Tractor KAMTZ TTX-215

Wheeled agricultural tractor KamAZ XTX 215 (McCORMICK)

The KamAZ XTX 215 tractor is designed for various agricultural work. Due to the huge range of attachments, the KamAZ XTX 215 tractor is capable of performing a wide variety of agricultural work, from preparing the soil for sowing to harvesting and carrying out transport tasks. The basic equipment of the KamAZ XTX 215 tractor includes everything necessary to ensure safe and comfortable work for the operator. And the technical equipment of the KamAZ XTX 215 tractor will contribute to its productive work in any area, regardless of climatic conditions.

The KamAZ XTX 215 tractor is equipped with a Power Management system, which allows you to maintain a constant operating speed during operations that require the participation of the PTO mechanism. The power take-off meets all requirements and is suitable for operation with various additional equipment offered on the market. The PTO gear ratio exactly matches the engine performance characteristics.

Under the hood of the KamAZ XTX 215 tractor there is an economical and productive IVECO BetaPower engine. The engine in the KamAZ XTX 215 is not a supporting structure; as a result, it is not subject to torsional and bending stress. The engine is mounted on the chassis as follows - the power unit is mounted on a rubber cushion and secured at four points. This allows the engine to move naturally, allowing it to absorb any shock loads coming from the front axle.

Gear shifting in the KamAZ XTX 215 is carried out by a 32-speed transmission. This transmission model provides the ability to shift up to 8 gears under load and is capable of operating in two modes: XtraSpeed ​​(regular gear shift) and XtraSpeed-E (electronic gear shift). In addition, there is an option to sell KamAZ XTX 215 with a creeper - this will give the KamAZ XTX 215 tractor 16 additional forward speeds.

When developing the KamAZ XTX 215 tractor, the main focus was on creating a productive and economical tractor. For this purpose, its design contains many different devices and mechanisms that ensure rational consumption of forces, and, consequently, consumption of fuels and lubricants. For example, the KamAZ XTX 215 is equipped with a piston pump with a performance control system - this makes it possible to provide the working body with exactly the power it needs at the moment. This system operates due to the presence of sensors in the control valves, which inform the pump about the required flow force. Thus, the energy of the KamAZ XTX 215 tractor is not wasted.

For the productive operation of the KamAZ 215 tractor, it is not enough just to have good technical characteristics. Therefore, the designers of the KamAZ XTX 215 took care of the comfort and safety of the driver. The XTX 215 tractor cab has a wide viewing angle and has expanded internal space (due to the redistribution of frame rigidity to the front and rear pillars of the cab). Also, to provide more convenient access to the cabin, the XTX 215 tractor is equipped with wide-opening doors. The fuel tank is located to the left of the operator's platform, making it easy to fill from the ground due to its convenient location. Refilling time is minimal, since the filling speed is 60 l/min. The seat in the cabin of the SXT 215 tractor, mounted on air suspension, reduces driver fatigue. The digital dashboard provides accurate information about the operating parameters of the XTX 215 tractor.

Safety when moving the KamAZ XTX 215 on public roads is ensured by a well-designed brake system. This system is equipped with multi-disc brakes operating in an oil bath. The mechanisms are located on the shaft between the rear axle differential and the planetary gearboxes of the final drive. The installation of three disc plates on each side ensures reliable, smooth and timely braking.

The XTX 215 tractor is a unique piece of equipment that has no analogues in Russia. The XTX 215 tractor is capable of replacing an entire tractor fleet of several types of machines. The KamAZ XTX 215 tractor is distinguished by the highest level of comfort, “smart” electronic transmission and other features. Thus, this equipment will set new, highest standards for working conditions for machine operators and the quality of Russian agricultural machinery.

