How to deregister a tractor

Documents for a tractor: how to register and remove them

Many tractor owners use their agricultural machines not only for working in the garden, but also for traveling on public roads.
To do this, of course, the equipment must be registered immediately, otherwise problems may arise with the traffic police. Before registering a tractor, its owner will need to collect all the necessary documents. They may vary depending on who exactly the agricultural machine will be registered to.

To register a tractor for an individual, you will need to collect the following list of documents:

  • a document that clearly confirms the identity of the owner of the tractor - in most cases, you will need a passport of a citizen of the country;
  • papers that confirm the existing ownership of the equipment;
  • in some cases, a compulsory motor liability insurance policy will be required;
  • the passport that the manufacturer issues for the equipment upon the first sale of self-propelled vehicles;
  • statement; pre-filled according to the sample;
  • receipts that confirm payment of state duty;
  • transit number, if available;
  • if you are purchasing a used unit, you will need to provide proof of payment of a special transport tax for the latest reporting period;
  • registration certificate – required if the tractor has not previously been deregistered;
  • a certificate of completed technical inspection, which is drawn up personally by the inspecting state inspector;

If an agricultural machine is registered by a legal entity, then for the procedure you will need to prepare:

  • documents that will become the basis for the activities of the enterprise;
  • documents confirming that the company is registered with the local tax service.

It is extremely important that in both the first and second cases, all documents provided are filled out in the national language of the country, and all words in them are written without errors. Each correction will need to be certified separately.

All documents necessary for registration of a tractor, except for a passport, power of attorney and documents on the activities of the enterprise, are drawn up at Gostekhnadzor. When preparing documents, you must indicate the purpose for obtaining them, as well as pay all the necessary government fees.

How to register an excavator, bulldozer and other road construction equipment


Owners of self-propelled vehicles often face the question of how to properly carry out the registration process and whether it is needed at all. First, let's figure out what equipment is subject to registration in Russia.

This is what the law says: all types of loaders, excavators, tractors and trailers for them, wheeled road construction equipment, and equipment used for repair work on roads and in quarries are subject to registration. Vehicles with an internal combustion engine capacity of less than 50 cubic meters are not subject to registration. Cm.

The registration of equipment is carried out by the state organization Gostekhnadzor. Information about all its territorial branches and their opening hours, for example, in Moscow, can be found on the official website of the Moscow Mayor. Here, in the “Regulatory Acts” section, you can find a complete list of legislative rules that govern the registration of self-propelled vehicles.

By law, if you become the owner of a self-propelled vehicle, you must register it within 10 days. If the equipment was purchased for further sale, then it is not required to register it.

List of required documents:

Companies submit the following documents to the Gostekhnadzor department:

– Notarized charter – Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. – A copy of the certificate from the Tax Office. – Regulations on the OP or branch with the right to register equipment at the specified address. – Property documents (for example, an extract from the constituent document, permission to sell (transfer) equipment, PMS with the registered owner, purchase and sale agreement, etc.) – Payment order for payment of state duty (for individuals - a receipt) – Policy about compulsory motor liability insurance if the car speed is above 20 km/h. – Application – Applicant’s passport. – Power of attorney, if the owner does not submit the documents himself.

If the equipment was purchased abroad, you must provide a copy of the cargo customs declaration with the organization’s seal.

How to deregister equipment

The machine must be deregistered if the owner of the road construction equipment changes the legal address (place of residence), and the new address is located outside the territory covered by the activities of the Gostekhnadzor department where the machine is registered; the ownership of the vehicle has been terminated, the equipment has been written off as scrap or is exported outside the Russian Federation.

In these cases, the owner is obliged to provide the following documents to the state inspection of Gostekhnadzor:

– Car passport – Registration certificate – State license plate – Application – Power of attorney and passport – Order to remove a car for a legal entity.

Please note that in the case of Gostekhnadzor there is no re-registration. If you transfer the equipment and documents to the new owner without deregistering it, he simply will not be able to register it in his name. In addition, before removal, you must first check whether there are any encumbrances on the equipment and obtain supporting documents. The equipment must be shown to a government inspector before removal. If the machine is not located in the region where it is registered, you can contact the Gostekhnadzor branch at the location to conduct an inspection and draw up a report.

How to restore documents for a tractor?

There are often cases in which a person buys an inexpensive used tractor, but without documents for it. In such situations, the equipment also needs to be registered, but this cannot be done without the necessary papers.

To register the unit, the first thing you need to do is contact the nearest branch of Gostekhnadzor. It must indicate the reason confirming the need to obtain documents, after which government agency employees are required to issue acts for completion. This includes the deed of purchase and sale and other papers required for registration.

