Utility equipment for tractors

Type of motor for a combine harvester in a private house in the yard

“Advanced” models of snow blowers are equipped with engines - gasoline or electric. Each type of motor has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read about gasoline ones here.

Electric motor

Electric motor
The electric snow blower is designed for cleaning small areas. The machine is powered either directly from the network or from a battery. Engine power – from 2.5 l. With. Electrical equipment has a number of advantages compared to gasoline equipment:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • quiet running;
  • relatively low price;
  • no need to add oil or gasoline.

The disadvantages include:

  • low productivity;
  • effective against freshly fallen, loose snow;
  • connection to the power grid;
  • Cleaning only smooth street surfaces (if a stone gets into the auger, it breaks down).

Another limitation is that this device cannot be used in rainy weather.

Price – from 30 $.

Read about how to make an electric snow blower with your own hands here.

Gasoline engine

The power of models with a gasoline engine reaches 5–13 horsepower. They are used on any surface (if you have skis) and terrain. Snow blowers (both electric and gasoline) have a snow ejection function. In gasoline models, this distance is greater, which makes cleaning easier. Attachments for a walk-behind tractor can be very diverse, which greatly facilitates the work and allows you to almost instantly convert the equipment to the desired task.

Gasoline engine

These snow blowers are usually equipped with four-stroke engines. To make the plant easier to operate in ultra-low temperatures, some manufacturers equip machines with electric start functionality.

Advantages of gasoline engines:

  • high performance;
  • the ability to process distant areas, without being tied to a stationary power source;
  • long ejection range;
  • removal of stale, dense snow.

Equipment with a gasoline engine costs more than an electric one, and it is slightly larger in size. These are disadvantages that are also taken into account when purchasing.

Price - from 200 $.

You can also make a gasoline snow blower yourself. Read more here.


A mini tractor for snow removal can be equipped with the following “hitch” options:

  • blade and brush. Often they are already equipped with snow tractors. The blade is placed in the front part. It is necessary to shovel snow off the road to the side. The rotating brush is located at the back. Its task is to remove remaining snow from the surface. It can be mechanical or hydraulic (the second option is more expensive). It is recommended to choose a blade with a hydraulic drive in order to be able to clear debris at different angles;
  • ladle. Placed in place of the blade at the front. With its help, snow is loaded into a vehicle, which removes the white mass from the territory;
  • screw-rotor machine. Crushes the snow. Convenient if it has already compacted and is not loose;
  • grader knife. Installed simultaneously with the blade. Protects it from damage. In fact, it is a consumable item, since during active use it has to be replaced frequently. But this is not difficult to do.

What to look for when choosing snow removal equipment

Before purchasing a unit, you need to make a more precise choice. First you need to calculate the expected amount of work. If you only need to clean paths and small areas (up to 4-6 hectares), then you can purchase a machine equipped with a low-power gasoline engine (up to 1-2 kW). These include PATRIOT PS 301 and Efco ARTIK 55 S.

If the area is quite large (more than 10,000 sq.m.) and has complex access roads, elevation changes and vegetation, you should give preference to more productive equipment, such as Caliber SNUB-11.0/70 E.

The second selection parameter is the frequency of use (once a week, daily or a couple of times a season), based on it, select a tracked or wheeled, self-propelled or non-self-propelled unit with a certain power and fuel tank volume.

Also pay attention to the presence of headlights and the type of start (manual or electric). Depending on the planned budget, choose the desired degree of automation and number of speeds

Also, speaking about snow removal equipment, it is worth mentioning that you can use attachments: blades and special buckets. Initially they were developed for garden tractors and motor cultivators, but today there are models for cars.

Choosing a mini tractor for snow removal

All snow removal equipment in the company's fleet is in fully operational and serviced condition, and is ready for work. Special purpose:

  • cleaning of local areas in the city (yards, driveways, parking lots, playgrounds);
  • cleaning pedestrian paths and sidewalks;
  • work in summer cottages;
  • cleaning of parks, squares, public gardens;
  • removal of snow from parking lots near stores, office buildings, shopping centers.

A special mini-loader for snow removal is equipped with an economical internal combustion engine, which allows you to work throughout the day without refueling. The actuator is a high-capacity front bucket. With the help of a bucket, the tractor can load material both into the body of a vehicle and outside the facility.

