Bulldozer 171 technical characteristics

Bulldozer DZ-171: technical characteristics

The DZ-171, being a classic example of a bulldozer, has found wide application in many areas. The equipment can operate at ambient temperatures ranging from +45 to -40 degrees. The features of the machine include caterpillar travel, the ability to be aggregated with a wide range of equipment, a powerful motor and high performance. DZ-171 is unpretentious in the choice of fuel and has a huge resource until the first major engine overhaul.

Engine and transmission

In the basic version, the DZ-171 was equipped with the D-160.01 engine. Now the same engine model is used on a more modern bulldozer DZ-171.1. Four-cylinder diesel engine. Power is 125 hp. Cooling is carried out by a liquid system with automatic temperature control. Fuel consumption is 14.5 liters per hour.

A distinctive feature of the D-160.01, directly related to its durability, was the cast iron cylinder block. To eliminate vibration from 1250 rpm, a balancing mechanism was used. The engine could run on kerosene, diesel fuel and gas condensate.

In addition to the engine, a high-strength mechanical gearbox was installed. The famous T-170 tractor was used as a base for the bulldozer.

Performance characteristics

Having the 10th traction class, the DZ-171 could boast a minimum traction force of 142 kN. Various rippers and a scraper could be used as working equipment for the machine. Moreover, many devices could be used simultaneously.

The three-tooth ripper provides a working width of 1300 mm. The depth of the ripper was half a meter. The height of the bulldozer blade was 1140-1300 mm, the width of the blade was 4100-3200 mm, the lift of the blade was 0.93 m. The chassis of the machine was tracks. DZ-171 has high maneuverability even on weak-bearing soils.


The DZ-171 received a frame cabin that was quite modern for its generation. It was distinguished by a wide glass area and, as a result, good visibility. The driver's seat was adjustable. The pleasant design and the presence of vibration isolation set the DZ-171 apart from a number of similar machines.

The cabin frame is rigid, which protects the driver from damage when the DZ-171 turns over or heavy objects fall on the cabin. The bulldozer was available in versions for tropical and temperate climates. In the first case, an air conditioner was installed in the cabin, in the second - a heater. The listed elements for ensuring comfort and the ergonomics of the dashboard made the DZ-171 one of the most convenient representatives of Soviet special equipment.

Scope of operation

The DZ-171 bulldozer has found its wide application in many sectors of the national economy. In construction, it is actively used for digging fairly deep foundation pits and trenches. The machine is also used to plan soil, develop it and move it. In addition, the tractor allows you to create terraces on sites with significant height fluctuations.

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Utility workers love to use the unit for snow removal, as well as digging ditches and forming embankments. A reliable design and high power, in addition to all of the above, makes it possible to operate the bulldozer in ore and coal mining, in the construction of bridges and various hydraulic structures.

Medium Category Crawler Dozers

V. Kovrigin, Yuri Petrov

(Continued. Beginning in OS No. 5, 2004)

Unlike light category bulldozers, medium category bulldozers, as a rule, are produced on the basis of crawler tractors for industrial use. Basic tractors, depending on their purpose, are equipped with various bulldozer blades for performing excavation and leveling work, for moving coal in warehouses, carrying out reclamation work, as well as for working on soils with reduced bearing capacity and at sites where industrial and construction waste is buried.

Caterpillar D6M LGP (140 hp, 19 t) for work in the tropics and viscous soils. It is equipped with a VPAT blade and GPS receivers

The middle category includes bulldozer-ripper units with an operating weight from 10 to 30 tons and power in the range of 100...300 hp, and this group of tractors remains the most in demand. Medium bulldozers are designed to perform a wide range of excavation work on soils of categories I…IV, including seasonally frozen soils, fractured and rocky rocks, in industrial, hydraulic engineering, road construction, land reclamation and the mining industry.


In the domestic tractor industry, the main manufacturers of medium-category industrial bulldozers are ChTZ-Uraltrak OJSC and Promtractor OJSC. Their machines, with various configurations, are designed for operation in cold, temperate and tropical climates.

