Review of the Stihl petrol trimmer

Features and benefits of the Huter trimmer

  • The petrol mower is equipped with a 2.5 kW (3.3 hp) two-stroke engine with air cooling and electronic ignition.
  • For convenient control over fuel consumption, the tank is made of translucent plastic.
  • Thanks to a modern vibration damping system and an ergonomic bicycle-type handle, the operator can work comfortably for a long time.
  • Using a trimmer, you can mow both soft grass on a well-groomed lawn and thick thickets of weeds. A fishing line and a cutting knife are used as cutting accessories.
  • A wide mowing area of ​​25.5 cm allows you to effectively and quickly mow grass, shoots, and shrubs.
  • The Hooter trimmer is equipped with a protective cover to prevent cut grass, stones, and other debris from falling towards the working person.
  • Thanks to the shoulder strap, the operator can work without much fatigue.

Trimmer Gasoline Rating Best Models Patriot

Which is the best petrol trimmer

It is difficult for owners of a summer cottage or their own home to do without a tool such as a trimmer. From early spring to late autumn, it is necessary to mow areas that are intensively overgrown with grass. Of all the varieties, the gasoline trimmer has the greatest demand among users. This is due to the mobility and high performance of the unit. Let's figure out which model is better to choose for home use, and find out reviews about the tool from users.


How to make the right choice between a professional and household trimmer

A gasoline trimmer, like any other tool, is made for professional and household use. It is stupid to choose a unit at a low cost due to the fact that such models are usually low-power and sometimes of poor quality. A cheap trimmer purchased in a hurry simply may not cope with a certain amount of work. However, you should not buy an expensive professional unit in reserve if the volume of work does not require it.

To choose the right gasoline trimmer, you need to take into account a number of important nuances:

  • First of all, you need to assess the type of vegetation on your site that the lawn mower will have to deal with. Any low-power model can cope with mowing meadow grass. To combat large weeds and bushes, you will have to buy a trimmer with more power.
  • When choosing gasoline trimmers, you need to decide on the expected volume of work. The larger the area to be processed, the more powerful the unit will be required. Low-power models cannot do volumetric mowing. Frequently cooling an overheated engine will reduce performance.
  • An important indicator is the topography of the area. If this is, for example, a garden with a recreation area, you will have to mow the grass around trees, under benches and in other inconvenient places. A trimmer with a curved rod can do this job well.
  • We must remember that you will have to carry a working trimmer on yourself all the time. The weight of the tool must be selected so that working with it is less tiring. It is important to pay attention to the shape of the handles. They should be comfortable.
  • Depending on the model, a gasoline trimmer is equipped with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. The first option is easier to maintain and repair, but weaker than its counterpart.
  • An important parameter that requires attention when choosing a trimmer is the type of cutting element. For ordinary grass, fishing line is sufficient. Shrubs and large weeds must be cut with metal knives. The cutting width of one strip of grass during mowing depends on the size of the cutting element

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Having dealt with all these nuances, you next need to decide which tool to choose - household or professional.

Design features of household trimmers

All household gasoline trimmers are powered by a two-stroke engine. This tool is the best option for the garden. Many users leave reviews on the Internet about the functionality of different household models, which will help you make a choice.

Let's look at the design features of household trimmers :

  • The engine power of household trimmers usually does not exceed 2 hp. Sometimes there are models with a capacity of up to 3 liters. C. The tool will cope with an area of ​​up to 10 acres.
  • The weight of almost all models does not exceed 5 kg. However, we must also take into account the volume of the fuel tank, which can be from 0.5 to 1.5 liters. A full tank of gasoline adds additional weight to the tool.
  • Continuous operation of a household trimmer is limited to 20–40 minutes. The engine requires at least 15 minutes of rest.
  • Limited access to the control system located on the rod creates certain operating inconveniences. The rods themselves can be flat or curved for working in hard-to-reach places. For ease of transportation, they are often made foldable.
  • Usually the tool is equipped with additional handles of different shapes. The cutting element is a fishing line or a metal knife.
  • The operation of a two-stroke engine is carried out from prepared fuel. Refueling is carried out with a mixture of gasoline and motor oil in a ratio of 1:50.

Review of Patriot petrol trimmers Promo series


Which trimmer to choose for your dacha. STIHL or

This video will help you choose the right brush cutter for you.

In terms of cost, household trimmers are almost 2 times more expensive than professional models. Even women, teenagers and the elderly can use this tool.

Design features of professional trimmers

Most professional household trimmers are equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine. A rather heavy unit weighs from 5 to 7 kg without taking into account a full tank of fuel, the volume of which varies from 0.5 to 1.5 liters. Separate from the main tank, the unit is equipped with additional tanks. They are necessary for the oil. The process of preparing fuel in professional units occurs independently, unlike its household counterparts.