The price of snow removal with a mini loader depends on its modification and other parameters:

  1. Engine power.
  2. Bucket capacity (m3).
  3. Area of ​​territory and remoteness of the object.
  4. Form of payment (hourly/daily).
  5. Geometric features of the area.
  6. Drive type of special equipment (2x2.4x4).

In confined spaces, the loader works faster than large tractors and bulldozers. The machine can be delivered to the site under its own power or on a light trailer.

Most popular brands


The most popular tractors today are, of course, MTZ (Minsk Tractor Plant) models. They now offer a range of snow removal tractors, both mini and utility. This plant also produces mounted tractors based on its tractors:

  • snow blade with hydraulic rotation CO 2.5 (cost from 130,000 rubles);
  • snowplow SU 2.1 OM (price from 411,500 rubles, this is an excellent option for urban areas, can work in three inclined positions, it is possible to control the visor, which allows you to change the angle of snow dumping instantly);
  • rotary auger snow blower ShRK 2.0 (price from 450,000 rubles, allows not only to clear roads, but also to rid the territory of the formed shafts after clearing with a bulldozer, can make roads through virgin snow).


Craftsman mini tractors of various models are very popular. They are characterized by high power and working capacity, a working width of up to 107 cm, and a mechanical transmission.

The cost of these tractors from an American manufacturer ranges from 85 thousand to 98 thousand rubles.


Cost 1-2 million rubles.

Choosing a snow removal tractor will not be difficult for you if you know what area you need to clear, how often you will use it and what tools you have at your disposal.

Where is the best place to buy utility tractors?

Nowadays, utility tractors based on Belarus equipment, as well as various attachments for them, are offered by many different specialized companies. Nevertheless, we recommend contacting us, Technotractor. The fact is that you can buy an excellent utility tractor from us at a minimal price, and it will be provided with a full manufacturer’s warranty. We also supply all the necessary spare parts for this equipment.

PRICE LIST with prices for municipal, snow removal, construction and agricultural attachments

Brief technical specifications:

  • Municipal snow removal blade with hydraulic drive for turning the shovel:
  • Width, m – 1.8
  • Height, m ​​– 0.7
  • Blade rotation angle, degrees - 30
  • Blade rotation - hydraulic
  • Mini tractor harvesting brush:
  • Width, m – from 1.5 to 1.8
  • Drive from PTO (540 rpm)

Our warehouse is in Shchelkovo. Delivery to Moscow and the region. Delivery to the regions.

You can buy a mini utility tractor for snow removal YTO-404 at a price of 586,000.00 rubles

Cleaning technology requires an integrated approach

Complying with all the winter road maintenance standards required by the Federal Road Agency is indeed not at all easy. It is no secret that it is often the quality of the organization and implementation of events to clear roads and yards from snow that residents make a conclusion about the work of local authorities as a whole, then reflecting their opinion on ballot papers.

Technologically, removing snow from roads is divided into two stages. The first involves treating the surface of the roadway with anti-icing agents, as well as subsequent raking of snow and sweeping of the roadway surface with the formation of snow banks in the chute areas. A large number of municipal equipment is involved in the first technological stage of combating fallen snow, despite the fact that full cleaning does not occur at this stage. This technique is called “snow removal” conventionally, since the machines only move and shovel snow from the central part of the road to the side of the road or sometimes to the center of the roadway, thereby reducing the width of the roadway and impairing visibility. Instead of improving the situation on the road, they thereby increase the likelihood of an accident.

In municipal services, tractors, loaders, mini-loaders and other equipment are used to shovel snow, equipping them with snow blades and brushes, but the first stage of snow removal is most effectively performed by combined road vehicles (CRMs). As a rule, these municipal vehicles are based on domestic chassis, and their functionality allows them to cover the entire range of work necessary to maintain cleanliness in populated areas. Today KDM is produced by a whole group of Russian enterprises.

More than a dozen KDM models of the MD series are offered to domestic utilities by the Kurgandormash enterprise, and most of the models in the series have two or three modifications. The vehicles in the “winter-summer” operating mode are based on the GAZ, ZIL, MAZ chassis. KamAZ, "Amur". Models differ in the capacity of the sand-spreading equipment hopper, the presence of a middle brush, and various types of snow plows. Kurgandormash sand spreaders provide stepless adjustment of the width of the working area in the range from 2 to 10 m, as well as the distribution density of anti-icing materials (AGM) from 10 to 500 g/m2.

