Segment mower for walk-behind tractor

Motoblocks "Neva" are today one of the most popular and widely used types of agricultural equipment for home and farming. A rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor is often used as an attachment installed on this unit. This type of device consists of a support mechanism and several rotating disks equipped with special blades. This design is highly reliable and easy to use, and is also most preferred for intensive and safe work.

Varieties and device

Depending on the design features of the mower, there are two types: rotary and segment.

Rotary mower for walk-behind tractor


For these mechanisms, disk devices act as working elements. They are quite productive and absolutely safe during operation. The rotary mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor is capable of laying cut plants in even rows, which makes their subsequent drying much easier and eliminates the need to use forks and rakes. A unit of this type is used for mowing vegetation on roadsides and slopes, as well as for removing grass in private courtyards and estates. Rotary mowers can be single-disc or double-disc. They are attached to the walk-behind tractor at the front of the device. How are their activities carried out? Torque from a running engine is transmitted to the power take-off shaft, which in turn interacts with the working parts through a V-belt. Further, under the influence of centrifugal force, the disc legs come into contact with the surface of the grass and cut it. To protect the discs from stones and hard objects, the design of the unit provides protective covers.

Segment mower for walk-behind tractor


Segment-type mowers are devices that include a frame and cutting components (pins) connected to each other by special fasteners. The principle of operation of such a unit is similar to the operation of classic scissors: one part of the mechanism is stationary, and the other makes linear movements - left and right. When the torque from the walk-behind tractor is transmitted to the mower, translational vibrations of the scissors occur and the plants that fall between their fingers are quickly and accurately cut. Thanks to the rational form of the device, vegetation is placed on both sides of the unit. The result is uniform windrows that will require additional tools such as forks and rakes to remove. The segment mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor is capable of operating in areas with complex terrain when mowing grain and grass crops. The displacement of the working component of the mower in relation to the walk-behind tractor can be about 20%.

Drawings, diagrams

The general design of the rotary mower is shown in the following drawing:

When assembling the mower, you must follow the relevant rules and operating instructions. There is a certain sequence for assembling the unit into working condition. The connection diagram of a rotary mower with a walk-behind tractor is as follows:

A general view of the segment mechanism is shown in the following drawing:

Segment mower

The segment mower device includes the following elements:


Some of the most popular mowers that are presented on the domestic market are units such as “Zarya”, “KR 05” and “KN 1”

The Zarya rotary mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor has the following characteristics:

  • travel speed - 4.0 km/h;
  • weight - 32.0 kg;
  • required power of the walk-behind tractor - 6.0 hp;
  • processing width - 0.8 m;
  • rotation speed of working bodies - 2000 ohm/min;
  • working efficiency - 0.20 ha/h;
  • height of mowed plants - up to 1.0 m;
  • cutting height - 0.10 m;
  • dimensions: length - 0.81 m, width - 0.93 m, height - 0.78 m.

The KR 05 rotary mower has the following characteristics:

  • travel speed - 4.0 km/h;
  • weight - 30.0 kg;
  • the required power of the walk-behind tractor is 5.0 hp;
  • working width - 0.56 m;
  • disc rotation speed - 2300 rpm;
  • nominal productivity - 0.15 ha/h;
  • height of mowed grass - up to 1.0 m;
  • cutting height - 0.07 m;
  • equipment dimensions: length - 0.69 m, width - 0.54 m and height - 0.63 m.

The KN 1 segment mower is characterized by the following parameters:

  • travel speed - 5.0 km/h;
  • weight - 45 kg;
  • recommended walk-behind tractor power - 7.0 hp;
  • processing width - 1.1 m;
  • performance - 0.35 ha/h;
  • vegetation mowing height is 0.45 m.

Rotary mower KP-05

Officially, KP-05 is produced in St. Petersburg at the Red October plant. The model is official for the Neva walk-behind tractor MB-1 and MB-2. It is impossible to find exact analogues on the market, but there are similar mowers of low quality. Many years of experience and advanced technologies allowed the manufacturer to develop an optimal, functional and small rotary mower KP-05.

The weight of the equipment is less than that of the Zarya model, so the KP-05 is convenient for summer residents and farmers with small personal plots. Copes with any remains of cultivated plants, shrubs, hard and thick grass. The baby has enough power to cope with tough vegetation.

