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Design of the Viking 585 motor cultivator

The Viking HB 585 cultivator is powered by a Kohler Courage 4-stroke gasoline engine with a power of 2.3 kW and a rotation speed of 3000 rpm. The XT-6.75 OHV SC engine model has overhead valves. Its working volume is 149 cm3. Moreover, its basis is a forged crankshaft and a liner cylinder. The internal parts of the device are hidden under a hard metal casing. Additional protection is provided by polymer linings on the sides of the structure.

The Viking HB 585 cultivator has 2 gears, one for each direction of movement - forward and reverse. The trajectory of movement is changed by a height- and width-adjustable handle made in the form of a steering wheel. The device is convenient to use because it has a relatively light weight (46-49 kg depending on the configuration), adjustable working width and the ability to rotate using the steering wheel. The plowing depth is 32 cm. The Viking HB 585 cultivator is started manually using a cable.

The transport wheels are located at the back and are foldable, which is convenient to use. There is also a brake spur, which allows you to regulate the speed and depth of plowing. The collapsible plowing kit consists of 2 groups of elements of 3 working units each.

The Viking HB 585 cultivator Motoblock Centaur MB 1080D has a built-in vibration damping system that reduces the sound power level to 93 dB and the sound pressure level to 80 dB. If a trailed model for a tractor is required, there is a stubble cultivator.

Model range - technical characteristics and prices, which one is better to buy

Brand Features

Each modern walk-behind tractor model is equipped with a modern 4-stroke Austrian Kohler engine with valves located on top (the so-called OHV). It is located quite low on the frame, which ensures reliable balancing.

The startup process is significantly simplified by the Smart-Choke system. Braking occurs via a 3-position brake, easily accessible in the control segment. For trouble-free operation, the device is equipped with a fuel and air filter.

The reversible gearbox provides a reverse function for greater maneuverability, turns, and exits from traffic jams, but working in reverse is not recommended.

The gearbox is designed for three hundred operating hours, which corresponds to a decade of operation. For lubrication, Klüber synthetic oil is used, which is poured into the gearbox for the entire service life.

The handles are adjustable without tools. In order not to step on already plowed ground, the handle can be turned to the side, and the unit will continue to work in its direction. If you plan to transport the walk-behind tractor or preserve it for a storage season, the handles simply fold.

The handles are connected to the walk-behind tractor through a vibration-absorbing system, thanks to which the operator, even after working for a long time, does not experience hand fatigue.

All Viking motor cultivators have a plowing kit with which you can adjust the working width, using the device both for processing potatoes and for more delicate crops. Additionally, side discs preserve plantings during plowing.

Helical cutters are bent along their entire length, so they cut into the ground evenly. The cutters enter the soil one after another sequentially. This design and arrangement makes it easier to work in heavier soil.

Here you will find a description of the Viking walk-behind tractors of the modern model range, which is fundamentally different from previous, obsolete models.

VH 540

The Viking VH 540 motor-cultivator is the latest model equipped with a powerful American Briggs & Stratton engine with overhead valves and easy starting. Immediately after it, the brand switched to Austrian Kohler engines.

The price for the Viking 540 walk-behind tractor remains the most affordable for gardeners and summer residents. You can buy it for 25,000 rubles. The scope of application of the unit is the same as that of its more modernized counterparts - processing heavy soils, plowing, hilling, caring for plantings.

The “compact” model is equipped with a working width of 850 mm, thanks to which you can quickly process the widest areas. This is the exclusive merit of the most powerful 4-stroke Kohler Courage with valves located at the top. If necessary, the width can be adjusted to 600 mm or 350.

This is done like this:

  • the tool should be placed in the service position,
  • open 2 cotter pins,
  • remove the plowing kit,
  • shorten it by the required number of cutting elements.

The possibility of various applications is provided by the Viking 585 walk-behind tractor with attachments: for example, a hiller or weights.

Advantages of Viking 585:

  • the control handle is equipped with protection against simultaneous pressing;
  • rigid metal casing with protective polymer wings;
  • powerful row crop knife;
  • stable chassis;
  • The limiter is adjusted from the handle.
  • The instrument weighs 46 kg.
  • Maximum power 6 hp
  • Processing width 350-600-850 mm.
  • Depth up to 320 mm.
  • The price of the unit is about 50,000 rubles.

Cultivator HB 685

The particularly powerful HB 685 walk-behind tractor with a working width of 850 mm will help you cope with even the most dense soil. With it you will increase your productivity by 20%. Viking HB 685 is designed for processing large areas. The Kohler Courage XT8 engine develops power up to 2.9 kW.

This is simply a revolutionary breakthrough when compared with previous developments. The HB685 is easy to use. The knives cut the soil rather than dig it up, which ensures smooth operation.

To improve the performance of the unit on heavy soils, it can be weighted with a set of 12 kg and 18 kg weights, which are purchased separately. The Viking HB 685 is a powerful and durable, yet compact, easy-to-use unit that can be equipped with numerous accessories.