Combined machines of the KO series on KamAZ and MAZ chassis are offered by the Arzamas Municipal Engineering Plant. The machines are designed for year-round operation. In winter, they are used to clear the road surface of freshly fallen snow using plow and brush equipment, and to combat ice, they are equipped with sand-spreading equipment, which makes it possible to cover “problem” areas of sidewalks and roads with inert materials or anti-icing reagents. The KDM design includes a tank for reagents, a body with a conveyor and spreading disc, various types of hydraulically driven brushes, as well as rotary, side, high-speed and other types of dumps.

Among the youngest enterprises, the production of KDM is seriously carried out from Kurgan. The company offers five models of combined vehicles based on the KamAZ chassis, equipped with a 2.6 m wide front blade with the ability to rotate ±30° for raking freshly fallen snow up to 0.2 m high. And for the final clearing of the roadway from snow, cylindrical middle brushes are installed ∅0.55 m with a working width of 2.5 m. Moreover, the brush can change the angle of rotation relative to the longitudinal axis by 60°. To protect the roadway from slippery conditions, sand spreaders are installed on KDMs offered by Region 45. It's no secret that a road surface covered with a layer of snow and ice increases the turning radius of a vehicle and its braking distance by 3–9 times! The company equips spreaders with bunkers for sand-salt mixture (PS) with a volume of 3 to 12 m3, and the material of the bunker is steel sheet 3 mm thick. Thanks to the original solution of the designers, the load exerted by the MSS supplied from the hopper onto the conveyor is distributed evenly, and this protects the conveyor chain from stretching and premature destruction, and therefore increases the service life of the sand spreader itself.

Types of attachments

The functionality of mini tractors depends on the attachments used. It is not enough to simply move the layer to the side. There is a need to load it, throw it further to the side, and clear it of ice. This is especially true for cleaning roads when it is necessary to clear the roadway. These works are carried out due to the presence of various hanging elements:

  • Snow plow located in front of the tractor. It is used to collect snow.
  • A brush that removes what remains after the dump. It is attached to the rear of the tractor.
  • A bucket that can replace the blade. In addition to snow removal, it allows you to load it for removal.

  • A mounted snow blower that lifts snow and throws it to the side.
  • Grader knife.

As a rule, several types of equipment are installed at once. The best option includes a ladle, knife and brush.

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Alternative to a mini tractor

The minitractor is not the best suited for solving specific household and agricultural problems. Therefore, when choosing, it is advisable to consider alternative options.

Country walk-behind tractors

Such devices are simpler than mini tractors. Their functionality is completely sufficient for loosening, planting crops, mowing grass, snow removal and other activities in a small area. The garden walk-behind tractor is easy to maintain and store.

Loaders for cottages

If construction is planned on the site or a wholesale trade business is being developed, you will need a compact and maneuverable loader. Models of Chinese dacha equipment will perfectly cope with all the tasks assigned. These are multi-purpose units that can minimize the amount of manual labor. They are tracked or wheeled. It is easy to select the necessary attachments for them.

Hydraulic tractor

This is a practical and multifunctional machine with a large number of compatible accessories and units. It is suitable for both everyday country work and for use in small-scale construction. It is convenient to transport cargo on a hydraulic tractor, including bulk cargo (provided that the appropriate equipment is installed). It is capable of cultivating and loosening the soil, hilling crops.

Mini tractor for snow removal

What does a mini tractor look like?

The name “mini” speaks for itself, which means that it is very convenient and compact. This is the same tractor for snow removal, only in a smaller form. If we compare the unit and a regular tractor, there is only one drawback - it is slightly less powerful. But it also has its advantages: it can easily clear small areas where a large tractor simply cannot pass. The main task of a mini tractor is to make human work easier.

In addition, it can be used in addition to snow removal. Nowadays many special devices are being produced, with the help of which the tractor can be adapted for digging trenches and pits, collecting garbage, transporting goods and cultivating vegetable gardens.

Its main feature is maneuverability and maneuverability. It is also worth noting another significant plus. The weight of the mini tractor is much less than usual. If you need to clean paving slabs, you don’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking under its weight. The positive aspects of a mini tractor include:

  • quickly copes with snow debris;
  • has high efficiency;
  • requires a minimum of human effort;
  • multifunctional.

How to make a rotary snow blower for a tractor yourself?

