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If you need to replenish your production base with new equipment, it is important to determine the parameters of the new excavators. Additional functional characteristics and new types of equipment will provide you with a competitive advantage in your field of activity. Our company offers interesting modifications of special equipment that can provide solutions to problems in several areas at once.

How the cost and quality of a good backhoe loader is determined

The leading factor in pricing special equipment is the ratio of the set of quality characteristics in comparison with the prices of other suppliers. Often, when making a decision, supply services choose equipment produced by Chinese factories. According to current stereotypes, eastern manufacturers saturate the market only with cheap goods and equipment, but this is far from the case.

In order to be put into circulation by Russian companies, equipment will have to undergo strict technical control. For this reason, it is Chinese manufacturers who solve several problems at once and combine maximum competitive advantages in their products, including expanded functionality and the ability to operate equipment for a long time in critical conditions. Even if the cost of production exceeds production potential, the country's leadership provides support to specialized enterprises through special subsidies.

Improving the technical characteristics of Chinese products is ensured by attracting innovative technologies to the country's manufacturing sector. The result of the implementation of new concepts is obvious - the special equipment is not just an analogue of the popular units of the world's leading brands, but is also ahead of them in terms of basic characteristics. This factor provides advantages when working with tenders.

Considering backhoe loaders as combined equipment, the end consumer receives a unique product that covers the needs of two or even three units of equipment. At the same time, the delivery budget exceeds similar proposals several times.

GeoGid 15G

This is the most affordable mini excavator. Which, to be clear, it isn't. This is not a full-fledged equipment, but is based on a single-axle “passenger” trailer (category “B”) with an earth-moving installation - with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 15 horsepower. This is a Chinese Lifan engine (like on walk-behind tractors).

This trailed excavator does not have a covered cab, but does have an equipped operator station. For stability during any manipulation, four support elements are provided. There is no rotating mechanism on the GeoGid 15G working body, however, the captured soil can be raised to a height of 2.5 meters. This indicator is quite sufficient to empty the bucket directly into the body of a nearby truck. There is a rotary handle.

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GeoGid 15G.

The greatest digging depth that this mini-excavator can provide is 2.2 meters. Bucket volume – 20 liters (0.02 m3). The dimensions are very small: 2.84 x 1.25 x 2.38 m, as well as the weight: 750 kg. GeoGid 15G is suitable for digging trenches under the foundation of a private house, under water and sewer pipes, and gas communications. The cost of the GeoGid 15G trailed excavator starts from 280 thousand rubles.

Load capacity of special equipment

One of the leading indicators of excavators is their ability to lift large loads. This parameter is usually taken into account first and determines the capabilities of the equipment for use in a specific area of ​​production and the provision of construction services. At the same time, when selecting special equipment, they take into account not so much the maximum performance as the possibility of long-term operation under intense loads. The most important characteristic that determines the capabilities of combined equipment remains the degree of wear when working under certain conditions:

  • To support road construction activities, when performing work in confined spaces, a light-duty technician will be required. A two-ton backhoe loader can cover such site needs;
  • A wider range of work associated with the excavation of large quantities of soil in open areas will require the provision of equipment with medium load capacity. We recommend paying attention to excavators that lift loads up to 4 tons;
  • If the description of the equipment indicates a load capacity of over 10 tons, this equipment belongs to the category of high-performance mobile equipment. The maximum capabilities of such units are limited only by the choice of related technical parameters.

When choosing equipment for production conditions, it is necessary to take into account the direct dependence of such parameters as productivity and load capacity on the size of excavators. Increasing the dimensions allows the loaders to be equipped with more powerful power units and capacious fuel tanks.

Our company's range of equipment allows us to select loaders of various parameters under equal conditions of other characteristics. Thus, models HMK 102B and HMK 102S with the same operating weight show different capabilities for lifting loads. The first unit will be able to work with objects weighing up to 1.6 tons, and the productivity of the second is almost twice as high. Its carrying capacity is 3.2 tons.

To make it easier to select equipment for specific parameters, we present a special request form. In your application, you can indicate the excavator article number or leading characteristics so that our company’s managers can select several suitable options for you. You make the final decision yourself; in any case, with us you can combine your needs with the production budget.

Trailed mini excavator Landformer 100

The main model of the company, presented in three basic versions (configurations). All prices listed below are as of March 2019. For 199 thousand rubles, a trailed mini-excavator with a gasoline engine is offered, complete with one bucket (22 or 35 cm wide). The suspension hubs are made without springs and shock absorbers. Transportation on a towbar is prohibited.

For 240 thousand rubles - with a gasoline engine, with two buckets - both 22 and 35 cm. Car suspension with springs and oil shock absorbers. It is permitted to transport this trailer hitch on a towbar. A trailed mini-excavator with a diesel engine is offered for 250 thousand rubles.

In addition, a genuine Honda diesel engine is available as an optional extra. Not Japanese, also made in China, but original, officially licensed. You will need to pay an additional 40 thousand rubles for it.