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An inexperienced person with a professional lawn mower can mow 10 acres of grass in 5 hours of work. The purchase of such a tool is justified for farms and service enterprises. Municipal services use professional trimmers to improve lawns, and farmers prepare hay for animals.

The design of a professional lawn mower is slightly similar to its household counterpart. The difference lies in the equipment with a four-stroke engine and an expanded set of cutting accessories:

  • In addition to the metal knife, the product is equipped with plastic cutting elements and discs with various teeth and blades.
  • Bobbins with nylon fishing line of different thicknesses. The more powerful the lawn mower, the larger the cross-section of the fishing line used.

To make it easier to use, the professional lawn mower is equipped with belts. They help to conveniently fix the unit on the back with even distribution of the load.

Rating of household gasoline trimmers

a rating was compiled . Now we will look at the best models based on the criteria of price, quality and performance.


The rating of household lawn mowers is topped by a model from American manufacturers with a capacity of 3 liters. C. The tool will cope with young bushes without any problems. Due to the high rotation speed of the cutting element, the grass does not wrap around the shaft. The gas lever on the handle is equipped with a lock to prevent accidental pressing. The product package includes a regular and circular knife, a reel with fishing line, and a measuring canister for preparing fuel. Knife grip width – 51 cm, engine volume – 52 cm³, fuel tank capacity – 1.2 l, cutting element rotation speed 6500 rpm.

Huter GGT-1000T

Excellent reviews and the 2nd place in the rating were won by the German model with a capacity of 1 liter. S. Petrol mower is indispensable for the owner of a home garden. Reliable operation of the product is ensured by a rigid drive shaft. Thanks to the anti-vibration system, the noise level during operation is reduced, and hand fatigue is also significantly reduced. The tool is equipped with a 33 cm³ engine and a fuel tank with a capacity of 0.7 liters. Knife grip width – 25 cm, rotation speed – 7500 rpm.

AL-KO 112387 FRS 4125

Despite the fact that the brush cutter is made in China, according to user reviews, its rating has risen to 3rd place. The powerful unit will cope with mowing large areas of grass and young bushes. The fuel tank volume of 0.7 l allows you to work for a long time without refueling. The anti-vibration system reduces the strain on your hands during operation. The non-separable rod gives strength to the product, but is inconvenient for transportation.

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A Swedish-made brush cutter would be a good choice for caring for your summer cottage. When fully equipped, the unit weighs no more than 5 kg, which makes grass mowing easier. Engine power 1.1 l. C. Enough to mow any vegetation, but it is advisable not to use it for bushes. The telescopic rod and adjustable handle contribute to ease of use. The petrol mower is equipped with a 28 cm 3 engine and a fuel tank of 0.4 liters. The cutting width is 45 cm, the rotation speed of the cutting element is 8000 rpm.

The video provides an overview of the Husqvarna trimmer:

Echo SRM-22GES U-Handle

User reviews about Japanese technology are always the best. The trimmer power is only 0.91 liters. C. The tool is suitable for cutting small vegetation around the house and on the garden lawn. The anti-vibration system, as well as the light weight of the product (4.8 kg), allows women and teenagers to work. Ease of use is due to the presence of a quick engine start system with no kickback of the starting cable. The petrol mower is equipped with a translucent fuel tank with a capacity of 0.44 liters, a two-stroke engine with a volume of 21 cm 3 The cutting width is 38 cm, the rotation speed of the cutting element is 6500 rpm.


Our rating is completed by a 1 hp lawn mower from a famous German brand. C. The tool has proven itself well in mowing thick grass and reeds in wetlands. The quick start system allows you to start the engine the first time. After long breaks in operation, fuel can be pumped up with a manual fuel pump. Convenience of working with the tool is possible thanks to the adjustable handle with all built-in controls. The trimmer is equipped with a 27 cm 3 engine and a fuel tank of 0.33 l. The cutting width is 38 cm, the rotation speed of the cutting element is 7700 bpm.

The video provides an overview of the Stihl trimmer:

User reviews of gasoline trimmers

User reviews often help in choosing gasoline trimmers. Let's get to know some of them.

Basic equipment

The trimmer package includes the following elements: rod with shaft; engine; control handles; mowing set - three-blade blade and trimmer head with nylon line; protective casing with fastening strip; User's Manual; backpack belt; tool kit. The instruction manual explains in detail the sequence in which you should assemble your new Huter trimmer.

