Motoblock ZiD Favorite with Subaru EX 21 7.0 hp engine.

Residents not only in our country, but all over the world, prefer to have their own plot of land so that they can plant different plants. It can feed you in the winter, and also bring significant income from harvest sales. If you have a small area, then most likely you process it yourself by hand. If the field is up to one hectare in size, or even larger, it is extremely important for you to think about your health and look for special equipment for yourself.

Walk-behind tractors are universal agricultural machinery that performs any type of work thanks to special attachments. There are both foreign and domestic products on sale. The Favorit walk-behind tractor is manufactured in Russia. He managed to win the respect and love of many farmers thanks to his technical characteristics.

Of course, many people prefer cheaper Chinese products, which, by the way, are often not inferior in their parameters to representatives from other countries. But there is also a large selection of other manufacturers that offer excellent value for money. This is exactly what applies to the walk-behind tractor from the Favorit brand.

Technical characteristics of the walk-behind tractor

To begin with, it is worth noting the variety of motor range. The plant purchases engines from several foreign manufacturers, which give the Favorit walk-behind tractor its high performance. The characteristics of the power plants are different and determined by their origin (Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Subaru), but these are mainly single-cylinder units with a capacity of 5-7 hp. With.

Other characteristics of the models:

  • Clutch: belt.
  • Availability of design capabilities that allow the integration of attachments.
  • Fuel tank capacity varies from 2 to 3.8 liters.
  • Working volume: 160-211 cm3.
  • Fuel used: AI-92.

Also, “Favorite” walk-behind tractors, depending on the specific modification, differ in size and technical features. It is worth paying attention to these parameters when assessing the area of ​​land that you plan to cultivate.

Motoblock Favorit MB 1080E: technical features

  • Engine power – 8 l. With.;
  • The crankshaft can rotate at a maximum speed of 2200 rpm;
  • The engine is cooled by water;
  • There is a single-plate dry clutch;
  • The oil sump holds 1.3 liters;
  • Weight – 226 kg.

It is worth noting the presence of two speeds in the gearbox. This eliminates double engagement or non-engagement of the gear.

Technical specifications of the walk-behind tractor:

  • A four-stroke Briggs&Stratton engine is used;
  • The depth of tillage reaches 25 cm;
  • To expand the range of travel speeds, the pulleys can be reinstalled. Thanks to this method, the speed will increase to 11 km/h;
  • With the help of special anti-vibration handles, the owner of the unit can protect his hands and the entire body from the negative effects of vibration;
  • Transmission – belt clutch;
  • Power take-off – from the pulley;
  • Weight – 73 kg.

One of the most important features of a walk-behind tractor is the presence of pneumatic tires, which allow for 15 centimeter ground clearance and transportation of goods in more favorable conditions. After reading the operating instructions, there should be no problems with functionality and workflow.


Thanks to the possibility of additional equipment, Favorit walk-behind tractors allow you to carry out the entire cycle of seasonal harvesting activities. In particular, the unit can be equipped with a trolley for transporting goods, a plow for direct cultivation of the land, an adapter, a hitch, hillers and other devices. Also, in order to expand the capabilities of the equipment, it is recommended to use frames through which the user can install two hillers.

Modern sets of gardening equipment allow not only to diversify the range of tasks to be solved, but also to optimize the process itself. For example, the Favorit walk-behind tractor, the attachments of which include a potato digger and an extended lug, will cope with work in a large garden in the shortest possible time and with high quality.

Break-in features

The described walk-behind tractors themselves are very reliable and durable, but they require proper operation. Run-in is carried out in the first few hours of using the machine and is carried out with the aim of maximum grinding in and running-in of all components of the unit. In this regard, maximum speed is not recommended during this period.

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Initially, the running-in begins with a visual inspection of the walk-behind tractor. If no deficiencies are identified, then you can start the engine. It should idle for about 30 minutes. After this, it is allowed to slightly increase the speed and carry out work in all available gears, all the nuances are analyzed and potential problems are identified.

Run-in is performed within 30–50% of the walk-behind tractor's capabilities. For example, cultivation is carried out to a depth of 100 mm, and loads are transported weighing no more than 200 kilograms. In general, the running-in period takes at least 20 hours. After this, be sure to change the oil.

Purpose of the walk-behind tractor

As a rule, mini garden tractors and motor cultivators do not differ in versatility when carrying out work activities. Again, it all depends on the additional equipment - the optimal configuration practically erases all boundaries in site maintenance. In turn, “Favorit” walk-behind tractors, provided they are equipped with the appropriate equipment, perform soil cultivation (harrowing, hilling and plowing), mowing grass, supplying well water, removing snow and transporting loads, etc.

Care and maintenance

Basically, maintaining the optimal condition of equipment refers to the care of external surfaces. Each time after completing soil cultivation or other activities, it is recommended to clean the body and functional parts of the unit. The Favorit walk-behind tractor is especially sensitive to sand, so complete removal of its particles should be ensured. The reliability of threaded fasteners is also checked.

