Overview of features of the Gardena sprayer

Characteristics of the Gardena sprayer:

  • The plastic for the tank body is made of a material that is resistant to direct sunlight and low temperatures. The sprayer can be used in various climatic zones of the planet.
  • The nozzle regulates the flow of water from a fine spray to a powerful jet.
  • The components are made of stainless steel.
  • The wide neck of the tank makes it easy to fill in water, add medications and mix the solution.
  • The water level indicator is located on the outside of the sprayer.

Principle of operation

The main components of a hand sprayer are a liquid reservoir. The tank volume is usually from 3 to 20 liters. In order to supply liquid from the reservoir to the plants, you need to pump the pump by hand.

As a result, a pressure of 3-5 atmospheres is created, like that of a garden hand pump sprayer, which is enough for the water with the drugs dissolved in it to reach the required distance.

This design option has its pros and cons compared to automatic sprayers, which have a gasoline or electric motor, and they can also be powered by a battery. These include a garden sprayer and a gasoline backpack garden sprayer.

Hand pump sprayer

The device may also have various add-ons that expand the functionality and make such a device more convenient to use. To make using the sprayer more convenient, it can be equipped with a shoulder strap.

In addition to hand-held ones, there are backpack designs that need to be attached to the back. The presence of an additional waist belt allows you to fix this sprayer more securely.

As a result, it will not move to the sides.

For more information about the operation of a manual pump sprayer, watch the video:

Gardena garden sprayer models

Hand sprayers

The Gardena manual garden sprayer is available in two types.

For Comfort 0.5L, Comfort 1L and Premium 1L sprayers, water is supplied when you press your hand on the sprayer.

The Comfort 1.25L model has a pump type of water pumping.

These models are suitable for use in home floriculture and for caring for low plants in the garden.

Pump sprayers

Models Comfort ZL, Comfort 5L and Comfort 12L are designed for processing tall trees, spraying areas with herbicides and applying fertilizers over large areas.

Characteristics of these models:

  • pump type of pumping water;
  • handle with an extended rod, which is convenient for processing tall plants;
  • shoulder strap with soft insert;
  • safety valve to relieve pressure.

GARDENA garden sprayer 2 years later.

Hello summer residents, gardeners and site guests. This article is not an advertisement or anti-advertising (in any case) of this manufacturer.

This is a simple user review of the author of this article - a common model from this manufacturer (budget model) - only 2 years later. So enough of the lyrics - let's go.

I bought this sprayer in one of the chain construction stores. The first year I worked full-time in the garden, vegetable garden and + in the garage (semi-commercial use). Then I bought another one for the garage.

OVER these two years of work it has shown itself to be not bad at all - and let’s go through its main components.

The pros and cons that I highlighted when using it.

-VOLUME 5 LITERS -there is a scale on which you can see the level of the solution, very convenient.

—PUMP FOR PUMPING AIR INTO THE TANK—volumetric—quickly pumps up the required pressure—worked perfectly, there was no leakage of air or solution.

the pump is completely dismountable, serviceable - all the rubber bands are not difficult to find (they will not be original) - but the original ones still work.

—PUMP HANDLE—powerful, durable, easy to use (designed to carry a full sprayer)

—PUMP ROD—material is aluminum.

—RELEASE VALVE—works perfectly—there were no problems (operation threshold—3 atm)—convenient for releasing air from the cylinder.

—HOSE—three-layer-reinforced-soft. 1.5m+-20cm (depending on the model)—installed on simple threaded connections with the ability to adjust the tightening.

—FEED GUN—works clearly, there were no problems—there is a lock and is completely dismountable and serviceable (selection of rubber bands is possible), but so far the relatives are working.


The filler neck is inconvenient - saws and dirt constantly accumulate - which then gets into the tank and under the rubber band of the pump - which causes a small air leak. Here I had to constantly wipe and wash before filling the tank. But I’m happy with the model - I’m happy with everything. That’s probably the whole review, dear gardeners, I hope this article was useful. I might have missed some details, watch my video review, you can see everything better and in more detail.

YES I almost forgot - not so long ago I converted it to BATTERY - if you are interested in how to do this, you can look at this article on this site - among my works.

AS THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE, I PROHIBIT ITS COPYING AND REPRINTING FROM THE SITE *DO IT YOURSELF* IN ANY FORM. Posting works on other sites is possible - by me personally - please write in a personal message regarding these issues.


I have been using a Gardena five-liter sprayer for five years. There are about ten fruit trees and the same number of shrubs in the garden. Additionally, I bought a telescopic rod, which makes it easier to handle high tree branches. Fine spraying uses the solution economically, so there is no fear of burning the leaves with chemicals.

To treat the plants, I was going to buy a high-quality sprayer, although not cheap, but which will last for many years. I decided not to risk it and gave preference to the manufacturer Gardena. Still, several years later, the injector and pump are in working order. Also pleasing are the protrusions at the bottom of the tank. Thanks to them, it is convenient to fix the sprayer body with your feet and unscrew the lid.

It must be said that reviews of the Gardena garden sprayer are only positive. According to the main evaluation criteria: value for money, design and ease of use, functionality, it scored the maximum number of points.

Not the lowest price will be justified by a long service life and the absence of problems during plant processing.

