Tractor MTZ 2022 Belarus

Design of the MTZ-2022 tractor

This model of agricultural equipment has a whole model range, each copy of which has its own characteristics, however, they all belong to the wheeled type of tractor. Depending on the modification and additional units of other equipment or auxiliary equipment used, it is used in various fields of management, but mainly in agronomy for cultivating fields. The MTZ-1221 model is similar in characteristics.

The special design of the chassis with four drive wheels allows it to be used on weak-bearing soils during periods of high seasonal humidity, in particular in spring and autumn. At the same time, comfort inside the cabin is ensured in any season. This is possible thanks to excellent waterproofing and noise protection inside the cabin.

Areas of application and aggregation capabilities of “MTZ-2022”

The main purpose of the MTZ-2022 tractor is to perform energy-intensive general-purpose agricultural work.

In particular, basic plowing and pre-sowing tillage; sowing grain and other crops (as part of wide-cut and combined units); performing harvesting work (as part of high-performance harvesting complexes for harvesting feed, harvesting root crops, grains and industrial crops). It is also suitable for transport and loading and unloading operations; for its use as a tractor on roads with weak soils, in autumn and spring, and on muddy roads.

At the same time, the MTZ-2022 tractor demonstrates effective operation with a wide range of attachments and special devices, including those requiring high energy consumption. Including plows of types “PPO.6.30/45”; "PPN.7.30/50"; “PKM-6-40R”, which are designed for plowing complex – old arable, rocky soils. And also with other plows, harrows and cultivators; seeders and soil-cultivating and sowing combined units; distributors of mineral and organic fertilizers; with balers, ring-toothed rollers; with trailed forage harvesters.

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Engine MTZ-2022

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The tractor’s power is supplied by a diesel engine model D-260, manufactured in-house by the manufacturer. Therefore, its reliability is in accordance with the assigned tasks. The power of the unit is 210 hp. in the basic configuration, but is not the ultimate. As an addition to the engine, there is a turbocharger. The six-cylinder engine is equipped with a cooling system that operates on the principle of deaeration and compensation. Its important advantage is its compliance with European environmental standards.

Exterior view of the MTZ-2022 tractor

Trailed sprayer 3200 liters, boom 24 meters GASPARDO - RUB 2,850,000.

Tractor BELARUS-2022

This tractor is designed to perform various general-purpose agricultural work, basic and pre-sowing tillage, sowing as part of wide-cut and combined units, harvesting work as part of high-performance harvesting complexes, and transport work.

Distinctive features Diesel corresponds to the Tier II stage in terms of emissions of harmful substances, reversible control station (2022B.3), air conditioning, kit for doubling the rear wheels.

Optional equipment: Front PTO. Front hitch. Additional seat. Front ballast with a total weight of up to 1010 kg.

In addition to the tractor itself, you can check out wheel sets for various crops, such as corn, beets, sunflowers and potatoes.

Engine The tractor is equipped with an economical, easy-to-use and maintain six-cylinder diesel engine from the Minsk Motor Plant with turbocharging and intercooling of the charge air.
Engine parameters Belarus 2022
Model D-260.4 or DEUTZ
Power, kW (hp) 154,4 (210)
Rated rotation speed, rpm 2100
Maximum torque, Nm (kgcm) 807,5 (80,75)
Torque reserve factor, % 15
Specific fuel consumption, g/kW h 227
Fuel tank capacity, l 270
Transmission synchronized 24/12 gearbox, rear axle with spur gears and planetary final drives, automatic differential locking of the rear axle, automatic and forced engagement modes of the front drive axle.
Speed ​​(forward / reverse), km/h: 1,86-39,7 / 2,6-18,4
Hydraulic suspension system The tractor is equipped with an electro-hydraulic automatic system for adjusting the position of the working parts of agricultural machines using units (Germany), which provides power, position and mixed regulation. The force sensors are installed on the axis of the longitudinal rods, the position sensor is installed on the rotary shaft bracket. The tractor is equipped with a separate hydraulic system. The distributor spools are controlled by cable, from levers mounted on the control panel. The rear hitch is a three-point articulated four-link linkage, which allows the aggregation of agricultural machines of traction class 3. For aggregation with trailed and semi-trailer machines, the installation of a towing hook or a lift-type hitch is provided.
Load capacity of the mounted system on the suspension axis (front/rear), kgf 6500
Maximum pressure, mPa 20
Pump capacity, l/min 60
Hydraulic system capacity, l 35
Dimensions and weight
Tractor base, mm 2920
Total length, mm 5230
Width, mm 2450
Height, mm 3120
Track, mm
on the front wheels (8 values ​​in the range) 1640-2190
on the rear wheels 1800-2500
Ground clearance, mm 550
Weight, kg
operational 7220
Tire sizes (basic equipment)
front wheels 420/70R24
rear wheels 580/70R42
Steering Hydrostatic, with a two-rod cylinder or with two cylinders in the steering linkage.
Front drive axle Increased load-bearing capacity of beam type with limited slip differential and planetary-cylindrical final drives.
Brakes Disc type operating in oil. The brake control is hydrostatic.
Electrical equipment 12V and 24V DC electrical equipment for engine starting. Alternator 1680 W / 14 V at two voltage levels, starter 4 kW / 24 V. Two batteries are installed. Tractor control instruments provide electronic information on the display. The lighting system, light and sound alarms are based on domestic and imported devices.
Cabin Safe (ROPS); complies with the requirements of the OESD; with filtration and heating of air supplied to the cabin; with opening side and rear windows and sunroof; with electric windshield wipers and washers; with the possibility of equipping with a reversible control station; with a modernized instrument panel, with an electronic information device.

