Motoblocks Forza MB 105. Review, characteristics, owner reviews


Forza walk-behind tractors are in great demand among agricultural workers.
These devices have engine power from 6.5 horsepower and weight from 76 to 115 kg, which makes them easy to control and stable during operation. Forza walk-behind tractors are produced in Perm. The first walk-behind tractor rolled off the assembly line 7 years ago, and during this time they have consistently shown a high level of reliability, performance and simplicity of design.

Various engines are used in the manufacture of Forza: Subaru-Robin, Briggs&Stratton, Lifan.

Engine Robin Subaru EX17 Briggs&Stratton OHV 6.5 (5.5) Engine Lifan 168F-2

Let's take a look at the main models of Perm Forza walk-behind tractors.

FZ series

This series of walk-behind tractors is a representative of the middle class, and is designed to perform a wide range of agricultural work: cultivation, chopping soil, uprooting weeds, plowing, hilling, mowing grass, transporting goods, etc.

Forza FZ walk-behind tractors are designed for use on small plots of up to 1 hectare. Therefore, the model range has only small capacities:

  • FZ-01-6.5F (engine power 6.5 hp, manual starter, narrow herringbone tires);
  • FZ-01-6.5FE (engine power 6.5 hp, electric starter, narrow herringbone tires);
  • FZ-02-6.5F (engine power 6.5 hp, manual starter, wide tires);
  • FZ-02-6.5FE (engine power 6.5 hp, electric starter, wide tires);
  • FZ-01-9.0FE (engine power 9.0 hp, electric starter, narrow herringbone tires);
  • FZ-02-9.0FE (engine power 9.0 hp, electric starter, wide tires).

    Forza FZ-01-65F

    Forza FZ-02-6.5F

    Forza FZ-01-9.0FE

MB series

These walk-behind tractors already have a power take-off shaft (to set the required number of revolutions for a specific job) and an oil level sensor, which will not allow the unit to start without it.

These walk-behind tractors are designed to work with plots of 20 acres or more.

  • MB-105/7.0 (equipped with a 7 hp engine)
  • MB-105/9.0 (9 hp engine)
  • MB-105M (7 hp, model with improved gearbox).

    Forza MB-105M

    Forza MB-105/9.0

    Forza MB-105/7.0

Forza MBD-105

These walk-behind tractors are equipped with a diesel engine, which can significantly increase the service life of the device. Forza MBD walk-behind tractors are designed for cultivating virgin lands, harvesting and mowing grass, as well as for transporting goods.

Forza MBD-105

They have a power of 9 hp. The MBD model range includes two variants of the walk-behind tractor: with an electric starter (MBD-105/9.0E) and with a manual starter (MBD-105/9.0).

Forza MBN-02-9.0E

These devices are equipped with a wheel differential. Thanks to this, Forza MBN walk-behind tractors have greater maneuverability and make it easier to operate the unit.

Forza MBN-02-9.0E

Large 19-7×8 wheels allow the machine to be used even in conditions of high humidity. Forza 177FD engine with 9 hp power. allows you to work with virgin lands.

Forza MBE

This is an economical option for a walk-behind tractor, which allows you to save money on its purchase. However, the functionality of the machine was not affected.

Form MBE FZ-02-6.5 F

Forza MBE has a manual starter.

The owner can choose the engine power and wheel size when purchasing.

Technical characteristics of Forza MB-105

Main technical characteristics of the forza MB-105 model:

  • overall dimensions of the device (DShV): 150x61x115 cm;
  • number of gears: 2/2;
  • disc clutch, gear transmission;
  • walk-behind tractor weight 115 kg. without fuel and oil, 125 kg when filled;
  • can be operated in a temperature range from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees;
  • it is possible to replace standard wheels with larger ones;
  • adjustable control handle, removable for ease of transportation;
  • type of gearbox oil: transmission TAD - 17D, TAP - 15V or others according to GOST 236 52 - 79;
  • Engine oil: SAE 10 W-30 API SF or SG.


Motoblocks themselves have no value. Their operational properties are manifested together with attachments.

Milling cutter

This is a basic attachment that is used to loosen the top fertile layer of soil.

Milling cutters are installed instead of standard wheels.

The most popular are saber cutters. Their blades are shaped like a saber. Assembly consists of connecting 2 parts with bolts and tightening. Next, the assembled cutter is installed on a metal axis. This technology has been used for many years.

Cultivator cutter Crow's feet cutter

A newer version of the cutter for Forza walk-behind tractors is considered to be “crow’s feet”. They are a pipe on which metal pins are welded, and triangular plates are installed at their ends.

This option is capable of processing any type of soil at a depth of up to 25 cm. At the same time, wear resistance suffers, since the pins often fly off when colliding with a large stone or other large solid object.

And here is a video about milling the soil using a milling cutter:


This is a universal device that is most popular when working with the Forza walk-behind tractor. The main task of this attachment is plowing.

Standard plow

For optimal plowing performance, it is necessary to make a level first trench, then place one wheel in the rut, lower the plow and continue working. Thus, when the second trench is made, the first one is buried.

It is also convenient to use the plow when planting crops, when one trench is made, and then grains are planted there and buried.