In addition to the standard 22 cm (22 l) and 35 cm (34 l) buckets, additional equipment is also offered for Landformers 100:

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  • bucket 55 cm (57 l) - not for digging, but for working with waste soil, price 12 thousand rubles;
  • bucket 75 cm, with holes - for cleaning reservoirs and sifting soil, price 14.5 thousand rubles;
  • fang-ripper - for loosening dense and frozen soils, uprooting stumps and roots, breaking old asphalt and concrete, price 9 thousand rubles;
  • hole drill with augers 150, 200, 250 mm, price 70 thousand rubles;
  • rake-forks for cleaning the landscape, price 17.5 thousand rubles;
  • electric start - for any of the presented engines (to start with a key), powered by any battery, including a motorcycle or a well-worn one - 9.5 thousand rubles. The battery is not included. The standard manual start on the mini-excavator is retained, as is the ability, if desired or necessary, to start it not with an electric starter, but manually;
  • hydraulic outlets on the coupling system - with an additional section of the hydraulic distributor, price 8.9 thousand rubles;
  • lighting coil (without light bulb), price 1.9 thousand rubles;
  • additional pair of wheels - without depreciation 7.9 thousand rubles, with auto suspension (springs and oil shock absorbers) 14.9 thousand rubles.

Trailed mini excavator Landformer 100

Landformer 100.

Subject to the installation of additional hydraulic outlets and a hydraulic distributor section, as well as reinforcement of the components for resistance to increased shock loads, the Landformer 100 can operate with the Impulse-6O hydraulic hammer (it is offered at a price of 199 thousand rubles).

The Landformer 100 trailed mini-excavator has an operating radius of 150 degrees and a digging depth of up to 2.3 meters. The breaking force (the pressure of the bucket on the ground surface) is 1.5 tons. The maximum length of the mini-excavator (when the boom is extended along the ground) is 5.5 m. Its length during transportation is 3.7 m. The maximum width during transportation is 1. 8 m, maximum width when digging - 2.3 m or 3.35 m (depending on the stops you set). The width of the body itself is 1.19 m. The weight of the mini-excavator is 520 kg with a gasoline engine and 532 kg with a diesel engine. The highest unloading height is 1.7 m. The achievable height with the boom fully raised is 2.7 m. The average productivity is 4-5 cubic meters per hour, the exact one depends on the type of soil. Approximate fuel consumption is 2-3 liters per hour, depending on the load.

Selection by parameters: equipping with power units

Potential customers are often interested in modifying power units. The engines with which the equipment is equipped are selected based on their service life. Most Chinese excavators have American-made units on board. These are powerful and dynamic engines that have a long service life.

Trailed mini-excavator J8 (Armsteel)

Tver has been producing trailed mini-excavators under the name J8 since 2013. This compact special equipment also uses Chinese Lifan and Honda gasoline engines). The J8 is lighter than other similar trailed mini-excavators: it weighs only 340 kg (including wheels, retractable supports and a full tank).

The design of the frame of the J8 excavator was patented by its developers - S. Slyshov and A. Chaikin - in the copyright society. According to information from the official website, they shifted the center of mass towards the hydraulic station, enlarged and strengthened the fixed part of the frame into which the retractable supports are inserted. This made it possible to increase the rigidity of the entire frame and the stability of the mini-excavator. The overall weight was significantly reduced.

Another decision they made was the location of the hydraulic cylinders. They are placed on the side of the frame, so if the frame is low, the cylinders do not touch the ground. In similar equipment from other manufacturers, the hydraulic cylinders are located under the frame and can often come into contact with the ground, gradually failing as a result.

Trailed mini-excavator J8 (Armsteel)

Trailed mini-excavator J8.

Currently, two versions of this trailed mini-excavator are offered on the market: J8L9 - with a Lifan 9 horsepower engine (price 250 thousand rubles); and J8L13 - with a Lifan engine of 13 horsepower (price 260 thousand rubles). Specifications:

  • Boom rotation angle: 150°.
  • Maximum digging depth: 2 m.
  • Maximum bucket lifting height: 1.9 m.
  • Bucket width: 37.5 cm, volume: 0.025 m3.
  • Maximum weight (with stops and wheels): 340 kg.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 6 liters of gasoline.
  • Engine oil volume: 1.1 l, hydraulic: 30 l.
  • Dimensions in transport position: length 2.715 m, width 1.26 m, height 1.7 m; in working position: length – up to 4.2 m, width – from 1.4 to 2 m, height – up to 2.1 m.

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Attachments: excavator bucket

Front loaders can be equipped with various modifications of attachments. This allows the work to be completed using existing equipment only by replacing the active part. For large volumes of work, the attachments are replaced with a more productive one or a device with an alternative design.

When choosing a bucket to equip a backhoe loader, you should pay attention to the material from which the equipment is made. Most often this is alloy steel. Please note that there are modifications of buckets that are equipped with removable gripping elements (teeth). This allows you to quickly re-equip equipment for work when switching to another type of soil or rock.

Consumer support

Among the favorable conditions under which you can purchase equipment are prompt consulting and technical support for users. If necessary, our representative can go to the equipment delivery site to provide instructions and training on how to operate an excavator.

Our company works for results.
You can contact us not only to select the necessary units, but also to formulate a request to meet the needs of equipment in repair kits or organize complex repair work. Return to Articles section

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