Fuel consumption MTZ-2022

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The fuel tank capacity of the MTZ-2022 tractor is 270 liters. The fuel itself is consumed quite economically with a specific consumption of 227 g/kWh. This range is adapted to use conventional diesel fuel, which is ideal for businesses looking to improve production efficiency while reducing operating costs.


MTZ-2022 belongs to the category of mid-size tractors.

  1. height – 3120 mm,
  2. length – 5230 mm,
  3. width – 2400 mm.

The wheelbase of Belarus-2022 is 2920 mm, ground clearance is 540 mm. The model has a turning radius of 5800 mm. The wheel arrangement of the tractor is four by four. "Belarus-2022" is equipped with a 212-horsepower unit. The maximum speed of MTZ-2022 is 40 km/h, reverse – 13 km/h.

Fuel consumption rate for “Belarus 2022”

The specific fuel consumption of the model is 220 g/kW per hour, and the fuel tank holds up to 120 liters of fuel.

Technical characteristics of MTZ-2022

  • Engine D-260.4;
  • Power, kW (hp) 154.4 (210);
  • Rated rotation speed, rpm 2100;
  • Maximum torque, Nm (kgcm) 807.5 (80.75);
  • Torque reserve factor, % 15;
  • Specific fuel consumption, g/kW h 227;
  • Fuel tank capacity, l 270;
  • Load capacity of the mounted system on the suspension axis (front/rear), kgf 6500;
  • Maximum pressure, mPa 20;
  • Pump capacity, l/min 60;
  • Hydraulic system capacity, l 35;
  • Tractor base, mm 2920;
  • Total length, mm 5230;
  • Width, mm 2450;
  • Height, mm 3120;
  • Track, mm on the front wheels (8 values ​​in the range) 1640-2190; on the rear wheels 1800-2500;
  • Ground clearance, mm 550;
  • Weight, kg 7220;
  • Front wheel tire sizes 420/70R24; rear wheels 580/70R42;

Technical characteristics of the MTZ-2022 tractor

Currently, the official product catalog of the Minsk Tractor Plant includes three modifications of the MTZ-2022. Their basic technical parameters are the same. The Belarus-2022.3 and Belarus-2022.4 tractors are characterized as purely agricultural; and “Belarus-2022.V3” is not only an agro-industrial technique, but also a more universal one.

As indicated on the company’s website, the use of this tractor with units driven from the PTO at low technological speeds in traction-drive mode will be effective in many jobs, including: the destruction of trees and shrubs (in the right of way of railways, power lines And so on); in the extraction of sod peat; at road repair work. The Belarus-2022.V3 package also includes a reversible control station.

Tractor engine "MTZ-2022"

The serial tractor "MTZ-2022" is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine model MMZ "D-260.4 C2", with turbocharging and intercooling of the charge air. Its power is 212 horsepower (or 156 kilowatts).

Other options are:

  • Cylinder diameter 110 mm; piston stroke 125 mm.
  • Working volume: 7.12 liters.
  • Maximum torque: 900 N.m (90 kgf).
  • Torque reserve factor: 30%.
  • Specific fuel consumption at rated power is: 250.0 ± 7.0 g/kW h (183 g/hp h).
  • Total capacity of two fuel tanks: 357 liters.