If, at the same time as the task of clearing snow with a tractor, there is also the task of discarding the removed material beyond the boundaries of the area being cleared, you cannot do without a rotary snow blower.

To assemble a rotary snow blower on a tractor with your own hands:

We make a detailed drawing;

Let's recreate the homemade frame. In this case, it will have a rectangular shape, which will be given by metal corners and a profile pipe welded together; We weld a hitch to a homemade frame for aggregation with a tractor; We construct a rotor with our own hands - an impeller with 2-5 blades, which looks like a household fan

It is important that the size and weight of each blade are the same, in order to avoid sideways skewing and strong vibration after mounting it on the tractor: we take a shaft (from used agricultural machinery) designed for large bearings and a rotor; on a metal sheet we draw circles with a diameter of 30 cm, which we cut out with a metal saw or grinder; in the center of each circle we drill a hole equal in size to the diameter of the shaft. This solution will make it possible to make a collapsible rotor, which will be easier to maintain and repair.

In the case of a non-separable structure, the horizontal jumper can simply be welded to the disks; cut a thread on the shaft to secure each circle with nuts;

We proceed to making the blades, which we cut from the remaining metal; We place 2 bearings on the central axis, having previously equipped them with a hub. To do this, you can take a ready-made one from other equipment or make it yourself from an old pipe; We weld 4 eyes onto the hub, through which it will be held on the body of the protective casing; We are completing the safety housing, which resembles a snail. To do this, take a part of the pipe, one side of which is welded (the shaft hub will fit onto it), and 2 guides are welded onto the second; We make a snow removal sleeve - a deflector. A 10-15 cm pipe is cut into the central part of the cochlea with a chute rotating by 90 0 (to set the direction for the waste); To avoid snow scattering, the front part of the casing is covered with metal;

A hole for the axis is drilled inside the cochlea; We install the impeller and clamp it with bolt ties; We adapt a belt or chain drive to the protruding part of the shaft (requires a motorcycle sprocket); We connect the frame with the resulting rotary mechanism and begin clearing the area of ​​snow with a tractor.

The described homemade product is designed for tractors with a power of 2-25 hp, 0.6 traction class with crankshaft speeds not exceeding 1.8 thousand per minute. It can operate confidently in 2-4 gears and provide a throw of 15 m.

Mini tractor snow blower

Garden tractor - lawn mower Husqvarna TC 338 (USA, B&S, 656 cm3, hydrostatic, grass catcher 320 l, cutting width 97 cm, 254 kg)

Professional mini tractors Shibaura (Shibaura) ST450 HST. The mini-tractor engine is a liquid-cooled turbodiesel. Maximum power - 55.0 hp. Rated power - 48.3 hp. Engine capacity 2216 cm3, Shibaura 4 cylinders, transmission - automatic (hydrostatic 3-speed). Weight - 1920 kg. Maximum load capacity - 1975 kg. Double-circuit hydraulic system with a total capacity of 87.1 liters/minute.

Mini garden tractor MasterYard ST2042 19.5 hp Briggs$Stratton engine. Power 20 hp Transmission - hydrostatic Turf Torq. Drive 2x4 Kanzaki. Grass catcher 300 liters. Cutting width 102 cm. LED optics. Cruise control. Seat with armrest de luxe. Mulching included. Weight 302 kg. Dimensions: 2480 x 1060 x 1100 cm. Cutting height - from 25 to 80 mm.

Four wheel tractor MasterYard M244 4WD. The Chinese tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine of 24 hp. diesel, ground clearance 292 mm, number of forward/reverse speeds: 8 / 2, 2-speed PTO. 540 / 730 rpm, tractor design weight - 1190 kg (three-point hitch category 1).

Minitractor TYM T233 HST with automatic transmission. Engine: diesel 3-cylinder MITSUBISHI (Japan) with liquid cooling. Power: 23 l/hp. Load capacity: front 502 kg, breakout force 642 kg; rear 750 kg. SPECIAL OFFER.

Mini tractor TYM T233 HST complete with snow removal rotor. Engine: diesel 3-cylinder MITSUBISHI (Japan) with liquid cooling. Power: 23 l/hp. Load capacity: front 502 kg, breakout force 642 kg; rear 750 kg.

