Tractor MTZ 3022 for heavy agricultural work

Scope of application of the MTZ-3022 tractor

The Belarus MTZ-3022 tractor is indispensable in agriculture. It is used to perform a whole range of agrotechnical operations, including sowing operations, harvesting, fodder preparation, as well as surface tillage:

Plowing with tractor MTZ-3022

  • plowing;
  • loosening;
  • disking;
  • cultivation;
  • harrowing.

The equipment is powerful, highly productive, and therefore capable of working on large agricultural areas. For a certain type of operation, the machine is equipped with special equipment and dual wheels for moving on soft soils.

The technical characteristics of the MTZ-3022 tractor are designed for operation in difficult conditions and with different types of soil.

Scope of application and design features of the MTZ-3022 tractor

The priority purpose of the Belarus MTZ-3022 tractors is to perform a wide range of agricultural work with a variety of trailed, mounted and semi-mounted machines and implements. “MTZ-3022” performs well when working with wide-cut soil cultivation and harvesting complexes; and also as a drive for stationary agricultural machines.

The element of this all-wheel drive tractor of the fifth traction class is large-scale field work that requires high productivity and speed; vast areas of land. Here are the agricultural works in which the MTZ-3022 tractor shows the best performance:

  • plowing at high speeds;
  • pre-sowing tillage;
  • deep loosening and cultivation;
  • sowing grain and other agricultural crops as part of combined and wide-cut units;
  • performing row-crop work in various row spacings;
  • harvesting work as part of high-performance feed procurement complexes;
  • harvesting grain crops;
  • transport and loading works.

The ability to install a creeper makes it possible to use this tractor also in road construction, and in reclamation and earthmoving work. This significantly increases the overall annual use of the tractor and the economic efficiency of its direct operation.

Working on the MTZ-3022 tractor is possible on soils with a wide variety of load-bearing abilities, thanks to a wide range of ballasting, using “various caliber” ballast loads, and (or) filling the wheels with liquid; with the possibility of installing double wheels and wheels of different radii.

The efficiency of the tractor in performing these agricultural works is ensured by the possibility of its aggregation with heavy-duty attachments, wide-cut harvesting complexes and high-performance stationary mechanisms. Including modern foreign-made technology. For example, with the Amazon sowing complex, which has a six-meter working width, and with the Disco-8500 mower produced by the Claas concern.

The tractor, adapted for long-term operation in reverse mode, is equipped with two control posts and is equipped with redundant transmission and brake modules, as well as a dual fuel supply system.

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Technical characteristics of MTZ-3022

The technical parameters and characteristics of this tractor are presented in the table:

n/nDimensionsParameters (mm)
2.Width, including the edges of the rear axle shafts2630
3.Cabin roof height3150
5.Front wheel track2400–2750
6.Rear wheel track1780–2120
WeightUnit of measurement (t)
9.Maximum permissible14

Engine device

Initially, the MTZ-3022 tractor was equipped with an American-made S40E 8.7 LTA diesel engine, 8.7 liters in volume. The power unit was distinguished by its performance characteristics, but due to its high cost they decided to abandon it.

A good alternative to it was the six-cylinder engine of the German brand “Deutz BF06M1013FC”, which is equipped with a charge air intercooler. The engine complies with the Stage II environmental standard certificate, therefore it has a reduced level of emissions of harmful substances.

The unit has the following technical characteristics:

DEUTZ BF06M1013FC engine diagram

  • working volume – 7.1 l;
  • power – 300 horsepower, or 223 kW;
  • maximum torque value – 1300 Nm;
  • crankshaft rotation speed – 2300 rpm;
  • volume of fuel tanks – 500 l;
  • oil tank capacity – 70 l;
  • specific fuel consumption – 249 g/kW per hour;
  • ground clearance - 450 mm.

The motor is created using the latest technologies. It is equipped with a battery-powered fuel delivery system with electronic injection. Electro-hydraulic nozzles play an important role in this process.

Diesel engine repair

Repair of the MTZ tractor engine is carried out on an on-site basis at the site of the breakdown. As a representative of a Belarusian manufacturer, our staff has comprehensive knowledge of the specifics and nature of breakdowns, the necessary spare parts and related equipment.

"Spetstekhnika Velikan" on-site repair of MTZ engine

The main types of MTZ engine repairs are:

  • Fuel supply and distribution system;
  • Camshaft repair;
  • Oil pump;
  • Cylinder-piston group;
  • Cooling system.

Conventionally, MTZ engine repairs can be divided into routine and overhaul, depending on the degree of complexity and complexity of the procedures. Major repairs are carried out only in a well-equipped service station. Traveling to the customer’s premises for diagnostics and maintenance saves the customer’s time and reduces equipment downtime.

Stages of MTZ engine repair

To identify the exact cause of problems and malfunctions in the operation of special equipment, comprehensive diagnostics are carried out. Based on its results, the scope of upcoming work and the types and quantity of parts are determined. Next, direct manipulations are carried out to replace worn out and unusable parts, and eliminate the causes of malfunctions in the motor.