Next, with certified documents, you need to go to court, where after consideration, the plaintiff will be issued documents confirming his legal ownership of the tractor. With the received documents, you need to contact Gostekhnadzor again, where all other documents that will be required to register the tractor will be issued.

Transporting a tractor without documents

The first and main document is the purchase and sale agreement, on the basis of which you can register the equipment with Gostekhnadzor and confirm your ownership. When buying a tractor, you and the seller draw up this agreement, which differs significantly from the sample document when buying a car. The features of such an agreement include:

  • You will have to acquire different contract forms;
  • The buyer is usually a legal entity, because a tractor is not a cheap thing and is often used in organizations or farms;
  • The tractor is thoroughly inspected for technical condition and compliance with the requirements for such equipment;
  • The purchased equipment must be registered with Gostekhnadzor;
  • The history of the tractor is checked, the equipment may be pledged, and therefore several verification methods are used.

The contract will need to be drawn up in triplicate; a tractor can be bought and sold by an individual or a legal entity. A special feature of a legal entity as a buyer is the mandatory entry of information about details and an authorized person. The purchase and sale agreement also indicates all the characteristics of the equipment, its condition, engine numbers and all necessary information. Be sure to indicate the price of the tractor and confirmation that the parties have no claims against each other.

Registration with Gostekhnadzor

After purchasing equipment, many people ask the question: how to get documents for a tractor by contacting Gostekhnadzor. To register a tractor and obtain official permission to travel, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. application of the appropriate sample;
  2. valid certificate of conformity;
  3. tractor passport;
  4. appropriate insurance policy;
  5. passport or other documents that confirm your identity;
  6. receipt of payment of state duty;
  7. contract of sale.

If you have all the above documents, you will become the legal owner of the tractor and will not have to worry about problems on the road. It is mandatory to register a tractor with Gostekhnadzor, because such a machine exceeds the volume of 50 cubic cm and has a power of over 4 kW. You will also have to complete the registration procedure no later than 5 days from the date of purchase.

Documents for a homemade tractor

Even during the times of the USSR, people could freely use homemade tractors and perform a wide variety of work with their help. Now if you have made a homemade tractor, you will have to register it and obtain documents. Otherwise, driving such equipment under public roads will be illegal. To register equipment with Gostekhnadzor, collect the following documents:

  • application of a certain sample;
  • proof of your identity;
  • a document that confirms your place of residence;
  • receipts or any documents confirming the purchase of certain components and parts of a home-made tractor.

After this, feel free to go to the nearest Gostekhnadzor office, which should be assigned to your territory. A homemade tractor must be brought to Gostekhnadzor and submitted to a special commission and the chief inspector for consideration. The analysis procedure involves checking the entire structure, compliance with safety standards, optimal level of environmental safety, and the ability to drive on roads.

Upon successful completion of the examination, you will receive from the commission a self-propelled vehicle passport and ready-made registered numbers. But keep in mind that you can drive on public roads if you have a driver’s license of the appropriate category. And according to the rules, even a homemade tractor must be equipped with a warning triangle, a first aid kit and a small fire extinguisher.

Agricultural machinery is represented by several main items, and very often tractors are required to work in the fields. Their overall dimensions and design make it possible to use the tractor on roads for driving to fields or other objects. Some tractors are issued without documents; even when purchasing equipment from a store, sellers may not immediately give documents to the owner. That is why many farmers and new equipment owners are wondering: how to transport a tractor without documents?

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, equipment such as tractors is subject to mandatory registration with Gostekhnadzor. Equipment without documents can be considered stolen, and therefore at traffic police posts you will be stopped to check your papers. Otherwise, you will face the threat of putting the tractor in the impound area, a bunch of completed explanatory documents and a considerable fine. This is why many people wonder how to legally transport a tractor on public roads?

Communities › DRIVE2 and traffic police › Blog › Transporting a car without documents!

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Licenses and other documents for the tractor

Owners know very well that any equipment, be it a bicycle, a coffee grinder, a car, a vacuum cleaner or a walk-behind tractor, must have a certain document - a registration certificate. The more complex the equipment you purchased, the greater the requirements for its registration, management, and obtaining other permits.

We will tell you about preparing the necessary documents for the tractor. In order to legally use a self-propelled machine, two conditions must be met: obtain documents for the tractor itself and obtain a license to drive it.


How to register a tractor - procedure for completing the procedure

Registration of an existing tractor must be carried out strictly according to the procedure specified in the Legislation.