Housing for petrol trimmer Huter GGT-2500T


Brand countryGermany
Country of OriginChina
engine's typePetrol
Power, W2500
Power, hp3.3
Engine capacity, cm351.7
Engine2-stroke, air-cooled
Noise level, dB96
Ignition typeElectronic
Cutting tool typeLine/knife
Speed, rpm9500
Fuel tank volume, l1.2
Product classProfessional
For tall grassYes
Detachable rodYes
Type of fuelGasoline AI-92 + Oil
Cutting width, mm255
Vibration damping systemYes
Weight without packaging7 kg
Package weight9.42 kg
Warranty, months12
EquipmentTrimmer Rod Protective cover Head with line 3-blade blade Mounting kit Shoulder strap Instructions
EAN-13 barcode4606059018995
GTIN barcode04606059018995

Electric braid ET 1255 – convenience, reliability and style

This model differs from its analogues, first of all, in its stylish design. The electric motor, located at the top of the rod, is covered with a streamlined plastic housing, and the D-shaped handle provides a stronger hold on the tool and makes it easier to control.

The power of the motor used here is 1.1 kW. In combination with a speed of 7500 rpm, this allows you to quickly and easily cut almost any plant, including thick stems of hogweed, nettles, raspberry shoots, cherries, etc. In addition, as practice shows, the power plants used on Patriot electric trimmers differ large margin of safety and stability of operation under high loads.

Key features of the ET 1255 model:

  • effective protection against power surges and overheating;
  • reliable gearbox;
  • efficient heat dissipation;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • minimum maintenance requirements;
  • smooth engine start, preserving its resource.

As with most other offerings from Patriot, the ET 1255 electric mower offers the option of choosing a working element - a 2.4 mm fishing line or a metal 3-blade blade with a diameter of 23 cm.

Features of application

  • Before starting to use a new tool, make sure there is lubrication in the gearbox.
  • All controls of the Hooter trimmer are conveniently located on the handle, making it easy to operate the trimmer.
  • Thanks to the locking of the throttle lever, accidental pressing and rotation of the cutting tools when the engine is running are excluded.
  • The Huter trimmer is only allowed to be used during daylight hours or in sufficient lighting.
  • Thanks to the semi-automatic line feed, during operation it is enough to lightly hit the trimmer head on the ground to increase the length of the line by 2.5 cm.

Petrol trimmer HUTER GGT-2500T

User manual

When operating and maintaining the Hooter trimmer, you should follow the factory instructions, strictly follow safety rules, master the techniques and skills of effective operation, and competent maintenance of the brush cutter.


The Hooter trimmer is run in during the first 3-4 hours of operation. During this period, you should operate the Hooter lawnmower in a gentle mode on soft grass. It is forbidden to work in idling mode for more than 10 minutes - always with breaks and release of gas for 20-30 seconds. During the break-in period, use a fuel mixture at a concentration of 25:1.

Recommendations for using the Huter petrol trimmer

  • As fuel, the Huter trimmer uses a fuel mixture consisting of AI-92 gasoline and original motor oil for 2-stroke engines in a ratio of 1:40.
  • After mowing is completed, it is imperative to drain any remaining fuel, as fuel remaining for more than 12 hours may cause engine problems.
  • It is strictly forbidden to operate a brush cutter without a protective cover and muffler.
  • It is important to install the cutting knife correctly; if the alignment is disturbed, strong vibrations may occur, which is life-threatening.
  • Only the original mowing set is used as a cutting tool; the use of homemade devices in the form of wire, other materials, or a damaged cutting knife is absolutely excluded.
  • You should always monitor the good condition and operation of the Hooter trimmer; at the slightest sign of irregularities in operation: extraneous noise, knocking, vibrations, sparks, other breakdowns and malfunctions, you must immediately stop working and fix the problems that have arisen.

Which Patriot trimmer oils are suitable?

  • Semi-synthetic two-stroke (1 liter) Inforce Premium;
  • 2-stroke (1 liter) Mineral Premium;
  • Semi-synthetic 2-stroke 2T-OIL ADA engine;
  • Semi-synthetic (1 liter) for Caliber two-stroke engines and the like.

Often such substances contain a special set of certain additives; they dissolve well in fuel at low temperatures and guarantee excellent protection of engine elements from the negative effects of friction even under heavy loads.

Trimmer specifications include references to recommended fuels and lubricants. At the same time, the octane number of a gasoline brand is specific, but in oils there is a broad explanation that it is necessary to use a product from a specific manufacturer. To be sure, it is stated that only by following these tips will the company extend the warranty. What are these: non-market or incompatible oils? The answer is in this article.

The two-stroke engine has a traditional but very efficient design:

All this determined the creation of a family of small engines that were successfully adapted to domestic and professional technology:

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Thanks to the design features, it was possible to achieve the desired fuel consumption only on small engines with a power of 15.20 hp. In particular, the myth looks great in the 1.5 hp range. Here, in all respects, the light weight and dimensions of the engine correspond to gas consumption.