Four wheel tractor MasterYard M244 4WD. The Chinese tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine of 24 hp. diesel, ground clearance 292 mm, number of forward/reverse speeds: 8 / 2, 2-speed PTO. 540 / 730 rpm, tractor design weight - 1190 kg (three-point hitch category 1).

Results 1 - 30 of 119

The Agrozakaz gardening equipment store offers you assistance in choosing a mini snow removal tractor. In our showroom you can view and select the tractor model you are interested in. We will be happy to advise you both by phone and in person. Over many years of work, we have accumulated vast experience in selling snow removal equipment.

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This was largely facilitated by the fact that we not only sell mini tractors, but also repair them in our service center.

We draw your attention to the fact that no matter what snow removal tractor you purchase, we will provide you with our proprietary extended warranty; along with the equipment, you can also purchase all the necessary consumables or spare parts. We do not sell equipment that cannot be repaired or products for which it is impossible to purchase spare parts. We guarantee that in our store you will receive the highest quality advice on choosing a snow blower.

For questions regarding the purchase of garden equipment, please call +7

For service and repair questions, call

Which tractor should you choose?

The choice of a specific tractor model for snow removal depends on the conditions of its use: how high the snow will need to be lifted with a front loader bucket, how compact and maneuverable the machine must be so as not to damage trees and buildings, how much area will need to be cleared and how much money you are willing to pay for a mini tractor. tractor.

  1. Front loader lift height.

    If you will be removing cleared snow from the territory, you will need to correlate the capabilities of the tractor and the height of the sides of the dump truck. Most often, KAMAZ or MAZ are used to transport snow. We compared the lifting capabilities of KIOTI tractors and the height of the sides of the most common Russian dump trucks in the table (the data is suitable for loading snow, sand, crushed stone and other bulk materials):

    Tractor loaderCK2810CK3510, CK4010DK5010NX5020RX6030PX9530
    Truck side height, m
    MAZ 5551, MAZ 6517, body volume, m358,28,21210,5
    KAMAZ 55111, body volume, m36,56,56,51012
  2. The area of ​​the territory and the width of the paths.

    These parameters limit the choice of mini-tractor: the narrower the paths, the more maneuverable and compact it should be. For large areas, you will need a machine with increased power, which, due to its high productivity, will clean faster.

    • Up to 1 hectare and paths 1.2–1.6 m wide. For a small area with narrow paths, a compact snow tractor CK2810 or CK3510 is suitable.
    • From 1 hectare, dense buildings, paths with a width of 1.6 m. To clear snow in yards, you need a tractor with a small turning radius. The mid-size models NX5020 and DK5010 can maneuver between cars in yards and move carefully along narrow passages. By installing a jaw bucket on such a tractor, you can load snow into the back of a dump truck.

  3. From 2 hectares, paths from 2 m wide. A vast area with full-fledged roads needs a powerful cleaning machine. The high performance of the PX9530 and RX6030 will help keep the roadway clear even in very snowy winters.

Buy a tractor for snow removal in Moscow and St. Petersburg

classically equipped tractor for snow removal is equipped with a blade and a stiff brush. Such a tractor, whether small or large, is capable of making a road in snow cover suitable for the passage of cars and pedestrians. A thirty-centimeter layer of fresh snow will not be a problem for him. And yet, it may not be able to remove compacted snow, an icy snowdrift or surface ice; additional equipment will be required.

A rotary auger snow blower copes well with compacted snow. It will loosen the dense snow and throw it to the side. Our tractors are equipped with rear and front mounted auger rotors. A mini tractor with a blade blade and an auger rotor usually removes snow only when moving in reverse. Although this may not seem like an obstacle, the skill appears quite quickly.

But often, especially in urban areas, snow removal tasks are not limited to clearing fresh or compacted snow. In winter and early spring, there is a struggle on the streets and in yards for every free meter. In such conditions, there will certainly be a need to remove icy snowdrifts, load snow for further removal, remove surface ice or reduce its slipperiness.

Row crop tractor TYM T903 Engine type: Perkins 1104D-44TA Fuel: Solar Power: 91 hp Wheels: 13.6-24-8PR / 16.9-34-8PR WEIGHT: 3688 kg Hydraulic system: 84.3 l/min Dumping height: 3425 mm Load capacity: 1444 kg Transmission: Mech

Super utility tractor tym-t1003 Engine: Perkins 1104D-44TA Fuel: Diesel Power: 100 hp Wheels: 13.6-24-8PR / 16.9-34-8PR Weight: 8666 kg Hydraulic. system: 84 l/min Unloading height: 3415 mm Load capacity: 1512 kg Transmission: Mechanical.