Forza walk-behind tractors can help you cut grass using mowers. This could be clearing the existing area of ​​weeds or virgin soil before plowing. Mowers are often used to make hay for the winter or to cut grass for livestock.

Segment mower Rotary mower

Rotary mowers operate by rotating blades, which spin and straighten under the influence of centrifugal force. These models can handle short grass on any surface.

Segment mowers cut grass using two blades with blades that alternately move towards each other. This model can even cut small bushes. However, segment mowers can only be used on level fields due to their design.

Potato planter and potato digger

The most extensive work in gardens involves planting and digging up potatoes. To automate this process, a Forza walk-behind tractor with appropriate attachments is suitable.

The potato planter has the following principle of operation: the plow in front makes a rut, then the transport belt, after a certain period of time, delivers potatoes from the tank, and at the back two hillers bury the rut.

The most common potato

Motoblock potato planter KSMB Potato digger KKM-1

The excavator is rattling. It works on the following principle: an active knife in front cuts the soil along with the tubers, then it hits the screen (vibrating steel rods), where the soil is broken and the potatoes remain on the surface at the back.

Snow blower and blade shovel

In the winter season, the Forza walk-behind tractor can help with snow removal using special attachments.

A snow blower is an attachment with a pulley that picks up snow. Then it hits the rotating rotor, where the snow is directed to the chute and taken to the side. The snow throw range is about 10 meters.

The video shows the operation of a snowplow with a Forza walk-behind tractor:

If it is not possible to purchase a full-fledged snow blower, then you can use a regular plow blade. This device is a sheet of metal bent by an arc and located at an angle. When using the Forza walk-behind tractor with a blade-shovel, you can also level sand and gravel mixtures.


The Forza walk-behind tractor can help in transporting goods using a trailer.

There is a seat in front of the trailer, which allows the owner to conveniently control the device.

Dump trailers are great because they allow you to unload the trailer with a simple lift.

Forza 2M trailer

If you need to transport firewood or metal pipes, you can use long trailers with 4 wheels.

When choosing a trailer, you need to pay attention to the maximum traction of the walk-behind tractor and the load capacity of the trailer.


Working with the Forza walk-behind tractor is very physically exhausting, since you need to follow the walk-behind tractor on foot and guide it. Because of this, fatigue sets in quickly.

Rear adapter

Adapters will help make this work easier. They allow you to operate the walk-behind tractor while sitting. At the bottom of the adapter are footrests and a handbrake.

Wheels and tracks

The Perm plant offers its customers to choose the size of pneumatic tires: 4 × 10 (herringbone), 4 × 10 (road) or 19-7 × 8.

All of them have a high tread, which makes it easier to move uphill or on wet ground.

In winter, problems arise when you need to move through the snow. Therefore, it is better to use tracks instead of pneumatic wheels. They increase the surface adhesion area.

The tracks are ideal for transporting loads on snow.



There is no point in using caterpillars in summer, since they greatly loosen the ground. Therefore, instead of pneumatic tires, special lugs can be used.

This device is a metal rim. Instead of a tread, they use metal plates arranged in a herringbone pattern.

When the walk-behind tractor moves, the lugs enter the ground and push the machine further.


If you don’t want to bother with lugs, then you can simply add additional weight to the Forza walk-behind tractor. Then, its weight will become more stable and its grip on the ground will increase.

Factory weights are made in the form of pancakes and hung on the wheel axle.

Advantages of Forza walk-behind tractors

The features of agricultural machines of this brand are worthy of paying special attention to.

By purchasing Forza walk-behind tractors, the consumer receives the following benefits:

  • a universal base that allows you to install motors and wheels of any modification;
  • powerful gearbox capable of withstanding continuous load;
  • convenient switching of modes, which is ensured by a tension spring;
  • the presence of an emergency engine stop button, which is located on the steering rod;
  • the ability to adjust the gas supply with one lever;
  • Convenience of changing speeds with a thoughtfully located lever;
  • protective covers and wings ensuring complete safety during operation.

Running in the purchased product is simple and does not take much time. It is enough to inspect the walk-behind tractor, fill it with oil and gasoline, check the gears and put it into operation at medium load. All events last no more than 8-10 hours.

Vladislav, 40 years old, Novocherkassk

I bought a walk-behind tractor 3 years ago, when I realized that it was too difficult and time consuming to cultivate the dacha plot by hand. 6.5 hp unit fully meets the requirements. Purchased attachments as needed. Gradually, he completely mechanized all types of garden work - digging, sowing, hilling and harvesting. In winter, I cleared snow and took children on sleigh rides. Fuel consumption is very low - under normal conditions within 2-3 liters, under extreme loads it reaches 4 l/h. Among the shortcomings, I can only note the rapid wear of the drive belt and increased vibration; you have to change the belt annually and tighten the bolts every month.

Nikita, 29 years old, Krasnodar

He inherited a country house and a vast plot of 3 hectares. There was neither time nor desire to process it manually. I bought a Forza 150 with a Japanese engine (I found it more reliable). For 2 years now I can’t be happier with my purchase - the device is excellent. Works like a clock at any time of the year and in any weather. All maintenance consists of periodic lubrication and tightening of bolts.

