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Terex 970 is a classic type of backhoe loader, which is equipped with a wheel arrangement with all simultaneously rotating, driving and equal-sized wheels (4*4*4). This machine is widely used in the construction and road repair industries. Also, a special vehicle of this model, which is used to carry out loading operations and excavation of soil masses, is in demand for performing the operational functions of gas enterprises, energy companies, and emergency services. The Terex loader is firmly ranked high in operational reliability.

Functional features of Terex backhoe loaders

The Terex 970 backhoe loader is equipped with comfortable controls. The transport is capable of functioning under conditions of increased load impact and, among models of this type of equipment, is one of the most popular excavators. The main advantage of such a machine can be considered a positive ratio of all technical parameters, maintained in accordance with established European standards, and mechanical connections of the propulsion device (working equipment), with high lifting capabilities of the transport. Excellent traction, a rigid support body and a good level of maneuverability ensure the prompt execution of almost all types of loading (unloading) operations.

Equipped with a telescopic handle, the Terex 970 Elite can dig deep into the soil layer when digging trench lines or foundations to a depth of 5775 millimeters. The loading equipment is equipped with a Perkins 1044C-44T engine with a volume of 4.4 liters. This engine operates with a capacity of up to 101 liters of fuel pumping per second, which is 74.5 kW. The motor is equipped with a liquid cooling system.

Backhoe loader Terex 970

The design of the operator's cabin is optimized to improve comfortable working conditions and has a wide viewing range thanks to large-scale glazing along its entire perimeter. There is a high-speed gearbox in the cabin, which has an automatic operating principle. The loader can be operated for a long time, without the need for additional refueling, since the transport is equipped with a fuel tank with a large capacity of liquid resource. Thanks to the large fuel capacity, the probability of equipment downtime is reduced to a minimum level, that is, the productivity of the operating machine increases.

The Terex 970, whose spare parts are made of high-strength materials, is equipped with working equipment with optimal overall dimensions and volume parameters. The bucket device for excavator loading equipment has a useful volumetric size of 1.2 cubic meters. Moreover, its width is 2.4 meters. The high-altitude level of the unloading actions of the bucket device, along the lower hinge joint, reaches up to 3.3 meters. Lifting height no more than 4.4 meters.

Backhoe loader Terex 970 technical specifications and description

Terex 970 elite – specifications and prices, photos and review

The Terex 970 backhoe loader is a versatile piece of equipment that perfectly combines a front loader and a rear excavator.

But in addition to this equipment, this machine can be equipped with a host of other various units, including auger drills, hydraulic breakers, rippers, hydraulic shears, forks and many others.

Serial production of this model is carried out by the well-known American corporation Terex.

Description and features

Most of the structural elements are made by stamping and have a minimum number of welds, due to which fairly high strength and reliability have been achieved, which are the most important indicators when operating in harsh conditions.

The Terex 970 model is a classic version of a backhoe loader with a wheel arrangement that has both drive and swivel wheels. In terms of performance characteristics, this machine is one of the best in its class.

Distinctive features of the equipment are relatively small overall dimensions and excellent maneuverability, which is especially appreciated when working in urban environments or in conditions with a small working space.


This backhoe loader is used almost everywhere. The high versatility of the equipment is due to a fairly extensive range of additional attachments, which are controlled using special levers located in the cab.

The excavator boom has a separate hydraulic line, which allows the installation of hydraulically driven units, such as a jackhammer and drill. Often the model is equipped with a ripper or a hydraulic gripper.

With the first type, the technique is used in agriculture, while with the second in the forestry industries.

The machine is able to maintain its full functionality even under very high loads, which is what increased the popularity of the model.

The backhoe loader has an optimal balance of technical characteristics and mechanical connections of working equipment with quite impressive lifting capabilities.

Thanks to the high ground clearance, as well as the rear axle differential lock, the machine has increased maneuverability, which allows it to be used in swampy areas and soils with reduced load-bearing capacity.