Technical characteristics of KamAZ XTX 215
EngineIVECO BetaPower
Max. engine power (with Power Management system) hp/kW 202/149 (228/168)
Engine power at rated speed, hp/kW193/142 (217/160)
Nom. engine shaft rotation speed, rpm. (ISO) 2200
Engine displacement, l6,7
Engine cylinder diameter/piston stroke, mm102/120
Engine shaft rotation speed range at constant power, rpm.1900-2200
Max. engine torque, Nm 800(938)
Engine speed range at max. cool. torque, rpm (with Power Management system) 1200-1700 (1750)
Engine torque reserve,% (with Power Management system)30 (35)
Fuel tank capacity, l347
Specific fuel consumption, g/kWh204
Oil change frequency, h500
Generator, A120
Number of speeds (forward/reverse) XtraSpeed32+24
Number of speeds with XtraSpeed ​​creeper48 + 40
Changing direction (reverse)servo drive with neutral
Frequency of transmission oil change, h1000
Rear axle differential lock typeMulti-plate clutch in oil bath
Power take-off shaft KamAZ XTX 215
Power take-off on/offElectrohydraulic
Power take-off shaft rotation speed, rpm.540/1000 or 540E/1000
Engine speed at 540/1000 rpm.1860/2025
Engine speed at 1000 rpm.1665/2025
Front axle KamAZ XTX 215
Front axle ratio1.328:1
Wheel camber angle, degrees.6
Wheel rotation angle, degrees55
Minimum turning radius, m5.4
Hydraulic system KamAZ XTX 215
Hydraulic pump typeClosed type, with flow control (PFC - axial piston)
Hydraulic system pump capacity, l/min.129 (163 on order)
Hydraulic system control typeELL (electronic lower link)
Maximum lifting capacity of the hydraulic system, kg10950
Hydraulic system categoryIII
Overall dimensions, weight and wheels of KamAZ XTX 215
Operating weight, kg7205
Weight with ballast, kg8045
Maximum load on the front axle, kg7100
Maximum load on rear axle, kg16200
Wheelbase, mm2873
Length, mm5307
Width, mm2300 - standard fenders (2510 - extended fenders)
Height, mm3012
Front wheels540/65R30
Rear wheels710/70R42


The KamAZ CX 105 tractor is designed to solve various agricultural problems.
Its performance allows it to carry out almost all types of agricultural activities. Thus, the CX 105 tractor is able to single-handedly cope with work that requires the efforts of several highly specialized machines with stationary equipment - this also ensures that the KamAZ CX 105 tractor can be used profitably all year round. KamAZ CX 105 tractor does not require large expenses for fuels and lubricants. Its design contains elements that ensure optimal energy consumption necessary to perform a particular task. For example, the hydraulic system is equipped with a closed type axial piston pump (PFC) with a flow control system. This means that the pump reduces or increases its output depending on the situation. This happens by placing sensors in the control valves of the hydraulic system; they report the required pressure, which allows you to avoid wasting energy, and, consequently, saving fuel and lubricants.

Under the hood of the CX 105 tractor there is a powerful and economical IVECO BetaPower engine. the KamAZ CX 105 tractor is designed in such a way that the power unit is not a load-bearing element, due to which it is not subject to torsional and bending stress. The engine is mounted on the chassis with its fixation at four points, thus, the engine of the CX 105 tractor is capable of carrying out natural vibrations during its operation, which reduces the shock loads exerted on it.

The KamAZ CX 105 tractor cabin is equipped with everything necessary to create a comfortable operator’s workplace. A wide glass area, a spacious interior, wide-opening doors, as well as compactly located controls - all this will ensure convenience and comfort in the operator’s work. The operator's seat is mounted on air suspension - this reduces the load on the muscles. Digital instruments located in the cabin of the CX 105 tractor provide accurate general information about the condition of the tractor, and due to their compact placement they are always in the operator’s field of view.

KamAZ CX 105 tractor has no analogues on the domestic market of similar equipment. Design features, the latest components, innovative design ideas - all this allows the CX 105 tractor to be the best of its kind. High performance indicators coupled with low fuel consumption and versatility are why many agricultural organizations have already chosen this particular equipment.

In order to buy KamAZ CX 105 , go to the “Contacts” section, where you will see our phone number and email address. If you have not found all the information you are interested in on the website page, call us, experienced managers will answer all your questions, and also provide information on the procedure for selling the KamAZ CX 105. If you decide to buy a KamAZ CX 105 for operation in remote corners of Russia , contact us. WE sell KamAZ CX 105 with delivery to any region of Russia. We are the ones who sell KamAZ CX 105 at manufacturer prices.

One of the features of the domestic tractor fleet is the presence in it of a significant number of machines that are sold in limited editions. It is with this kind of technology that organizations (individuals) that operate it have many problems. Let us clarify right away that we are not talking about the low quality of these machines. The problem is that the companies that sold them did not organize service at all. And at some point, the owners of “exclusive” tractors were left alone with any, even minor, problem.

