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Total information
Body typeOnboard chassis
Wheel formula4 × 2
manual 5- or 6-speed (with divider)
Weight and dimensions characteristics
Weight7.1 t
Dynamic characteristics
Maximum speed85 km/h
Other information
Load capacity7.5 t
Fuel consumption34 l
Volume of the tank210 l
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KamAZ-43253 Police water-jet vehicle of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on KamAZ-43253.
Astana. May 2020 Police water jet vehicle. Astana. May 2017 KamAZ-43253

- a two-axle flatbed truck-tractor produced by the Kama Automobile Plant (KAMAZ).

An updated version of the original KamAZ-4325. It has a standard size similar to KamAZ-5320, smaller than the base KamAZ-5325. Designed, among other things, to work as a road train with a GKB-8350 trailer of the same size.

Specifications[ | ]

  • Wheel formula - 4 × 2
  • Weight parameters and loads, vehicle Curb weight of vehicle, kg — 6050 Load on front axle, kg — 3800
  • Rear axle load, kg - 2250
  • Car load capacity, kg - 9800
  • Gross weight, kg - 15500
      Front axle load, kg - 6000
  • Rear axle load, kg - 9500
  • Engine
      Model - CUMMINS 6 ISBe 210 (Euro-3)
  • Type - diesel with turbocharging, with intercooling of charge air
  • Power kW (hp) - 149.3 (203) at 2500 rpm
  • Torque, Nm (kg s) - 773 (79) at 1700 rpm
  • Location and number of cylinders - in-line, 6
  • Working volume, l - 6.7
  • Electrical equipment
      Voltage, V - 24
  • Rechargeable batteries, V/Ah - 2×12/190
  • Generator, V/W - 28/2000
  • Fuel tank capacity, l - 350
  • Clutch
      Type - diaphragm, single disk
  • Drive - hydraulic with pneumatic booster
  • Transmission
      Type - mechanical, 5- or 6-speed (with divider)
  • Gear ratios
  • Transfers


    KamAZ-142, KamAZ-1447,824,032,51,531,07,38
    ZF 6S10006,753,62,121,391,00,786,06
    • Cabin Type - Over-engine, high or low roof
    • Execution - without bed
  • Wheels and tires
      Wheel type - disc, rim 7.5-20 (190-508)
  • Tire type - pneumatic, tube
  • Tire size - 10.00 R20 or 11.00 R20 (300 R508)
  • Platform
      Side platform, with metal folding sides
  • Internal dimensions, mm - 5189×2330
  • Side height, mm - 445
  • Loading height, mm — 1425
  • General characteristics
      Maximum speed, km/h - 90
  • The angle has been overcome. rise, no less, % – 25
  • External overall turning radius, m - 10
  • It can be equipped with additional equipment (depending on the configuration) - a power take-off and a cross-axle differential lock.
  • KAMAZ-43253

    At Furgon-Auto you can buy a new isothermal van made of sandwich panels (polyurethane foam insulation) on a KAMAZ-43253 . This can be a standard sandwich van from stock, or one made to your individual order.

    Installation of the van and additional equipment on the vehicle chassis is carried out on the territory of the Furgon-Avto production base in Naberezhnye Chelny.

    Van configurations.

    KAMAZ-43253 sandwich vans are made from monolithic sandwich panels using polyurethane foam . Depending on the thickness of the sandwich panels, the sandwich van can be made in any of four configurations:

    • Economy
    • Standard
    • Maximum
    • Maximum plus

    The thickness of the platform (floor) of a sandwich van on the KAMAZ-43253 is:

    • 96 mm. (for “Economy” and “Standard” versions)
    • 136 mm. (for “Maximum” and “Maximum +” versions)

    >>> More details about the configurations of isothermal sandwich vans

    Dimensions | Useful volume.

    Standard overall dimensions of an insulated van made of sandwich panels on a KAMAZ-43253 :

    • 5.45 x 2.54 x 2.5 m - useful volume 26.3...28.1 m³

    The length of the van depends on the modification of the vehicle chassis. We can make custom size sandwich van to order.

    Basic equipment.

    The basic equipment of an isothermal sandwich van on the KAMAZ-43253 chassis includes the following elements:

    • The interior and exterior of the van are white clad metal
    • Floor covering - mesh metallized plywood 27 mm
    • Gates - rear, swing, double-leaf, with opening 270º, on 4 hinges each gate
    • Door seal - imported TPE multi-leaf profile with anti-friction linings
    • Door latches in open position
    • Rod locks - steel, galvanized, one for each gate leaf
    • External frame rounded, galvanized
    • Marking - reflective tape around the perimeter of the van


    To transport temperature-sensitive products, you can buy or order a refrigerated van on the KAMAZ-43253 (sandwich van with a Zanotti or Global Freeze refrigeration and heating unit). Refrigeration and heating equipment (RHE) is selected individually. >>> More details about refrigerators

    Tail lift.

    To raise the transported cargo to the level of the van platform and lower it to the ground level, we can install a DHollandia tail lift (hydraulic lift) on the van. KAMAZ-43253 sandwich van, it is recommended to install the Dhollandia DH-RC.20 tail lift. >>> More details about tail lifts

    Additional options.