To register an agricultural machine, its owner should proceed in the following order:

  1. Immediately after purchasing an agricultural machine, you must contact an employee of the insurance company and obtain a compulsory motor liability insurance policy, if necessary;
  2. After this, you need to obtain all the documents listed above and contact representatives of the registration department;
  3. Then, using the provided sample, you need to fill out an application from the tractor owner;
  4. Next, you will need to undergo a technical inspection of the tractor - it must be completed and confirmed by a civil service employee;
  5. After this, all available documents must be submitted to perform further registration actions;
  6. During the registration process, Gostekhnadzor employees carefully check the papers they receive and determine whether there are any restrictions on driving the unit. If, upon receipt by a Gostechnadzor employee, any document is missing, or an inaccuracy was found in one of them, the civil service employee has every right to refuse to accept the papers;
  7. In accordance with the Legislation, you can submit the collected documents for registration not only in person, but also through the service portal on the Internet.

How to transfer a tractor to another owner?

When selling a tractor, it must be re-registered to another owner. There are 3 options for this. The first of them is to obtain a drafted and notarized deed of purchase and sale of equipment.

In the second case, the tractor can be re-registered by issuing a special certificate-invoice, which can be obtained at a salon or commission site - in this case, both the salon and the site must have permission to issue such a certificate. The actual process of re-registration of the tractor must be completed at that time; when the tractor is deregistered and a buyer has already been found for it.

To complete the procedure, the following documents are required:

  • certificate-invoice;
  • certificate of completed technical inspection;
  • certificate of acceptance and transfer of equipment;
  • tractor registration certificate;
  • tripartite purchase and sale agreement.

The third method of re-registration is suitable for cases where both the seller and the buyer of the tractor are legal entities. At the same time, during the preparation of the act of purchase and sale of the tractor, the seals of both enterprises and the signatures of their representatives must be affixed in the relevant columns of the document.

How to register a tractor without documents

Similar questions I bought a car without a title in another city, how can I get a title for the purchased car, how much will it cost and what documents are needed? Thank you. I bought a car, I want it to be deregistered, but the car is under arrest, the owner has taken out loans, what should I do next?

The vehicle passport (PTS) is the main document for the car. It contains data on technical parameters, identification information, registration mark and information about the owner.

According to the exchange agreement - yes, provided that it is certified by a notary. But Gostekhnadzor does not carry out registration under a change of ownership agreement, not considering it a title document.

For a tractor purchase and sale agreement, the law establishes a simple written form that does not require notarization.

Do I need to deregister a tractor when selling it?

In accordance with the existing regulations, the tractor owner is obliged to deregister the agricultural machine in the following cases:

  • when the owner changes his permanent place of permanent residence;
  • upon termination of the current ownership of the tractor - in case of alienation under a notarized purchase and sale agreement, or leasing;
  • when writing off agricultural equipment for its subsequent disposal:
  • when exporting the tractor outside the country of residence - this does not include cases in which the tractor is temporarily exported outside the country.

According to the second point from the list, both a factory-made and a home-made tractor must be deregistered before its further sale to the buyer.

How to transport a tractor

Transportation of special equipment is necessary if:

  • the car cannot move independently on public roads;
  • transport broke down;
  • long distance transportation required.

The tractor can be transported in a universal or special wagon and on a special vehicle with a low-bed platform - a trawl, a low-bed tractor. Another option is a semi-trailer with a gangway. A damaged car can be transported by tow truck. A crane will be needed for loading and unloading.

Low-bed tractors are the most popular. Their platform is located at a height of 30-70 cm to facilitate work. The hydraulic drive lowers and raises the frame for unloading. They are distinguished by high load capacity (up to 50 tons or more) and good cross-country ability. Often the equipment is additionally equipped with two devices that diverge when loading oversized cargo.

Transportation of DT-75 is carried out using railway platforms, low-loader tractors, trucks or trailers. Delivery of a bulldozer on a trawl occurs in accordance with the rules:

  1. Preparatory activities. Before loading the tractor, the hitch mechanism is fixed with a mechanical device in the transport position, and the battery ground cable is disconnected. Water is drained from the cooling system through a drain valve or tap on the heater boiler. The lever is set to first speed, the right stopping brake pedal is pressed and secured with a latch. The PTO engagement lever is switched to the extreme forward position (off). If a vehicle is to be towed over a short distance in the summer, the cooling water is not drained.
  2. Loading occurs using a crane with a lifting capacity of at least 10 tons. According to the slinging scheme, special equipment is grabbed by cables. Wire or cables of sufficient strength must securely fix the equipment to the trawl. Experienced tractor drivers can do without lifting equipment by using self-propelled loading techniques.
  3. The actual transportation process. Transportation takes place along a strictly developed route with an escort vehicle. Transport will be equipped with appropriate signs. At the same time, large cargo should not block the view of the driver and other road users. Compliance with the speed limit is mandatory. The rules are aimed at reducing the risk of a traffic accident.
  4. Unloading occurs in the same way as loading. The platform is lowered as low as the trawl design allows, a ladder is installed and slowly unloaded using a winch or under its own power.