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Such machines include KAMAZ tractors - excellent equipment assembled on the McCORMICK basis. But the domestic manufacturer, having produced a certain number of cars and not caring at all about their further maintenance, removed them from production. They came to us with problems with one of these tractors, namely the CX 105 model.

Why come to us? Firstly, because the INTELSTEEL company has extensive experience working with a wide variety of equipment. Secondly, our mobile workshop can provide on-site repairs of any complexity.

Having arrived at the place, we will learn more about the problems of the CX 105. It turned out that after the tractor crossed the mark of 6,000 operating hours, it began to have problems with the transmission: incorrect switching of the clutch responsible for transport and traction mode. But the owner continued to operate the tractor. Further operation “finished off” the unit’s transmission completely: problems began to grow like a snowball, and listing them would take two pages of text. Did anyone expect a different result?

We held a short meeting and began diagnosing the car. To do this, it was necessary to dismantle the cabin, drain the fluid from all units, remove the gearbox, clutch and engine flywheel. Then a sad picture opened up to us: burnt-out friction clutch baskets, deformed friction pistons, damaged clutch slave cylinder, etc.

If the owner had contacted us immediately after a problem occurred in the tractor, then a number of parts would not have failed. And so the breakdowns affected almost all parts of the gearbox. Taking this into account, as well as the features of the CX 105 tractor box, we decide to deliver the removed unit to our company’s stationary workshop and carry out all the necessary repairs there.

KamAZ, which has proven itself with trucks, also produces buses and agricultural equipment. The start of production of agricultural machinery in Russia was facilitated by cooperation with the Italian holding company ARGO Tractors SPA. The first KAMAZ tractor, called T-215, rolled off the assembly line in 2008. During the first year of production, more than 200 units were produced. The following year, production of 4 more types of equipment began under license from McCormick. The Kama Tractor Plant does not produce mini tractors.


CX-105 belongs to the group of small tractors and corresponds to the second traction class. It is a copy of the economical and reliable McCormick 105. The Kama tractor has a low cost and is capable of cultivating medium-sized plots of land, performing the work of various agricultural machinery. Therefore, it is in demand among private farmers.

Technical characteristics of CX-105

Dimensions (L x W x H)3980 x 2140 x 2771 mm
Wheelbase2356 mm
Wheels front / rear380/70 R24 / 480/70 R34
Operating weight3808 kg
Max. front/rear axle load 2900 / 3100 kg
EnginePerkins 1104C-44T (100 hp)
Torque reserve30 %
Fuel consumption202 g/kWh
Fuel tank155 l

The Perkins diesel engine has a volume of 4.4 liters. Thanks to turbocharging, it develops 392 Nm of torque. Perkins Engines Company Limited is a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. ICE 1104S-44T was developed using patented Caterpillar technologies, which made it possible to create a powerful and reliable engine with low fuel consumption. The internal combustion engine has a cast block with a closed lubrication system, and the fuel is supplied through a common rail system.

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Due to the economic crisis, KamTZ began installing a cheaper IVECO BetaPower motor with a Power Management system. The Italian internal combustion engine develops a power of 98 hp and a torque reserve of 25%. Both engines comply with EC Stage 2 environmental standards.

The XtraSpeed ​​transmission provides 24 forward and 24 reverse gears (36 / 36 with creeper). The direction is selected using a servo drive with neutral gear. The front axle of the Carraro-707S4 4WD provides high traction capacity of the tractor and a turning radius of 4.2 m.

The CX-105 has a PTO similar to the XTX-215 (540/1000 rpm). The tractor is equipped with a hydraulic system (PFC) of the third category, the maximum pressure of which is 54 l/min. This allows the use of equipment weighing 3875 kg.

A distinctive feature of the KAMAZ SMAH-85 is a derated engine, IVECO or Perkins, developing a power of 81-84 hp. and 368 Nm with a margin of 25-30%. The tractor has a simplified XtraSpeed ​​gearbox with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. With a creeper, another 12 forward speeds are added.

The operating weight of SMAX-85 is 3300 kg, and the permissible load on the front/rear axles is 4020/4860 kg. The downside of this model is the category 2 hydraulic system with a load capacity of 2600 kg.

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