ChTZ-Uraltrak OJSC produces two basic models of classes 10 and 15 in the middle category of bulldozers. Recently, Chelyabinsk machine builders have modernized and changed the coding of the machines. Now ChTZ bulldozers remain the most popular on the CIS market due not only to their multifunctionality and versatility, but also to the number of modifications (swamp tractors, for the forestry industry, loaders, pipe layers). On the basis of tractors, bulldozers are produced by the Ochersky (DZ-182.1), Oktyabrsky (DZ-182, DZ-182.2) and Ural plants (URB-170). Until recently, the DZ-171.1 attachments were produced by ChZK (now CJSC Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines). ChTZ tractors use D-160 and D-180 diesel engines, coupled with a mechanical or hydromechanical gearbox. In second place in popularity in Russia is the Cheboksary OJSC Promtractor (formerly ChZPT), which produces bulldozers of traction classes 11, 15 and 20 and seeks to bring to the market a series of new generation machines under the Chetra brand. CJSC "ChSDM", in addition to bulldozer equipment for ChTZ, produced a bulldozer-loosening unit DZ-240 of traction class 10. Recently, a completely new unit TS-10 appeared, which, like its predecessor, is equipped with a 180-horsepower diesel engine YaMZ-236M2-4 (mounted upon request diesel Cummins).

Product modifier of JSC ChTZ-Uraltrak

1 – Machine type: “T” – tractor without equipment; “B” – tractor with bulldozer and ripper equipment.

2 – Tractor traction class: “10” or “15”.

3 – Service prefix: “M” – modernized; “B” – for working on soils with reduced bearing capacity.

4 – Engine power: “0” – 180 hp; “1” – 170 hp; “2” – 140 hp

5 – Transmission type: “0” – hydromechanical, “1” – manual gearbox; “2” – hydromechanical with a turning mechanism operating in an oil bath; “3” – mechanical with a turning mechanism operating in an oil bath.

6 – Type of running system: “0” – with six rollers, “1” – with five rollers; “2” – with seven rollers; “3” – lightweight with five rollers; “4” – lightweight with six rollers.

7 – Machine version: “0” – starting the engine with an electric starter, “1” – starting with the P-23U starting engine; “2” – northern version; “3” – engine preheater.

8 – Tractor coupling: “0” – without a towbar, “1” – with a rigid towbar; “2” – with a pendulum tow hitch; “5” – basic tractor for pipe layer; “6” – dual-use for agricultural production with rear agricultural. hanging system; “7” – dual-use for agriculture. production with a lifting-trailer device; “8” – dual-use for agriculture. production with a pendulum tow hitch; “9” – base for the loader; “10” – base for a trench chain excavator with bulldozer equipment; “11” – with a pendulum tow hitch without bulldozer equipment and a 6-speed gearbox; “12” – with a rigid towbar and a shaft for driving the power take-off shaft; “13” – base for a trench chain excavator without bulldozer equipment; “14” – base for the KP-25 crane; “15” – with traction winch LT-16.

The lifting cabin of the TS-10 unit (180 hp, 12 t) ensures convenient transmission maintenance

9 – Type of bulldozer equipment: “E” – hemispherical blade with a hydraulic skew mechanism; “B” – oblique fixed blade with a hydraulic skew mechanism; “B1” – straight, non-rotating blade without a hydraulic skew mechanism; “B4” – a straight, non-rotating blade without a hydraulic skew mechanism for tractors with reduced specific pressure on the supporting surface; “D” – rotary blade; “K” – spherical dump for coal.

10 – Type of ripper equipment: “P” – three-tooth parallelogram ripper; “N” – single-tooth parallelogram ripper; “H2” is a single-tooth radial type ripper.

All of the listed models are made according to the traditional scheme: the engine is in the front, the cab is in the back, and the models of Promtractor OJSC and ChSDM CJSC are equipped with a hydrostatic transmission. The chassis is of a semi-rigid type with a remote bogie swing axis.

The least sold are the “highly professional” forestry and skidding tractors Alttrak TT-4M, “Onezhets” of the TDT, LHT and TLT series, equipped with a bulldozer blade, with the help of which it is possible to develop, move and level soils of I...II categories, arrange drags, loading areas, access roads, parking lots, clearing roads, laying winter roads.

Considering that the Onezhets and Alttrak tractors were created as forestry tractors (and primarily for timber skidding), the layout remained the same (the cab was located in the front, and a loading shield, a body, a hydraulic manipulator and other equipment were mounted in the rear).