Prevention should be carried out before starting work. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the V-belt drive belt, adjust the transmission (V-belt), and also check the pressure in the pulleys. The oil should be changed at certain intervals (on average 30 hours of operation). In this regard, it is important to remember that different types of oil are poured into the motor and gearbox of the Favorit walk-behind tractor. In the first case, you can use MS-20, and in the second, compositions labeled 10W-30.

About performance and driving performance

Working on the site with the “Favorit” walk-behind tractor is not at all difficult; you don’t have to make any significant efforts for this: you just need to carefully hold it in the furrow, and that’s basically it. It should also be noted that there are several options for working width, thanks to which almost any soil is normal for a walk-behind tractor.

The depth of soil cultivation (up to 25 centimeters) depends on the position of the coulter: the deeper the coulter enters the soil, the deeper it is processed with cutter knives. When the motor of the walk-behind tractor begins to increase speed with a simultaneous decrease in the depth of processing, you should press the steering handles and deepen the coulter. When the walk-behind tractor does not move forward, and the blades of its cutters are “buried,” you can slightly lift it by the steering handles, and it will come out of this position. When the walk-behind tractor “leads” towards the treated area, this means that a small part of the cutters follows the treated soil. You need to move the walk-behind tractor in the opposite direction. When cultivating light and loose soils, it is necessary to ensure that the cutters do not go completely deep into the soil and thereby overload the engine.

However, in general, when it comes to virgin soil, here the “Favorite” does not have enough power, which is why the knives of its cutter simply do not turn. There is also not enough weight, which is why the wheels simply begin to slip. On hard soils, virgin and turfed areas, tillage is possible only in several passes, each time increasing the depth of tillage and changing the position of the coulter. And - with a minimum rotation speed of the cutter blades (only in first gear).

If someone plans to cultivate (plow and cultivate) land with a walk-behind tractor that is new or has not been cultivated for several years, then models like the “Favorite” may not be suitable for solving this problem at all. Here you will need to use compact equipment that is more powerful and heavier.

This drawback is compensated by the fact that even a young man or woman can handle “Favorite” quite easily. In addition, light weight means compact dimensions. “There is a MTZ walk-behind tractor nearby. People regularly contact his owner and invite him to cultivate the land in his garden. He immediately asks how to get to the site. If there is a fence without a gate, only with a gate, then he refuses. And “Favorite” – it can go everywhere and not spoil anything. He even enters the elevator and apartment door freely. For the first two seasons, I didn’t have a suitable place at the dacha to leave it - I took it home to my apartment,” says one of the owners.

Due to the fact that the “Favorite” walk-behind tractor is quite light, when a trolley is hooked onto it, the entire load must be transferred to its front part, otherwise it may not be able to pull it: it slips.

Large and wide wheels with pneumatic tires provide acceptable ground clearance, facilitate movement and improve the functionality of the device involved in the transportation of goods on the farm. The Favorit walk-behind tractor handles almost all surface unevenness – holes and bumps – quite confidently.

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Possible problems and repairs

During operation of the walk-behind tractor, the following problems may arise:

  • The engine does not start.
  • Uneven operation of the power unit is observed.
  • The cutters are inactive (provided the motor is turned on).
  • The equipment vibrates a lot.

The first problem can be solved by changing the oil, cleaning or replacing the spark plug, and setting the throttle lever to the maximum position. There may also be problems with compatibility or the use of old gasoline, so you should make sure of its quality.

It is not uncommon to encounter uneven operation of the engine with which the Favorit walk-behind tractor is equipped. Reviews about this problem note blockages in the carburetor, fuel tank opening, air filters, etc. Therefore, you need to clean all of the listed components, as well as check the contacts in the wiring and spark plug.

If, when the engine is running, the working elements are not activated, then the problem can most likely be resolved by replacing or tightening the V-belt settings. And finally, strong vibrations of the walk-behind tractor indicate weak fastenings - all screw connections need to be tightened more securely.

Owner reviews

If we look at the reviews of those who regularly use the Favorit walk-behind tractor on their plots, functionality and performance will be noted among the advantages. These are the properties that domestic gardening equipment a priori possesses. Among the features of ZiD walk-behind tractors, one can note the ease of assembly, which is reflected in the reliability of the device and increased maintainability. This is in some way a construction kit that provides a lot of opportunities for implementing agricultural work. What is very important is that the manufacturer took into account the advantages of Western models, providing the equipment with high-quality engines.

The weak points of domestic cultivators traditionally include ergonomics and the possibility of additional equipment - but it is precisely these stereotypes that the Favorit walk-behind tractor refutes. Reviews from owners emphasize a convenient and thoughtful design that has minimal impact on the user. At the same time, there is an ease of technical addition with attachments, as well as its diversity. Plows, hitches, shovels, mowers, carts with brushes and other options have become available to owners of Favorit walk-behind tractors, which is good news.

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