Mini excavator based on a mini tractor Engine type: Mitsubishi Power: 26.7 kW/36 hp Fuel: Diesel Wheels: 8-16 R1 / 12.4-24 R1 Weight: 1760 kg Digging depth: 2200 mm Basic bucket width: 300 mm Load capacity: 375 kg Transmission: Hydraulic\Mechanical

Mini excavator loader with cabin TYM T233, Engine type: Mitsubishi Power: 26.7 kW./36 hp. Fuel: Diesel Wheels: 8-16 R1 / 12.4-24 R1 Weight: 1910 kg Digging depth: 2200 mm Basic bucket width: 300 mm Load capacity: 375 kg Transmission: Hydraulic\Mechanical

Features of compact equipment

Modern snow removal machines include a fairly wide range of equipment. There are non-self-propelled vehicles that need to be pushed in front of you. They are equipped with an electric motor and are ideal for cleaning the area around the cottage. There are also self-propelled snow blowers that are equipped with a gasoline engine and have higher power, thanks to which they can cope even with dense compacted snow. In general, this technique includes:

Snow tractors

  • utility snow removal tractors with high engine power and impressive dimensions,
  • compact mini-tractors for clearing snow drifts in a small area,
  • mixed-type machines that both remove snowdrifts and clean the area without replacing attachments,
  • snowblowers that work best with fresh, recent precipitation. They cannot deal with ice on the roads.

Thus, a separate type is distinguished as a mini-tractor for snow removal. In fact, this is a small tractor, only equipped with special attachments, with the help of which it removes snow debris.

Important! The main advantage of snow blower tractors is that they are able to remove large amounts of snow in short periods of time with minimal labor. At the same time, they can be mastered quite quickly; they do not require any special experience or skills.

Another advantage of such a tractor is that it not only removes snow debris, but also performs other functions, for example, it can collect garbage, perform excavation work (digging pits), and, if there is a trailer, transport cargo. The main thing is to purchase the appropriate attachments for it.

An argument in favor of purchasing such equipment is its relatively light weight compared to conventional tractors used by public utilities. Lightweight machines will not damage tiles, mosaics or other fragile surfaces.

You can install any attachment on the mini-tractor-snow blower. Most often, this is a special blade that seems to push the snow to the side, forming huge snowdrifts along the way. Then comes the turn of other equipment - auger or milling, and with the help of an air jet the snow is thrown a long distance from the tractor.

Note! There are two types of such equipment - wheeled and tracked. Each of them has its own advantages

For example, wheel travel improves the maneuverability of the tractor, while caterpillar tracks provide high cross-country ability.

You should choose a tractor-snow blower taking into account specific operating conditions, as well as taking into account all the pros and cons of its design

Tractor for effective snow removal in Russia

To solve the problem of clearing snowdrifts, a front loader in combination with a blade blade is suitable. Equipment for TYM tractors allows you to mount a standard front loader and blade blade, which saves money when purchasing equipment, effort and time for changing attachments during operation.

The problem of combating ice has long been solved with the help of sand and salt, which caused and continues to cause violent public indignation. Nowadays, there are ways that are more effective and approved by society. Firstly, these are hard metal brushes that can reduce the slipperiness of the ice by making rough notches in it and simultaneously removing the broken ice away from the road. In addition, the snow removal tractor can be equipped with an ice breaker. This is a drum with large metal protrusions that looks like a roller. Such icebreakers have replaced aggressive salt mixtures in Europe and Scandinavian countries and are beginning to conquer the domestic market.

What is a snow blower and where is it used?

Snow blowers are considered universal equipment that can be used to clear large areas of snow. The main purpose of such devices is to make work easier for people and save time. The scope of application of snow removal equipment has a wide range.

The main places of application include highways, areas near shops and cafes, private areas, cottage villages, holiday villages, etc. The places that most require cleaning are highways.

Types of snow removal mechanisms

There are many different types of cleaning mechanisms available today. The choice should be based on the economic component (amount of invested funds) and the technical characteristics of the unit. Don’t forget about the size of the area that will need to be cleaned.