The transportation of any oversized cargo is preceded by collecting a package of documents, coordinating the route with the authorities and obtaining permission.


Transportation of special equipment consists of several stages. The most important ones are the selection of transport for transportation, loading and securing large cargo. The tractor can be wheeled or tracked. Wheeled vehicles have greater weight and dimensions, but their advantage is that the wheels can be removed. In addition, they can move over short distances on the road surface under their own power.

Before loading, it is necessary to analyze the compliance of the dimensions and weight of the equipment with the standards. Oversized cargo is an object that fits into a standard semi-trailer. Items that exceed the size limits require permission to be transported.

When loading onto a semi-trailer, it is necessary to ensure the correct distribution of equipment on the semi-trailer and the selection of the crane. Overload on the axles makes movement difficult. It is better to entrust the fixation of oversized items to professional workers. Otherwise, there is a high risk of the load falling while driving.


MTZ-82 can be transported over long distances on a GAZ-53, by rail, on a KamAZ truck, a trailer, a low-loader tractor, or under its own power. The latter option requires high fuel consumption and is not economically viable.

To prepare equipment for transportation you must:

  1. Set the lever to first gear.
  2. Apply and lock the parking brake.
  3. Secure the tractor with a wire, chain or cable of appropriate strength.
  4. For loading and unloading operations, use equipment with a lifting capacity of at least 5 tons.
  5. For a car with an inoperative hydraulic booster, it is allowed to operate at a speed of 10 km/h for a distance of up to 5 km.

Transportation must be carried out along a pre-planned route in compliance with traffic rules; transport must be equipped with special signs.

YuMZ belongs to wheeled special equipment and can independently move short distances along the road surface. But if delivery over a long distance is necessary, then transportation under its own power is not economically viable due to fuel consumption. There are several ways to transport YuMZ using third-party equipment:

  • low loader tractors;
  • railway transport;
  • trucks.

The advantages of wheeled special equipment are that the wheels can be removed, reducing weight and dimensions.

  1. In some cases, it is advisable to use an additional accompanying vehicle, which will monitor the safety of the transported items.
  2. You can reduce the load height by removing the wheels and removing the exhaust pipe.
  3. Position the tractor so as to prevent brake release.
  4. All moving and rotating parts of the tractor must be securely fixed. The tractor is additionally secured with chains. It is not advisable to use ropes; they can stretch.
  5. When transported on an open platform, easily removable parts and components (mirrors, brushes, blade) are packaged separately.

The most critical stage is loading. It is better to carry it out with the help of professionals. This stage is characterized by an increased risk of injury.

Homemade tractor

When transporting a homemade tractor, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Select vehicles with appropriate carrying capacity.
  2. If possible, make the equipment as light as possible, remove all possible parts (wheels, exhaust pipe, mirrors, brushes).
  3. Use the services of professionals to load and secure the tractor on the platform.

When driving, equip vehicles with special signs and drive in compliance with the established rules. This will ensure the safety of the facility and reduce the risk of accidents.

How to deregister a tractor - sequence of actions

In order to deregister a tractor, its owner will need to provide the following list of documents to the local government registration authorities:

  • personal passport of the owner of the unit or the passport of his authorized representative;
  • tractor passport - it must have a special mark;
  • license plate received by the tractor owner when registering the unit;
  • certified certificate of previous registration;
  • a receipt indicating that the owner of the tractor has paid the state duty;
  • If documents are provided for further disposal of the tractor, then along with them you will also need to submit an act of preliminary write-off of agricultural machinery.

Rules for registration and deregistration of self-propelled vehicles in Gostekhnadzor

The legislation of the Russian Federation obliges owners of self-propelled vehicles to register them with the territorial bodies of Gostekhnadzor. Some owners believe that this is not necessary and continue to use unregistered equipment. However, such actions are fraught with a fine, so it is necessary to notify Gostekhnadzor in a timely manner about the acquisition of new vehicles. What is the procedure for registering equipment? What documents must the applicant provide? What will be the state fee for registration? You can find answers to these and other questions in this article.