Main characteristics of the backpack sprayer

Manual garden sprayer

A distinctive feature of backpack sprayers is their convenient and safe carrying on the back when moving around the site and processing plants. The body of the product has a smooth rectangular shape and is equipped with belts. Due to the specially designed air chamber, the solution will not spill. The product design includes:

  • shoulder straps with soft inserts;
  • rod - straight standard or sliding (telescopic), curved;
  • pipe for connecting the rod to the tank;
  • handle on the bar for easy carrying;
  • button or lever to start spraying;
  • safety valve to reduce excess pressure;
  • nozzles mounted in the rod to create a specific shape and length of the jet;
  • a filter on the filler neck and inlet of the sprayer to trap large particles and impurities in the consumable fluid.

On some wide and long rods you can install several nozzles at once (up to 3 pieces), which will help speed up the process of processing plants. Many sprayers are supplied with extensions to change the length or shape of the hose, replaceable nozzles that expand the functionality, change the pressure, intensity and shape of the jet, and a pressure gauge to control the pressure of the liquid supplied to the sprayer.

The operating principle is based on the use of the difference in ambient pressure and the nozzle jet, which helps the liquid easily cover the distance to irrigate the surface. By holding the barbell suspended, you can direct the flow of liquid. To adjust the droplet size, some models are equipped with a rotating nozzle. Among the additional functions, the fire nozzle extension, drip irrigation device, and sprayer are popular.

The operating principle is based on the use of the difference in ambient pressure and the nozzle jet

The advantages of manual backpack sprayers are the low cost for the basic equipment, which is always useful in a summer cottage, and the simplicity of the design. Disassembly and assembly are simple. The straps included with the device are easily adjusted to suit any height and weight of a person. The only drawback of the product is its heavy weight.

Types of garden sprayers

According to the principle of operation, sprayers are divided into:

Garden sprayer

Pump-action. It consists of a round or rectangular container into which the drug solution is directly poured.

There is a pump in the lid that manually pumps air into the container. The liquid is then conveyed under pressure through a thin hose to the spray nozzle.

The button on the handle opens and closes the flow of liquid. The kit includes a telescopic nozzle for long-distance spraying. It is made of durable plastic.

Rechargeable. In such a sprayer, an electric pump running on a battery is responsible for constant pressure in the tank. When working with it, the gardener is freed from pumping air. This speeds up the processing of plants and reduces physical stress.

Before purchasing an electric backpack sprayer, you need to try it on and evaluate whether it will be convenient to work with.

Gasoline. This type is represented by devices with a power of several horsepower.

They are used when growing plants on an industrial scale and deliver medicinal or nutritional mixtures within a diameter of 50 meters around them.

When choosing a garden sprayer, it is taken into account that such equipment is purchased for more than one year.

Of the ten purchased, seven are of the battery pack type.

Types of sprayers

All self-made sprayers are analogues of industrial ones, so it’s worth understanding what they are.


This sprayer is quite inexpensive and is quite suitable for working in the garden or dacha.

The principle of its operation is based on the fact that air is pumped in using a pump, which pushes the solution from the reservoir into the hose and sprayer. While the required pressure is maintained in the tank, the solution is sprayed. When the pressure decreases, air must be reinjected.


The principle of operation of such a sprayer is generally similar to a pump sprayer, but here it is necessary to constantly pump in air. This is not very convenient for work, so such units are used less often.

Motorized sprayer

This unit is distinguished by the presence of a gasoline engine. A motorized sprayer is quite expensive, and for a small garden or cottage it will be too powerful. Therefore, it is advisable to use such a unit over large areas.

Adjusting the trailed sprayer op 2000

To apply pesticides, it is necessary to first adjust the pressure on the device’s reducer. The highly reliable operating process of the op 2000 sprinkler is ensured by the use of components from the best European manufacturers: the Italian Annovi Reverberi pump pumps the working fluid from the reservoir into the spray system and also starts mixing the working fluid, Lechler sprayers, Arag communications control the pressure in the pressure line , control the dosage of the working fluid.

The sprayer boom has a parallelogram mechanism, as well as an effective pendulum linkage mechanism, due to which high stabilization and uniformity of spraying is achieved. The rod consists of five sections, hinged together. There is a hydromechanical vibration suppression device. The pressure hoses of the op 2000 sprinkler are made of special polymers that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and many chemicals, and the pressure hoses can withstand pressures of up to 20 atmospheres.

The op 2000 irrigator has the ability to smoothly adjust the track width in the range of 1.4-1.8 meters, which significantly increases the mobility of the device. The op 2000 equipment allows irrigation at a relatively high speed, which is ensured by the wheel size R42 and a ground clearance of 700 mm.

The best manufacturers

The list of such companies, whose products have long proven themselves to be the best and collect many positive reviews, is well known. Prominent representatives of such reliable and popular equipment are the Huter snow blower, T-130 bulldozer, Zil 5301, and Shtil mower.


Devices (Gardena) are ideal for caring for plantings . Its products are easy to use.


Comfort during use is ensured by comfortable handles, built-in shock absorbers, liquid level indicators, the ability to smoothly adjust the flow and other features.


“Zhuk is a brand under which it produces pumps.


The main feature of its products is their low price combined with great functionality and high performance.


Marolex is a Polish company that produces functional and ergonomic hand pump sprayers.


Its products are characterized by ease of use, which is ensured by the carefully thought-out design of each model, and consistently high quality workmanship.

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