Large Viking walk-behind tractors have two transport wheels at the rear, which fold up during operation.

  • Weighs 48 kg.
  • Maximum power 6 hp
  • Processing width 600-860 mm.
  • Depth up to 320 mm.
  • Number of ripper stars: 6 pcs.
  • Price – about 53,000 rubles.

Attachments for the Viking HB 585 motor cultivator

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The Viking HB 585 cultivator can be additionally equipped with auxiliary devices that expand its capabilities. The first type of attachment is an additional load. These are 2 parts weighing 9 kg each, used to increase pressure. Shed No. 2 – Hiller. It is necessary for creating planting furrows, loosening the boundaries at the same time as sprinkling soil on the root part of the crops and their hilling. Canopy No. 3 - lugs, made in the form of metal wheels with blades, providing optimal traction with the ground.

If you need not a cultivator, but a walk-behind tractor, you should look at the Centaur MB 2070B walk-behind tractor.

Description of walk-behind tractor brand 585

The Viking 585 walk-behind tractor is a fairly compact model, the working width of which is equivalent to 850 mm. Using the equipment, you can process fairly wide areas. You can adjust the width from 350 to 600 mm. To do this, the operator will have to install the walk-behind tractor in the service position, and then open the cotter pins and remove the plowing kit.

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It is shortened by the required number of cutting elements. Among the advantages of the described equipment, one should highlight the presence of protection against simultaneous pressing of the control handle. The rowing knife is quite powerful, this increases the productivity of the device. A metal hard casing protects the working person, which is also ensured by the presence of polymer protective wings.

Technical characteristics of the Viking HB 585 motor-cultivator

  • Engine - Kohler Courage XT-6 OHV;
  • Working volume - 149 cc;
  • Engine type - 4-stroke;
  • Rated power - 2.4 kW at 3000 rpm;
  • Number of gears - 1 forward / 1 reverse;
  • Fuel tank capacity - 1.1 l;
  • Clutch - Belt;
  • Reducer - Worm;
  • Adjustable steering column - in 2 positions, folding;
  • The working body is a split plowing set;
  • Processing width - 60/86 cm;
  • Processing depth - up to 32 cm;
  • Tilling kit (diameter) - 32 cm;
  • Starting device - cable start (easy start);
  • Weight - 49 kg.

Reviews of the Viking HB 585 motor cultivator

Sergey: Use of the device - 1 year Advantages: convenient, lightweight Disadvantages: quick wear of spare parts Review: I chose a cultivator a year ago. I liked this one right away. His handles are comfortable. Of course, you have to change spare parts. But at a pace like mine, this is a normal thing.

Nikita: Using the device – 3 months Advantages: beautiful, convenient Disadvantages: haven’t discovered it yet Review: The Viking HB 585 cultivator, a new thing on my farm, was used for planting potatoes. The first impression is great. I like the way it works.

Attachments and spare parts

Additional accessories expand the capabilities of the Viking motor cultivator. The hiller allows you to use the unit in potato growing. For greater efficiency when working on heavy soil, it is recommended to purchase weighting materials.

For winter use, you can purchase a special shovel for shoveling snow.

And for spring, a plow (for example, a psk plow) will be an indispensable item.

You can purchase a kit that includes everything you need for gardening activities. This is a plow, an OH2 hiller, a KV 3 potato digger, a pair of lugs with a diameter of 360 mm and 25 mm for the shaft, a pair of high-traffic lugs with a diameter of 500 mm, and a hitch.

Large wheels are suitable for working with attachments, and 360 mm are suitable for hilling.

Thanks to the use of additional equipment, the cultivator can be used all year round. In summer it is an agricultural machine for cultivating and plowing land. Attachments for a walk-behind tractor make it possible to dig up soil for planting potatoes, hill it up in a month, and dig up tubers in September.

In winter, it can be used for snow removal; with a shovel, it can clear paths of snow, and with a trailer, it can transport small loads of up to 500 kg.

During long-term use, you will definitely need spare parts for the Viking walk-behind tractor. First of all, these are consumables: belts, cables, filters, pulleys, springs, ball bearings or cutters.

In the event of a breakdown, you can easily purchase wheels, levers, handles, gearboxes, rods, regulators and other spare parts from the manufacturer.

The compatibility of walk-behind tractors of the Austrian brand with additional equipment directly depends on the adapters used. Cultivators can be operated with the following tools:

  • plows of various configurations;
  • hillers of switch or disk type;
  • seeders, the classification of which is based on the required row row and the type of planting material used;
  • potato planters;
  • special attachments designed for harvesting certain crops;
  • adapters with a seat for the operator;
  • weights for light and heavy equipment;
  • trailer equipment;
  • mowers;
  • snow blowers and shovels;
  • large diameter wheels;
  • rake.

A large assortment of mounted and trailed equipment for Viking walk-behind tractors makes it possible to operate the devices all year round, using them during the season for cultivating land, caring for crops and harvesting, and in winter and in the off-season - for cleaning the territory, transporting goods and other important for farming or dacha farming works.

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