Industrial bulldozer-ripper unit Komatsu D65E-12 (190 hp, 15.8 t), offered in Russia

Abroad, medium-category bulldozers are produced by more than 20 manufacturers. The permanent leaders in this market are Caterpillar and Komatsu, widely known in Russia, which have their factories in Japan, India, the USA, South America and Europe. In addition to these manufacturers, bulldozers from Case, Liebherr and Dressta (including those represented by Huta Stalowa Wola) are represented on the CIS market. Under license from Liebherr, bulldozers are produced by Bell and John Deere. It is noteworthy that the equipment of all the named manufacturers is intended for almost all occasions: for work in swamps (type LGP or PX) and coal warehouses, for road construction work, disposal of industrial waste and solid waste (WHA). Most manufacturers produce vehicles with increased track width or increased wheelbase. Characteristic features of some Caterpillar and Hindustan models include the use of a triangular track with a high-mounted drive wheel located between the front and rear idler wheels. This technical solution prevents increased wear of the drive wheel rims and eliminates direct contact with abrasive materials and a damp environment. Until recently, T-330 rear-engine bulldozer-ripper units have been produced by the ChZPT plant since 1975. Nowadays, cars of this configuration are produced by the Kharkov plant named after. V.A. Malysheva (engineering vehicle BG-1).

Caterpillar D7R bulldozer cabin (230 hp, 24.8 t)

Designations of dumps in the table: S – straight (heavy materials); U - universal with large widening gussets (with a skew, which improves the ability to dig trenches and stripping operations, can also be used for land reclamation); SU – semi-universal with short side gussets (if there is a buffer plate, it is effective for pushing scrapers during loading); A – rotary, identical in shape to S-blades (for rock and heavy work); P – with variable skew angle under load, VP (VPAT-blade) – with adjustable lifting and lowering heights, rotation and skew angles; RC – reclamation universal; WC – for coal chips; CL – coal; HU – powerful universal; LF – garbage disposal for waste disposal, with an increased “bowl” volume; TW – blade for work in two directions – pushing/drawing (cleaning ship holds); CU – buffer with shock absorption for pushing scrapers (for profiling the pushing of scrapers during loading); CPB – pushing block with shock absorption for pushing scrapers (for profiling pushing of scrapers during loading); CB – coal bulldozer; VR – with variable radius. In addition, blades are used: CD - loaded blade with a “bucket” shape (sticky materials); VR – with variable radius (reclamation and leveling work); V – tree feller, stump remover; K/G – brush cutter for clearing areas; “rake” - for clearing the territory.


Since mid-range crawler dozers occupy the bulk of the market share of all crawler tractors, the choice of installed equipment is also extremely wide. In total, about 100 companies around the world produce bulldozer and ripper equipment for crawler tractors. For example, Caterpillar, in addition to its own, uses bulldozer blades from Balderson, Bateman Mfg, Rimco, Rome, Weldco-Beales. A similar situation is observed with other manufacturers. Equipment producers also include independent manufacturers that produce equipment for discontinued models.

Dozer blades have their limitations on the type of application and, as a rule, are related to the capabilities of the tractor. For clarity, we provide tables of applicability to some tractors.


Bulldozers are used for layer-by-layer cutting and longitudinal movement of soil over distances of up to 100 m for cutting off hummocks, filling ditches, ditches, small ravines and leveling areas when preparing areas for plowing. The bulldozer is a replaceable attachment that consists of a universal push frame, blade, pushers and control mechanism.

Technical characteristics of bulldozers

Options D-535 D-494 D-271 D-275 D-259 D-492
Blade length along the knife, mm 2560 3030 3030 3350 4150 3940
Blade height, mm 800 1000 1100 1550 1100 1000
Maximum blade lift, mm 700 880 900 1400 1100 1100
Maximum shaft depth, mm 600 380 1000 1000 1000 1000
Knife cutting angle, degrees 55 55-65 57-62 60 55-57 50-60
Depth of cut, mm 200 200-380 200-400 ¾ 200-400 200-400
Blade type according to the method of attachment to the frame Fixed Turning
Shaft control type Hydraulic Rope-block
Aggregated with a tractor DT-75/74 T-100M T-100M T-100M T-100MGP T-140
Travel speeds, km/h:
workers 3,92-4,85 2,36-3,78 2,36-3,78 2,38-4,21 2,36-3,78 2,36-3,78
transport 8,62-10,4 6,45-10,15 6,45-10,15 5,8-10,9 6,45-10,15 6,45-10,15
Dimensions with tractor, mm:
Length 4510 5125 5150 6705 5430 5500
Width 2560 3030 3030 3350 4150 3940
Height 2300 3050 3050 2800 3050 3050
Options D-535 D-494 D-271 D-275 D-259 D-492
Weight of attachments, kg 850 1500 1580 2600 2270 2200
Total weight of bulldozer, kg 6560 13530 13300 18270 14020 14000

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