There are several types of snow tractors on the market that are in demand:

  1. Utility tractor for snow removal. These tractors are most often found on our city roads during snowfall. They are irreplaceable in the work of public utilities during heavy snowfalls.
  2. Mini tractor for snow removal. Despite its small size, such a device has high power and copes with large volumes of snow. Companies that have a large territory most often use a mini tractor for snow removal.
  3. Mixed type tractors. With the help of such tractors, you can sweep and remove snow debris without replacing attachments, which allows the owner to save money.
  4. Snow removal machines. The function of such machines is not only to remove snow from the ground, but also to sweep away fresh snow that has not yet compacted.

Snow blower ShRS (FRS-200M)

Snow tractors help load and remove snow from the area where the cleaning took place. The big advantage of this technique is the ability to combat icing on roads and sidewalks.

Snow blower attachments

During heavy snowfalls, the standard equipment is not always enough to effectively cope with cleaning, especially on the roadway. It is necessary not only to shovel the snow into a pile, but also to get rid of the ice. In this case, mounted attachments are used.

List of attachments:

  1. Snow plow brush. This set is popular. The snow blade is located in front of the tractor and serves to collect it, and the brush is located behind. She removes what is left of the snow cover. Both of these parts are removable and replaceable parts. It is better to choose hydraulic blades; they remove snow at a certain angle. In winter, a mechanical brush is used; it rotates only in one direction. Its cost is cheaper than hydraulic, but its efficiency is no less than hydraulic.
  2. A bucket is installed instead of a blade. The bucket not only performs the function of cleaning, but also loading the removed snow for removal to storage areas.
  3. A mounted snow blower is used for a tractor, which throws snow to the side. It is located either in front or behind the tractor. The most common is a rotary snow blower for a mini tractor. To crush the fallen layer of snow, you can purchase a rotary auger snow blower. If the snow blower is installed at the rear of the tractor, then a blade is mounted at the front. A brush is installed behind the tractor. With such a brush, cleaning will be cleaner.
  4. It is preferable to use a grader knife together with the blade. Together they cope well with freshly fallen snow. The thickness of the layer does not matter for such a pair; on the contrary, the thicker the layer, the cleaner the cleaning.

Snow blower SU 2.1 OPM

Quite recently, it became possible to purchase all these attachments for mini tractors. Thus, clearing snow with a tractor or mini tractor becomes more productive.

Scope of application of mini-snow tractors

It is impossible to specifically highlight the area of ​​application of mini-snow tractors. The equipment is in demand in all industrial and agricultural sectors, construction sites, public utilities, and private owners. Most often, mini-snow tractors are used to clean sidewalks, squares adjacent to public buildings, parking lots and other objects.

Important! On highways and other large objects, mini-tractors are not used for snow removal. The equipment cannot cope with such volumes of work and it will take a lot of time to complete the task.

If you have snow removal equipment in your household, cleaning snow in your country house, in a large private yard and the surrounding area will become more fun than work.

In the video you can see how snow is cleared using the Uralets mini-tractor:

Description and purpose of a professional cleaning trolley

Regardless of the type of design features, cleaning carts are used for:

  1. Dry cleaning of premises. In this case, the equipment is used to collect garbage, dirt and waste, as well as to transport tools with which such operations are performed.
  2. Wet cleaning. The carts are complemented by buckets in which you can mix the solution for cleaning various surfaces and materials.
  3. After-sales service. With the help of such devices, it is convenient to transport towels, bed linen and other regularly replaced items around the premises.

Professional trolleys are often supplemented with replaceable blocks, thanks to which the cleaner can select the necessary devices depending on the tasks at hand.

Each similar cleaning equipment consists of the following elements:

  • frame, which is made of metal parts;
  • wheelbase;
  • bucket (several buckets);
  • additional parts that expand the functionality of the trolley.

Depending on the area of ​​application, cleaning equipment is divided into 3 types:

  1. Single bucket. The most common type of inventory. Such carts are mainly used for cleaning small areas. Most often, models of this type consist of a metal frame with swivel wheels on which a bucket is mounted. The row of carts is complemented by a garbage bag.
  2. Two-bucket. Models of this type are used for cleaning large rooms. Such products simplify the work, as they allow you to perform the necessary manipulations without constantly changing the water.
  3. Multifunctional (universal). Models of this type, in addition to buckets, contain additional containers, nets and other devices designed for transporting various items.