Peter, 66 years old, Donskoy

Realizing that he was not able to manually cultivate his dacha plot, he decided to purchase a light-duty walk-behind tractor. I chose Forza, since you can find inexpensive spare parts and components for this model. I'm happy with the purchase - the unit easily copes with loamy soil, cultivates, hills, mows and collects grass. Using the adapter, I turn the walk-behind tractor into a tractor, which simplifies the transportation of various loads. I attach a sled, a cart and a boat with a motor to the unit. The walk-behind tractor is excellent, simple and reliable, worth the money invested, I recommend it to everyone.

User manual


In order for Forza walk-behind tractors to last as long as possible, they must be properly used and maintained.

  • The walk-behind tractor must be used only for its intended purpose;
  • You cannot change factory settings or carry out conversions yourself;
  • It is forbidden to come close to the rotating parts of the Forza walk-behind tractor or attachments;
  • Allow the device to cool down before starting maintenance work;
  • Only official attachments should be used, otherwise the Forza walk-behind tractor may fail;
  • Before each trip, visually check the machine parts for wear or abnormal position;
  • After each work, it is necessary to clean the walk-behind tractor from grass, leaves and dirt to prevent fire when the engine heats up;
  • Contact of the device with water is prohibited, as jamming of the mechanisms may occur, especially for control handles;
  • Replace the engine oil every 20 hours of operation of the walk-behind tractor. It is necessary to use lubricant from the 10W-30 series;
  • The gear oil should be changed every 100 hours of operation. It is recommended to use Tap-15v, TAD-17i or their analogues.
  • After 300 hours of operation, it is necessary to replace the air filters, check the condition of the spark plugs and adjust the clutch cable.


The main thing is to start using the Forza walk-behind tractor correctly. The further performance of the device will depend on the assembly and the first operating hours.

Assembly must be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions for use.

Immediately after assembly, it is not allowed to use the walk-behind tractor at full power, since the oil has not yet passed through the entire system, and the engine parts need to be run-in. This is a procedure when the Forza walk-behind tractor is used at half the maximum power. The ideal option is to drive with an empty trailer when there is little load on the device's engine.

Then, you can start operating at half the maximum power. For example, if a plow can sink 18 cm into the ground, then when running in it should only go 9 cm.

Basic faults

No matter how carefully the owners treat Forza walk-behind tractors, they periodically fail due to various circumstances. Therefore, you need to know how to troubleshoot simple problems.

If the engine does not start, here are the main reasons and solutions to the problem:

  • Check for fuel availability;
  • Adjust the throttle position;
  • Check the spark plug and the wires to it, see if there is a spark;
  • The air filter is clogged;
  • Water got into the gasoline;
  • Debris has entered the fuel tank;
  • Set the correct mixture in the carburetor.

The Forza walk-behind tractor does not start well:

  • Adjust the throttle position;
  • Clean the air filter;
  • The spark plug has become unusable or contact with it is loose;
  • Bad fuel was used.

The engine gets very hot:

  • Insufficient oil or low oil level;
  • The ventilation or engine is dirty;
  • A foreign object has entered the muffler.

Advantages and disadvantages of the unit

Forza walk-behind tractors have the following advantages:

  • high quality;
  • products are certified;
  • affordable price;
  • It is possible to install attachments.

Owners consider rapid wear of cutters to be a disadvantage of Forza equipment.

The disadvantages of Forza equipment are considered by many owners to be rapid wear of the cutters, as well as inefficient gas consumption. Some owners are not satisfied with the excessive vibration of the walk-behind tractor after starting the engine, but it is no different from the vibration of models from other manufacturers.

Comparison of Forza and Neva

These two walk-behind tractor models are in approximately the same price segment. Their characteristics are similar.

Forza FZ-01-65F

Motoblock "Neva" MB2 GX-200

  1. Neva has a model with a Honda GX-220 engine. Forza doesn't have it.
  2. The weight of devices in different models is approximately the same, based on engine power.
  3. Ground clearance and track width are the same.
  4. The Neva’s gearbox is designed for 6 positions, while the Forza’s is mainly designed for 3.
  5. They work with identical attachments, which are connected to a universal hitch.
  6. Based on the reviews, Neva has a better build quality.

Application specifics

Forza walk-behind tractors are manufactured by a well-known domestic company in Perm. The production of this agricultural machinery began back in 2010. During this time, the manufacturer has established its walk-behind tractors as a high-quality and worthy product, which is known even outside of Russia.

The manufacturer Forza produces a wide range of walk-behind tractors for every taste. These are both diesel and petrol models. The model range is represented by walk-behind tractors from 75 to 125 kg, with power from 6.5 to 15 horsepower. This allows the units to be used both in a small summer cottage and in a large agricultural area.

A wide range of walk-behind tractors is produced by the manufacturer Forza

Depending on the model, Forza walk-behind tractors can be used for:

  • preparing the soil for sowing;
  • loosening and hilling;
  • weeding;
  • harrowing;
  • soil transportation;
  • grass cutting;
  • snow removal;
  • compacting the soil.
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