The machine also has several other distinctive advantages, namely:

  • Service intervals have been increased to 500 working hours, which reduces not only material investments in maintenance, but also equipment downtime.
  • The model has a fairly high speed of independent movement, thanks to which the machine is able to reach the work site in a fairly short time.
  • The brake system has a long service life and is distinguished by its reliability. The brakes themselves are disc type, located in an oil bath.
  • The model uses a modern closed center hydraulic system.
  • In addition to high performance, the installed power plant is also famous for its environmental friendliness. The engine fully complies with American EPA Tier 3 standards and European EU Stage 3A requirements.
  • The backhoe loader is equipped with a four-speed gearbox, which allows shifting without a clutch pedal.
  • The existing rear axle differential lock is activated using a special pedal.
  • The machine is equipped with a brake drive on two or four wheels.
  • There are special functions of “crab motion” and “track to trail”, which allow you to simultaneously turn the wheels of the front and rear axles. This ensures incredible maneuverability, which is especially important when operating in tight spaces.
  • The oil radiators of the hydraulic system have a very favorable location, which allows them to be cleaned without any difficulty.
  • All elements and components of the Terex 970 backhoe loader can operate fully even under rather harsh temperature conditions. The operating temperature range of this model starts from minus 40 degrees Celsius and up to plus 40 degrees Celsius. It is worth noting that any natural precipitation will not affect the performance of the equipment, which is undoubtedly a big plus.

    Among previous models, this machine is distinguished by its all-terrain layout, which ensures the movement of equipment through mud, off-road conditions and puddles.

    Not every analogue with unequal wheels is able to cope with such tasks. Despite its considerable weight, the Terex 970 is a very playful machine.


    The ideal combination of a wheeled chassis and a rigid frame allows the equipment to cope with quite complex tasks.

    Also, compared to similar machines, the backhoe loader has significantly improved technical and operational characteristics. The machine is an ideal option for performing various types of earthmoving work. It should be noted that in terms of this indicator, this model is able to compete even with heavy tracked excavators.

    The model is equipped with a modern cabin with excellent ergonomics. The interior layout of the Terex 970 is the result of long-term transformations in the comfortable work segment. The steering column has a special mechanism that allows you to select the desired angle of inclination, so the operator can adjust his workplace to his personal preferences.

    Also contributing to the comfort of the cabin is a comfortable adjustable seat mounted on a pneumatic cushion, thanks to which it was possible to eliminate vibrations that occur during operation. A powerful heating system and efficient air conditioning are responsible for the necessary microclimate in the cabin.

    Together, they allow you to achieve maximum operating comfort at any time of the year. The cabin is glazed along the entire perimeter, and the structure itself has very large windows, which ensures excellent visibility of the work area. There is a gearshift lever inside, and the gearbox itself operates in automatic mode.

    It should be noted that gear shifting can be done on the go without loss of torque.

    The backhoe loader uses a double U-shaped frame made of steel. The frame has local seams and has a huge margin of safety. The frame structure was additionally coated with a polyurethane anti-corrosion agent. This coating was applied in two layers, which provided increased resistance to environmental influences.

    Other structural elements of this backhoe loader were made using high-strength materials.

    The manufacturer has developed additional units specifically for the machine that are ideally combined, both in terms of overall dimensions and volume, which ensures high efficiency of the equipment when performing absolutely any operation. The model has become the most popular on the Russian market due to its versatility and reliability.


    On average, the model consumes about 59.8 grams of diesel fuel per horsepower, which is a pretty good indicator.

    For long-term operation without stopping for refueling, the equipment was equipped with a spacious fuel tank designed to hold 130 liters of fuel.

    This minimizes the likelihood of forklift downtime, which has a positive impact on overall productivity.

    A four-cylinder diesel engine of the 1044С-44Т brand, developed by the manufacturer Perkins, was chosen as the power plant. The engine is characterized by high performance and at the same time very low fuel consumption.

    The unit was supplemented with a turbocharging system and an intercooler that cools the charged air. This made it possible to achieve excellent power indicators, at least for this class.

    The unit is also equipped with a direct fuel injection system into the cylinders and liquid cooling.


    The Terex 970 backhoe loader has gained particular popularity in construction, industry, public utilities, road repair services, as well as in agriculture.