In terms of its level of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, this diesel engine complies with the international environmental standard “Stage II” (stage “Tier-II”). The MMZ “D-260.4 C2” engine is an analogue of the German “Deutz TCD 2013 L06-2V” diesel engine, which was originally equipped with the “MTZ-2022” tractor.

While all other technical characteristics are absolutely identical, the Deutz engine differs slightly from the Minsk engine model: a slightly larger displacement (7.146 liters); other cylinder diameter 108 mm; piston stroke (130 mm); maximum torque indicator: 950 N.m (97 kgf).

Transmission, steering and brake control of the MTZ-2022 tractor

The 2022 model tractors are equipped with a synchronized manual gearbox, which has six ranges. This is a gearbox with constant mesh gears.

Gear shifting within each range occurs using synchronizers; range switching - gear couplings and synchronizers.

In total, this box supports 24 forward gears, ranging from 1.86 to 39.7 kilometers per hour, and 12 reverse gears, with reverse speed varying from 2.6 to 18.4 kilometers per hour. .

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The clutch is dry, double-disc, permanently closed. Clutch drive – hydraulic, with amplifier. Friction clutch. The hydraulic volume steering is equipped with a hydraulic booster; with a metering pump and a built-in hydraulic cylinder (or two hydraulic cylinders) in the steering linkage.

The main and parking brakes are multi-disc, operating in oil, with action on the rear wheels. The brake drive is hydrostatic separate. The trailer brake drive is pneumatic, interlocked with the tractor brake control.

Bridges "MTZ-2022"

The front drive axle is portal, beam type (with a solid beam), with drive wheels. Equipped with a self-locking limited slip differential, with planetary helical wheel gearboxes.

The friction clutch has an electric drive that supports three modes - automatic activation (when the rear wheels slip), manual activation for constant operation and complete shutdown.

The rear axle is driven, with constant engagement. The bevel differential has four pinions and automatic locking. To improve traction and grip qualities, the rear wheel differential is locked with automatic shutdown when the front wheels are turned at an angle of more than 13° and forced locking (non-fixed position).

Namely, the differential is locked by a cam clutch with electro-hydraulic control; There are three operating modes: off, automatic shutdown (when turned) and on, forced on. Travel speeds are set by the manufacturer as 40 km/h for transport and 13 km/h for work.

Hydraulic suspension system

The hydraulic mounted system of the tractor is equipped with units, which allows us to hope for its reliable, efficient and durable operation. This electro-hydraulic automatic separate-unit system for regulating the position of the working bodies of agricultural machines provides power, position and mixed regulation. The force sensors are installed on the axis of the longitudinal rods, the position sensor is installed on the rotary shaft bracket.

The distributor spools are controlled by cable, from levers mounted on the control panel. The rear linkage is a four-link articulated linkage. Agricultural units and equipment for various purposes are attached to it.

To transport trailers at the rear, a towing hook or lift-type hitch is provided. The lifting capacity of the mounted system on the suspension axis (front/rear) is 6,500 kgf.

The volume of fluid in the hydraulic system is 35 liters. The liquid is pumped through a pump with a capacity of 55 liters per minute min, while maintaining a pressure of 20 MPa. For special-purpose attachments, a rear power take-off shaft is provided, which is capable of supporting three operating modes.

Dimensional and weight characteristics of MTZ-2022

  • Length – 5,230 m; Width – 2.4 m; Cabin height – 3.12 m.
  • Wheelbase - 2.92 m.
  • The track on the front wheels is from 1.64 to 2.19 m.
  • The track on the rear wheels is from 1.8 to 2.5 m.
  • The smallest turning radius is 5.8 m.
  • Ground clearance – 540 mm.
  • The agrotechnical clearance of the tractor under the sleeves of the front and rear axle shafts is at least 620 mm.
  • Structural weight – 6.68 tons.
  • Weight when shipped from the factory is 6.9 tons.
  • Operating weight – 7.22 tons
  • Maximum permissible weight (total) – 10 tons.
  • Front wheel tire sizes – “420/70R24LS”; rear wheels - “580/70R42”. The electrical equipment of the MTZ-2022 tractor is a 2000 W generator set with a rectified voltage of 14 V, a 24 V starting system with a 4.0 kW starter.

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The basic package of the Belarus MTZ-2022 tractor includes an air conditioner and a special kit for doubling the rear wheels “580/70R42”. Additional options include a front power take-off shaft; front linkage; additional seat in the cabin; front ballast, weighing from 500 to 1010 kilograms.

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