    Upon individual order, the isothermal sandwich van on the KAMAZ-43253 can be equipped with additional options:

    • Van heater
    • Strengthening walls
    • Strengthening the platform
    • Additional side doors
    • Hatches for various purposes
    • Aluminum flange
    • Floor covering aluminum “Quintet”, plastic “Anthracite” or poured polyurethane with abrasive filler
    • Welding the seams of the floor and flanging according to the “Trough” type
    • Rings for securing the load to the floor
    • Rigging rail

    At Furgon-Auto, they will help you individually select and buy an insulated van made of sandwich panels or a refrigerated van on a KAMAZ-43253 .

    Production and sale of KAMAZ-43253 vans. Favorable prices, factory warranty, leasing, short production and delivery times! We work all over Russia!

    The KAMAZ-43253 van with a length of L= 5.1 m is designed for transporting various types of cargo with a total weight of up to 7500 kg. KAMAZ 43253 is a truck that is equipped with the best gearbox and is used in many industries and agriculture. The two-axle KAMAZ provides lightness and stability with low fuel consumption and a relatively low price. KAMAZ-43253 is a sales leader due to the availability of spare parts and the well-studied design of the truck, as well as due to its unpretentiousness and performance. Maneuverability, efficiency, reliability and long service life make the KAMAZ-43253 a promising truck for wide application.

    We manufacture various types of vans based on KAMAZ-43253 chassis

    • Manufactured goods , intended for the transportation of industrial goods that do not require a hygienic certificate and maintenance of a certain temperature. This type of van is thus the simplest of the existing ones and only provides protection from adverse climatic and road conditions. The supporting structure of a manufactured goods van consists of rectangular pipes using welded joints. The outer skin of the van is made of clad metal, which protects the vehicle from corrosion and maintains its presentable appearance.
    • Tents , designed for the transportation of large and lightweight cargo. The van in this case is a durable frame structure, covered with an awning made of polymer material, which also protects the cargo from the adverse effects of the external environment. Most often, the awning is installed on an onboard platform, and the total height of such a structure can reach 2.2 m in height. Curtain vans can be additionally equipped with swing gates, top and side loading, as well as a curtain.
    • Isothermal , designed for transporting goods that require protection from environmental temperature influences, but without strict temperature limits. These products include food, flowers, etc. The supporting structure of this van is made of rectangular pipes using welded joints. The thickness of the internal thermal insulation layer of the double foam skin varies from 30 to 100 mm.
    • Sandwich panels designed for transporting goods that require maintaining a certain temperature inside the van (primarily perishable or frozen food). This type of van is manufactured using frameless technology by assembling monolithic sandwich panels interconnected by internal and external framing elements. The thickness of the walls of the van depends on the necessary transportation conditions (refrigeration or deep freezing) and ranges from 50 to 100 mm.

    Load capacity and body volume depend on the type of van. If desired, the van can be equipped with a tail lift with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg, refrigeration and heating equipment, as well as an over-roof or cab-type sleeping bag. The curtain van, in turn, can be equipped with rear swing gates, top and/or side unloading, as well as a curtain. Each car is equipped individually, taking into account the wishes and needs of the customer.

    For refrigeration equipment, we use proven equipment from the Sanden, Carrier and Thermo King brands.

    The advantages KAMAZ- based vans include maneuverability, compactness, full adaptability to the difficult road and climatic conditions of our country, high quality, resistance to overloads, as well as ease of maintenance and operation. In addition, KAMAZ-43253 vans is as close as possible to the price of domestic analogues.

    All vans from our Favorit Service Special Vehicles Plant undergo pre-sale preparation. In addition, we provide customers with a factory warranty and the opportunity to buy a van on lease. With us you will find exactly the van that will meet your business tasks, equip it exactly as you need, and also get the opportunity KAMAZ-43253 van at a competitive price from the manufacturer!

    Choose our car for your business!

    Overall dimensions, mm
    Loading height, mm1380
    Weight parameters, kg
    Full mass14590
    front axle load5310
    front axle load9280
    Curb weight6940
    front axle load3940
    rear axle load3000
    Load capacity7500
    Wheelbase, mm4200
    Floorbakelite shipping plywoodbakelite shipping plywoodbakelite shipping plywood
    Sandwich panel—-—-whole
    External skinclad metalclad metalclad metal
    Internal lining—-galvanized sheetgalvanized sheet
    Lightinginternal and externalinternal and externalinternal and external
    Underrun barsrear and siderear and siderear and side
    Insulation—-expanded polystyrene 50 mmexpanded polystyrene 50 mm


    For information on prices, configurations, warranty periods, as well as production and delivery times, please contact our managers by phone. 8 (multi-channel).

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    Cummins 6 ISBe

    The Cummins 6 ISBe engine is another configuration option for the KamAZ 43253. This unit complies with the Euro-4 standard and expands the scope of application of the truck. The noise level is reduced and the power is increased to 300 hp, which is a very high figure for a car of this class.

    The Cummins 6 ISBe has retained its signature advantages: efficiency and reliability in Russian operating conditions, as well as a service life of up to 1 million km.

    At first, Cummins engines caused difficulties in repair due to modern electronic components and lack of components. But today this problem has been solved, so for KamAZ 43253 most owners choose engines from this manufacturer.

    The KamRemCenter company offers KamAZ and Cummins engines for truck 43253 and other models at competitive prices. From us you can buy new and used motors after major repairs - all motors come with a 6-month warranty. We deliver goods to any city in Russia.

    Read more about model 5320 >>>

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