    One such machine is capable of coping with all types of earthmoving work, from digging various pits to loading and unloading soil.

    In addition, paired with additional attachments, the machine can perform dismantling work, opening asphalt and concrete surfaces of any sites or road sections, compacting loose soils, drilling and many others.


    Simultaneously with the base model, the manufacturer released a modified version called the Terex 970 Elite. Its distinctive feature is the presence of equal-sized wheels, which provides increased maneuverability on viscous soils. This modification also differs from the basic backhoe loader in its lateral location.



    Bucket characteristics:

  • The type of bucket being installed is a frontal two-jaw bucket.
  • The capacity of the installed front bucket is 1.2 cubic meters.
  • The maximum digging depth of the front bucket is 116 millimeters.
  • The maximum unloading height of the front bucket is 2748 millimeters.
  • The width of the lower cutting edge of the front bucket is 2387 millimeters.
  • The type of bucket being installed is a backhoe.
  • The smallest capacity of the installed rear bucket is 0.083 cubic meters.
  • The largest capacity of the installed rear bucket is 0.312 cubic meters.
  • The maximum digging depth (with standard handle length) is 4430 millimeters.
  • Maximum digging depth (with extended handle) – 5775 mm.
  • The smallest width of the lower cutting edge of the backhoe is 305 millimeters.
  • The maximum width of the lower cutting edge of the backhoe is 900 millimeters.

Engine characteristics:

  • The type of engine installed is in-line, diesel.
  • The brand of the installed engine is 1104C-44T.
  • Engine manufacturer - Perkins.
  • Number of cylinders – 4.
  • The total working volume is 4390 cubic meters.
  • Rated output power is 74.5 kilowatts/100 horsepower (at 2200 rpm).
  • The nominal crankshaft rotation speed is 2200 rpm.
  • Maximum torque – 415 newtons per meter (at 1400 rpm).
  • Type of cooling system – liquid.
  • Type of injection system – direct fuel injection.
  • Starting system type: electric starter.
  • Type of turbocharging – gas turbine with subsequent cooling of the charged air.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per working hour is 9.5 liters.
  • The highest fuel consumption per working hour is 15 liters.
  • The maximum speed of independent movement is 41.5 kilometers per hour.


  • The structural length of the backhoe loader is 7325 millimeters.
  • The total width along the front bucket is 2387 millimeters.
  • The total height of the cabin roof is 3802 millimeters.
  • Wheelbase (longitudinal) – 2090 millimeters.
  • The lowest ground clearance is 460 millimeters.
  • The height of the load center of gravity is 500 millimeters.


It should be noted that this model is very expensive, since the cost of a car without mileage in the minimum configuration starts from 4 million rubles and up to 6 million Russian rubles. Used equipment is not much different, as it has a cost ranging from 3 million rubles to 3.5 million Russian rubles.

Equipment and operation of Terex 970 loaders

The equipment's backhoe, whose width is 600 millimeters, has a volumetric capacity of up to 0.23 cubic meters. This equipment can be used when a technical turn of 194 degrees is required. The loader's backhoe carriage can move a maximum distance of up to 1286 millimeters. The height of the specialized transport of this model, with the reverse bucket folded, is 3802 millimeters. If measured by the vehicle cabin, the height reaches no more than 2810 millimeters. The width of the excavator equipment, together with the bucket attachment, measures 2387 millimeters. The length of the machine, with the working equipment unfolded, reaches up to 7325 millimeters. The total weight of the vehicle is 8.25 tons.

The Terex Model 970 loader can be used in all weather conditions. This type of transport can operate with equal efficiency at different temperature conditions and natural precipitation is not an obstacle to uninterrupted operation. Additional hydraulic systems equipped on the telescopic boom allow the use of a variety of additional equipment, which significantly expands the useful functionality of the machine.

New Terex 970

The high maneuverability of the backhoe loader allows the use of such equipment in difficult terrain conditions. All of the above technical characteristics of this type of transport determine its rather high cost. The high technological parameters of the Terex 970, the price of which will be more than three million rubles, make the machine quite expensive technical equipment.

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