The size of the input and output channels increases with increasing size. The process of gas removal and fuel supply intensifies. Based on this, predicting the presence of forced engine systems will require a transition to a more efficient gasoline combustion system. Thus, four-stroke models captured the palm of the most powerful units. Their combination in multi-cylinder designs allowed us to create special systems related to the formation of the composition of the consistency of fuel, oil, etc., which had a positive effect on gasoline consumption.

Fuel mixture for gasoline chainsaws and chainsaws. Correct proportions

Lubrication of the trowel parts of the piston and cylinder of a two-stroke engine. This is oil, which in a certain proportion is included in the composition of the fuel. Gasoline burns and oil settles along the cylinder, reducing friction of friction parts. Lack of lubrication causes cylinder damage just before seizing. For which the redundant design is intended, when exposed to high temperatures, the thermally modified product settles in the annular grooves. Compression drops, and so does strength.

Engine oil is used to refill gasoline using a trimmer. Mixing is done in a certain proportion. Manufacturers have different volume ratios: from 1 to 50, from 1 to 20. The specifications have a link to this. Care should be taken with the small amount of oil involved. A small malfunction leads to oil starvation of the engine, shortening its service life.

Of course, products with a ratio from 1 to 20-40. It is better to avoid using such oil. A wide range of consistency indicates a low quality product. The appearance of piston rings with constant use of such brands is almost guaranteed.

M-8 motor oils are added in proportions 1-20. In engines with rotation, their implementation is not necessary. The cycle between consistency injections is so short that it can cause excess oil in the cylinder. Trimmers have low rotation, so they allow the use of low quality oils. Considering the beginning of the low resource, there is no need to worry about coke rings. Until the equipment is completely worn out.

The principle is not to use recommended oils or from other manufacturers. Main. dilute gasoline with three-dimensional oil in proportions corresponding to the characteristics of the product. Refusal to service workshops is guaranteed only on the basis of the use of lubricants of different brands, but with acceptable parameters is illegal.

Two-stroke fuel mixtures / 3D chainsaw refills


Users are unanimous in their reviews regarding the high performance and reliability of the Hooter trimmer. Good performance, ease of operation, and effective air cooling of the engine are noted. The presence of an anti-vibration system, a modern electronic ignition system and a shoulder strap makes working with the trimmer comfortable. If necessary, owners can choose the “S” model with a split rod, which is convenient when transporting the tool. It is possible to work with a fishing line and a knife, depending on the type of vegetation.

Video: How to Put a Knife on a Patriot 4355 Trimmer

The model is considered an excellent purchase for owners of small plots of land, since it can be used for mowing grass near trees, bushes, or even near a fence. The split bar provides compact storage and convenient transportation.

Due to the presence of a primer, the engine starts in just a few seconds. The included shoulder strap reduces the load on the operator and eliminates discomfort during operation.


  • Thickness of the cutting element, mm: 2.4;
  • Fitting diameter, mm: 25.4;
  • Power (hp): 1.8;
  • Cutting width, cm: 46/23;
  • Tank capacity, l: 1.1.

It is worth noting that the handle has a clamp and a trigger, which allows you to gain maximum control over the situation. To protect the operator from injury, the Patriot gas brush is equipped with a protective cover.

Block Features:

  • Anti-vibration system AVS;
  • Easy access to the spark plug;
  • Supplementing the shell with a knife, which helps get rid of excess hairs;
  • The ability to easily and quickly repair the air filter with your own hands;
  • Affordable price;
  • A light weight

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Thanks to the powerful motor (1.3 kW), the device can handle even thick and dense weeds.

Petrol mower Patriot RT 555

The powerful all-in-one device features a foldable barbell and bike handle. The device can process grass even in uneven areas. If you replace the hairline with a knife, you can safely remove small trees, dense shrubs, and dead wood.

The machine has been equipped with a specialized anti-vibration system, which ensures ease of use and creates a feeling of comfort during operation. The handle contains all the necessary controls. The device starts very quickly because the mechanism contains a special ignition coil and is supplemented with a primer.

  • Engine capacity, cubic meters See: 52;
  • Power (kW): 2.21;
  • Mounting: M10x1.25 LH;
  • Weight, kg: 7.7;
  • Cutting width, cm: 41.5 / 23.

Many beginners ask the question: “How much is the fuel diluted?” Before using it. Oil to gas ratio: 1:32. A more detailed answer to this and other questions can be found in the instructions on our website.

It should be understood that such a unit requires the purchase of proprietary fuel and oil only to improve functionality and reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

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