to a minimum.

  • Working units and systems operated under conditions of static and dynamic loads have received a significant margin of safety.
  • The designers abandoned the use of V-belt transmission of torque from the engine flywheel to the power transmission.
  • The machine is equipped with a stronger and more durable gearbox, and individual components of the chassis have been modified.

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Photo: CATMANN XD-300 mini tractor


The Katman T18 minitractor is distinguished by the high quality of its parts. In the production of the Catmann T 18 EVO, durable materials were used that are resistant to wear and increased loads.

The gearbox of the Katman T18 mini tractor has 6 positions.

The Catmann T 18 minitractor is distinguished by its small dimensions, so this model does not have a cabin. It is not recommended to work on this device in bad weather, but during conservation it will take up much less space.

The lineup

Cultivator "Texas"

Belarusian engineers keep up with the latest world developments and introduce the latest technologies into tractor production. As a result, a wide range of mini-tractors appeared.


Tractors from the MTZ model range are distinguished by a relatively powerful engine and a favorable price. Features of the MTZ-082 mini-tractor model:

  • very economical fuel consumption;
  • presence of a built-in on-board hydraulic system;
  • suitability for frequent repairs;
  • very high build quality;
  • high degree of maneuverability;
  • the presence of a built-in and very effective wheel locking system.

With such technical characteristics, the MTZ minitractor has a turning radius of 2.5 m. The high maneuverability of MTZ minitractors allows them to be used even in small areas.

Tractors of the MTZ model range are distinguished by a relatively powerful engine

On a note. Other models in this series have a larger fuel tank, which allows you to operate the machine for a long time without refueling.


The Belarus unit is equipped with a powerful 13 hp gasoline engine. Belarus is capable of reaching speeds of up to 17 km/h. Features of the Belarus mini tractor:

  • the presence of an accelerated start system;
  • relatively small dimensions;
  • efficiency;
  • engaging rear-wheel drive using only one lever;
  • track adjustability;
  • high level of maneuverability;
  • high precision when performing agricultural and other work.

The Belarus mini-tractor is capable of performing almost all the functions of a “classic” tractor.


Centaur mini tractors have improved technical characteristics. More and more models have larger fuel tanks. T-224 model tractor

  • powerful power unit;
  • all-wheel drive chassis;
  • the presence of a cardan transmission;
  • perfect and multi-stage gearbox;
  • full operation of the tractor in off-road conditions and in the cold season.

This mini-tractor allows you to attach any attachment to it. The engine can start fully at low temperatures.


This is a budget version of a mini-tractor with wide functionality and fairly economical operation. Fully compatible with all types of tractor attachments, trailed units, etc.

The Catmann mini tractor model has a very convenient layout of components. Consumables and components for this machine are affordable and widespread. The developers managed to increase the durability of the gearbox parts of the Katman minitractor and on-board hydraulics. Working conditions for the driver have been significantly improved.

This is a budget version of a mini tractor


Catmann T 18 machines are unpretentious in terms of maintenance.

  • To extend the life of the engine, it is enough to change the engine oil every 80 hours of operation. For this, it is recommended to use semi-synthetic lubricant options 10W-40.
  • Transmission oil should be changed much less frequently, only once per 1000 hours worked or once at the beginning of the season. For this purpose, it is best to use the proven TAd-17i.

Katman T18 mini tractors run on diesel fuel. When refueling, use only clean and fresh fuel.

Owner reviews

Below are some reviews from those who managed to get acquainted with the Katman T18 mini tractor at work:


I purchased the car for personal use. I have a vegetable garden of 6 acres, and working on it takes up most of my time from spring to autumn. I used to have a walk-behind tractor, but it’s very difficult to work with it, and you have to constantly go after it, and the older you get, the more problematic it is to do this. I am pleased with Kathman's work. It pulls normally and works great with the attachment. The motor is quiet, so far no problems have arisen.

( 2 ratings, average 5 out of 5 )
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