Professional equipment is often supplemented with means for squeezing a mop. Cleaning companies mainly buy universal models, since such equipment allows them to perform assigned tasks without wasting time searching for the necessary tools or tools.

Snow removal attachments

You can remove snow with a mini-tractor if you use attachments. Moreover, it is not enough just to move the thick layer forward or to the side. When clearing parking lots and other public facilities, snow must be loaded into trailers for removal or moved far to the side. In addition, there are mechanisms that allow you to remove ice from the road surface. The following attachments can be used for snow removal:

  • The layers of snow are collected using a snow blade. It is installed in front of the tractor.
  • After passing with a plow, a thin layer of snow remains on the road, which forms ice when it melts. A brush attached to the back of the tractor helps collect these residues.
  • A bucket can sometimes replace a blade, but it is more often used to load snow into a trailer.
  • When it is necessary to lift and throw snow far to the side, a mounted snow blower is used.
  • A grader knife can be used in combination with the blade. It is designed for cleaning roll-up on hard road surfaces.

For household work related to snow removal, only a blade is usually used. In other cases, attachments are used in combination, which depends on the task at hand.

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Choosing the right snow removal equipment

If you have never had to buy a tractor and can’t decide on the optimal equipment for it, then we advise you to seriously pay attention to our recommendations and valuable advice - they will be a good help for everyone. Take a closer look at attachments that are effective when they work together:. Take a closer look at the attachments that are effective when they work together:

Take a closer look at the attachments that are effective when they work together:

  • A blade combined with a brush is a classic. This combination solves many problems in clearing snow on the site. The oval is fixed on the front hitch of the tractor, and a special brush for removing snow is on the rear. While the area is being cleared of snow, the blade is aimed at displacing the mass of snow, and the brush removes all remaining snow, leaving the surface perfectly clean.
  • A blade combined with a rotary snow blower is an ideal combination for cleaning large areas. The blade shovels the snow into fairly high windrows, and then the auger snow blower simply throws it to the side.
  • A brush in combination with a snow blower (front) does an excellent job of cleaning the area in winter. The snow blower is installed at the front of the tractor, and the broom is installed at the rear. By using the rotor, it is possible to throw the collected snow mass over a considerable distance; if necessary, it can be loaded into a car for subsequent removal, and the brush does an excellent job of completing the cleaning.
  • A front loader in combination with a brush copes well with a large volume of work. Ideal for the perfect final clearing of snow from an area. After cleaning the snow, the vehicle can be loaded for further removal.
  • A blade in combination with a grader blade - in just one pass the equipment can cope with the widest strip on your site. The blade is fixed on the front hitch, and the blade is fixed on the rear with a slight shift relative to the central axis.

Large range of mini tractors in Russia

So, on the Russian market, you can find Japanese, Chinese and Russian models, which differ significantly in price range. Considering the high cost of models from the land of the rising sun, the most affordable are the Russian Uralets 220, 180 and 160, Xingtai XT-120, XT-140, XT-200 and XT 220, Bulat 120, 264, 264E, 244 and 260E. In the same price range is a Chinese mini snow clearing tractor, which can be produced by Jinma, Shifeng, Xingtai, Foton, MasterYard and Dongfeng corporations.

What to look for when choosing

To understand which model will be most suitable for performing a particular job, you should first of all decide on the volume of work to be performed. In general, all models of mini tractors are suitable for snow removal, on which you can install additional attachments in the form of a blade. However, here you need to take into account the power of the tractor, its drive, ground clearance, and overall dimensions. If you need to clear loose and soft snow masses in your backyard, paths and adjacent areas, the Xingtai XT-120 or XT-140 will be a convenient and practical option. However, if a mini tractor for snow is needed for a farmer who has an area of ​​over 2 hectares, then we can already recommend purchasing an all-wheel drive Uralets 220.

Advantages of a snow removal tractor:

  • high speed of snow removal;
  • quality efficiency;
  • the ability to spend a minimum of labor;
  • safety;
  • wide multifunctionality.

It is important to note that the mini tractor for snow removal has small overall dimensions, and therefore can also be used by various municipal services. The Jinma, Shifeng and Uralets models are well suited for urban environments, and some of the models have a covered and heated cabin. Electric start ignition allows you to reliably start a diesel engine even in the most severe frost. Easy controls allow you to quickly learn how to maneuver the tractor, which is also very important.

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