The work is carried out by qualified mechanics using special equipment. The parts to be replaced are original products of the Belarusian manufacturer. The service station has its own warehouse with a stock of all necessary spare parts and consumables for all models of MTZ tractors, as well as for equipment from other manufacturers. This allows us to fulfill all our obligations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

successfully cooperates with individuals, housing and communal organizations and agricultural enterprises on favorable terms. Concluding a long-term agreement for regular maintenance of a fleet of special equipment will guarantee the efficiency of clients.

We accept vehicles of those brands and models that are presented in our catalog. It is important to note that specialists provide a one-time repair service for diesel engines, but cooperation on a long-term basis is also possible. It involves regular preventive inspection of the unit, diagnosis and elimination of detected breakdowns. All work performed is guaranteed for three months.

Engine makeBrand (type) of equipment
D-120T-25, T-30, VTZ, PUM-500, MUMS-11, etc.
D-130VTZ, SAG, compressor station
D-144T-40, installation of a concrete mixer, etc.
D-243MTZ, TO-30, Amkodor-208, AP-40810, etc.
D-245MTZ, Amkodor, Zil-5301 “Bychok”
D-260"Amkodor", MTZ-1221
D-2500 (PERKINS)DV-1661
D-3900 (PERKINS)DV-1792

Characteristics of the MTZ-3022 tractor transmission

The Belarus MTZ-3022 tractor has a hydromechanical 24-speed gearbox with constant mesh gears. The transmission unit with an additional control lever allows the tractor to move forward in 36 gears and backward in 24 modes. In this case, 6 gears are switched under load. The tractor is equipped with a friction dry double-disc clutch of a permanently closed type , with a mechanical release drive.

Control of the MTZ-3022 tractor gearbox

Steering based on a hydrostatic system allows the car to easily change direction and drive forward at a speed of 39.5 km/h and backwards at 19.39 km/h.

A beam-type front drive axle is necessary to transmit torque to the steered front wheels. It is equipped with a final drive, an automatic locking differential and wheel reduction gears. Thanks to this structure, the equipment is deprived of the ability to slip.

The MTZ-3022 tractor is equipped with multi-disc service brakes with oil cooling and hydrostatic drive. They are connected to an autonomous parking brake.

The electrical equipment of the agricultural machine depends on an alternating current generator with a power of 2000 W.

Technical characteristics of the Belarus MTZ-3022 tractor

Dimensions and weight

  • Length – 6.1 m; Width, taking into account the edges of the rear axle shafts - 2.63 m; Height (on the roof of the cabin) – 3.15 m.
  • Wheelbase – 2,960 m.
  • Front wheel track – 1,830 m / 1,970 m. Rear wheel track – 1,795 m / 2,135 m (with single/double wheels).
  • Ground clearance (under the rear axle housing) – 450 mm.
  • The smallest turning radius is 5 meters.
  • Operating weight – 11.5 tons. Dry weight, as shipped from the factory – 10.9 tons.
  • The maximum permissible weight is 14 tons.
  • Front wheel tires – 540/65R30; Rear tires: 580/70R42.
  • The load capacity of the rear linkage on the suspension axis is at least 10 tons.

Tractor engine "Belarus MTZ-3022"

Initially, tractors of this model were equipped with 300-horsepower diesel engines “S40E 8.7LTA” produced by . This six-cylinder power unit produces 1457 Nm of maximum torque. The working volume of this engine is 8.7 liters.

Subsequently, the serial tractor was equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine of the Deutz BF06M1013FC brand with turbocharging and intercooling of charge air. The working volume of the Deutz engine is 7.146 liters; power – 303.3 horsepower, or 223 kW. Maximum torque – 1300 Nm. The crankshaft rotation speed is 2300 rpm.

The Deutz BF06M1013FC engine was certified according to the Stage II environmental standard (II stage of Directive 2000/25/EC).

The engine is economical, equipped with a battery fuel system, with an electronic control and fuel supply control system and electro-hydraulic pump injectors. Specific fuel consumption – 249 g/kWh. Fuel tanks hold 500 liters of diesel fuel. Oil tank capacity – 70 liters.

Transmission "MTZ-3022"; steering and braking control; bridges

The tractor is equipped with a hydromechanical step gearbox with constant mesh gears. The number of forward/reverse gears is 24/12 (with an installed gearbox – 36/24, respectively).

Gear shifting is electrohydraulic. Within each range, switching is done using hydraulically controlled friction clutches; Range switching is carried out by gear couplings.