Features of the procedure

Registration and deregistration of special vehicles is regulated by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation “On state registration of motor vehicles and other types of self-propelled equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation” No. 938 dated August 12, 1994. Registration of special equipment by government agencies is necessary to prevent the commission of crimes using unregistered vehicles and ensure road safety . Individuals register vehicles at the place of residence indicated in their passport. All special vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 50 cm3 are subject to mandatory registration. Registration of equipment requires the following actions on the part of equipment owners:

  1. Contacting an insurance company to obtain an MTPL policy.
  2. Collection of documents.
  3. Appeal to the territorial body of Gostekhnadzor.
  4. Filling out an application according to the established form.
  5. Attendance during inspection of special equipment by an engineer-inspector at the appointed time.
  6. Submission of prepared papers for registration actions. If the list of documents is not complete or contains inaccuracies, the inspector has the right to refuse to accept the documents to the applicant.

In accordance with the Rules for the state registration of tractors, self-propelled road-building and other machines and trailers for them by state supervision bodies, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Russia on January 16, 1995, the registration procedure must be carried out within 5 days from the date of purchase of the machine. To successfully complete the event, the vehicle must have readable numbers on the units that correspond to the declared values ​​​​in the documents (PSM). In addition, the machine must be in good working order for its further safe operation.

Registration procedure

To register a forklift, you will need to collect a package of documents and submit it to the registration authority - the local branch of Gostekhnadzor. You can submit an application for registration of equipment remotely - through the government services portal. Registration of a forklift is possible for an individual or legal entity (organization). You can register special equipment to an individual at the place of registration. For foreign citizens, registration of equipment is carried out at the place of their temporary residence indicated in the document allowing him to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. Equipment registration for official refugees is carried out in the same way. The driver operating the forklift must have a license with the appropriate open categories and ranks.

How to deregister special equipment?

Tractors and other special equipment must be deregistered in cases where it is planned to be disposed of, sold, or if the previous owner plans to move for permanent residence to another country. To carry out this procedure, applicants must contact the Gostekhnadzor authorities, submit an application and a package of documents. In this case, license plates will need to be surrendered in accordance with clause 5.2 of the Rules. When the process is completed, the applicant will be issued a CM passport with a Gostekhnadzor mark, which he must transfer to the new owner.

When selling special vehicles, there is no re-registration procedure. If the vehicle and documents are transferred to the buyer, but it is not deregistered, the new owner will not be able to register the vehicle in his name. As a result, he will have to use special equipment registered to another person, and the previous owner will have to continue to pay tax. Before selling, you must obtain documents confirming the fact that there are no encumbrances on the equipment.

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What documents will be needed?

The registration and deregistration procedure takes 2-3 days. The most time-consuming part is paperwork, so vehicle owners should prepare all the paperwork in advance. It is worth remembering that without presenting a check or receipt for payment of transport tax, registration will not be carried out (clause 2.11.2 of the Rules). To register you will need:

  • An application drawn up according to the appropriate template;
  • Passport;
  • Written parental consent (for persons aged 14 to 18 years);
  • Power of attorney and passport of the bearer (if the applicant is an authorized representative);
  • Original SM passport;
  • OSAGO policy;
  • Information about the applicant’s place of residence;
  • A document confirming the right to own a vehicle or a lease agreement;
  • The decision of the previous owner of the SM on its alienation (in case of sale or transfer);
  • Original transfer and acceptance certificate or purchase and sale agreement;
  • Papers confirming the absence of transport tax debt (if the vehicle is not new);
  • Registration certificate;
  • A technical inspection report for special equipment drawn up by a state inspector.

State duty amount

In order to stop registering self-propelled vehicles, you do not have to pay a state fee. The state fee is charged only upon registration, and the total amount payable includes such actions as obtaining state registration marks, obtaining a registration certificate, and making changes to the PSM. At the beginning of 2017, changes to Art. 333.33 Tax Code regarding changes in the amount of state duty for registration. They are reflected in the table below.

No.Registration actionsState duty amount
1Issuance of state registration plates10001500
2Issuance of a certificate of registration of SM350500
3Temporary registration of previously registered special equipment at its location200350
4Making changes to an already received SM passport200350

If payment of the state fee is made through the State Services portal, then the owner of self-propelled equipment can save 30%. In this case, the payment receipt does not need to be printed, since there is a unified electronic system of interdepartmental interaction, thanks to which all information is stored in a common database. If payment was made in another way, it is better to take the receipt with you and attach it to the general package of documents, since payment may be delayed when transferred through other services.

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