The clutch is a friction dry double-disc clutch of a permanently closed type. The driving speed is: forward/backward: 0.38/40.0 – 0.42/19.38 km/h. The tractor is also equipped with a power take-off shaft, the maximum rotation speed of which at the first speed is 1450 rpm, and at the second speed the rotation speed is exactly 1000 rpm. There is also a power take-off shaft located in the front of the tractor. Which is designed for a maximum number of rotations of 1000 rpm

The brakes in the tractor are multi-disc, operating in an oil bath; trailer brakes are pneumatic, interlocked with the tractor brake control. The brake drive is hydrostatic. The parking brake operates as an autonomous manual brake (combined with mechanically controlled service brakes). The steering of the Belarus MTZ-3022 tractor is hydraulic volumetric, with a metering pump and two hydraulic cylinders.

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The front drive axle of the tractor is a beam axle. Like many other agricultural machines of this class, it is equipped with an automatic locking differential, which, in turn, prevents the front wheels from slipping.

The front drive axle is of coaxial type with planetary final drives, with a self-locking limited slip differential. A friction clutch with electrohydraulic control makes it possible to engage the axle under load, providing three operating modes: automatically engaged (when the rear wheels slip); always on; switched off.

Hydraulic suspension system

The tractor is equipped with a universal hydraulic mounted system, with joystick control, based on a Bosch axial plunger pump, which provides power, mixed and positional control of the depth of tillage.

The hydraulic mounted system of the Belarus MTZ-3022 tractor is equipped with a five-section electro-hydraulic distributor, with the possibility of functional programming of the hydraulic system (EHS); electrohydraulic control regulator for front (FNU) and rear (RHL) mounted devices.

The hydraulic system has four pairs of independent outlets with the ability to regulate the supply of working fluid at each outlet. Electro-hydraulic control of the rear PTO has been introduced (instead of a crane and pneumatic adapter).

The maximum pressure in the hydraulic system is 20.5 ± 0.5 MPa. The volumetric flow of the pump at the rated speed of the diesel crankshaft is at least 120 liters per minute. The capacity of the hydraulic system tank is 110 liters (+/-0.5).

Already in the basic configuration, the Belarus MTZ-3022 tractor is equipped with a powerful air conditioner. And also the standard equipment includes: 4 pairs of hydraulic system outlets and a free-flow outlet, a pneumatic drive system for braking trailers and agricultural machines, a height-adjustable towing device, an additional seat, a front hitch, a front power take-off shaft, a set of rear tires and spacers for doubling them, a set of PTO shanks.

Additional options include spacers for doubling the front wheels and a set of tires for them, a cross member, radio equipment (radio), tires 650/65R42, 710/70R38, hitch hoses, breakaway couplings, replaceable rod ends; forward ballast loads with a total weight of up to 1,350 tons.

The electrical equipment of the MTZ-3022 tractor includes a 14 Volt alternating current generator set with a power of 2000 Watts.

Characteristics of the hydraulic lifting system

The multifunctional hydraulic mounted system of the MTZ-3022 tractor is made on the basis of an axial plunger adjustable pump produced by a German manufacturer. The joystick control located in the operator's cabin ensures the lowering and raising of attachments. In this case, you can adjust the depth of the soil for each type of soil. A seeding and towing device, a plow, and a mowing device can be attached to an agricultural machine.

Basic equipment includes elements with the following characteristics:

  • 5-section electro-hydraulic distributor with hydraulic system programmer;
  • electro-hydraulic control mechanism for attachments;
  • autonomous outputs with controlled liquid supply;
  • non-pressure drain outlet;
  • pneumatic drive of trailer brakes.

Hydraulic mounted system MTZ-3022

The additional package includes:

  • spacers with tires for doubling the front wheels;
  • cross beam;
  • radio equipment;
  • breakaway couplings;
  • couplings;
  • tie rod ends;
  • ballast weights.

Tractor cabin structure

Cabin of the MTZ-3022 tractor

The cabin of the MTZ-3022 tractor is made of a durable tubular frame, which ensures operator safety and reduces noise and vibration levels. At the workplace there is a double control station and a swivel chair for easy operation of the mechanisms located at the rear of the tractor.

The cabin is equipped with durable volumetric glazing for visibility with large rear-view mirrors. Air filtration, heating, and air conditioning create comfortable working conditions for the driver. Opening doors, windows, and a glazed sunroof improve the vehicle's serviceability. To clean the windows from atmospheric precipitation, a special electrically driven windshield wiper is provided.

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Cabin of the Belarus MTZ-3022 tractor

Cabin in “MTZ-3022” - modern “ROPS” design (meeting the requirements of “OESD”); equipped with a durable tubular frame that protects the operator in the event of the machine tipping over.

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The operator's workplace is equipped with a double control station and a swivel chair, designed for effective work with the mechanisms located at the rear of the tractor in reverse.

The cabin is equipped with filtration, heating and conditioning of the air supplied to the cabin. These heating and air conditioning systems, heat-absorbing safety glass, windows that open if necessary at the rear and sides of the machine, a large volume of glazing, modern windshield cleaning equipment and a high driver's seating position provide the most comfortable conditions for the highly productive work of the operator.

In addition to the doors, the MTZ-3022 tractor also has side and rear windows that open, as well as a sunroof. The front and rear windows are equipped with electric wipers and washers.

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