KP-05 is used on uneven surfaces, since the working body in the form of a large disk easily adapts to any unevenness. The mower is not afraid of small stones and branches. There is a metal casing around the disc that protects the operator from small particles of stones and vegetation.

Characteristics of KP-05 for the Neva walk-behind tractor MB-1 and MB-2 and price in the table:

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of rotary mowers include the following factors:

  • excellent level of performance;
  • simplicity of design;
  • comfort in use;
  • high degree of security;
  • excellent reliability of mechanisms;
  • long period of operation;
  • reasonable cost.

These units were not spared their negative aspects. These include such disadvantages as low speed, unstable operation at low engine speeds and poor protection of the device from stones.

Walk-behind tractor with rotary mower and trailer


Comments left by mower users are replete with the following excerpts:

  1. There is a scythe available for the Neva “KN 1” walk-behind tractor. The unit is fast and powerful, there are no problems with spare parts, overall I am happy with the machine. Before this, there was a Chinese analogue, which had to be constantly adjusted and repaired. Eventually its working parts became loose and its main mechanical parts collapsed. And “KN 1” still never ceases to please. Its feature is the ability to work effectively on uneven and bumpy terrain. While moving, the mower follows the uneven terrain and makes the grass cut quite clean.
  2. I am the owner of a mounted rotary mower for the KR 05 walk-behind tractor. The unit is well suited for mowing dense vegetation and dead wood. I use it mainly for clearing the fields of corn and sunflower residues. If you go over the same area twice, the bevel turns out to be almost perfect. It is quite simple to assemble a mower with a walk-behind tractor; for this you need to connect the drive with the working elements and secure the device in the front part of the structure. Using the mower is comfortable and easy. In order for the unit to serve for many years, it is necessary to carry out proper care and systematic maintenance.

Reviews of the mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor

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Dmitry I’ve been using the rotary mower for 3 seasons. It works pretty well. I mow, though not much - about 1 hectare per season. If the drive belt and motor of the walk-behind tractor are good, then anthills will fly past your head (it is advisable to have time to dodge), and freely cut off trees as thick as your finger. Among the disadvantages is strong vibration on the steering wheel of the walk-behind tractor (your hands tingle for a long time like needles after a long mowing), as well as When the ground is uneven, the belt pulls out quickly. Without a trailer for riding, I think it will be easier to work. If the grass gets full, it can be shaken off quickly. But a mower with a blade blade will cut a little lower, but it needs a more even terrain. But for the price and performance, personally For me, there is no alternative yet.

Leonid Mower Zarya has been working for me for 3 years. I still have a set of spare knives lying around. I immediately removed the knives and sharpened them with sandpaper, the angle was less than 45 degrees. and instead of cotter pins, he inserted nails, biting them along the length and bending them. I sharpened it without removing it - with a grinder. Sharp knives reduce the load and cut short grass better. There were no problems with gearboxes and belts. And you can check the lubricant in order to sleep peacefully.

Dmitry Panchenko My Rotarka is already 12 years old, I’m very pleased. I installed segments from the combine, after minor modifications. It mows everything down, and also settles it in a rare manner. If something happens, you can quickly change the segment in the field, it doesn’t take much time. With dense grass, it does not clog like segmented grass. In a word, very pleased. Unfortunately, there are no photos, I’ll try to post them in the summer when haymaking starts.


You can buy a new Zarya mower from an official dealer for 11.5 -12.0 thousand rubles. A used unit will cost about 6.0 -7.0 thousand rubles. The mower for the KR 05 walk-behind tractor will cost the buyer 14.0-14.5 thousand rubles. The cost of the option with operating time will be about 7.0-8.0 thousand. Those wishing to purchase a new segment-type model “KN 1” will have to fork out 18.5-19.0 thousand.

Having examined the main types of mowers for the Neva walk-behind tractor, we can conclude that each representative of one or another model range meets the basic needs of owners of farms and private farmsteads. However, we should not forget that all units have not only a number of advantages, but also a series of disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a specific device option, you must rely solely on your own taste and be guided only by personal preferences.

The rotary mower for walk-behind tractors is highly reliable and easy to use, and is also most preferable for intensive and safe work.

Knives for rotary mower Neva KR 05

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Due to the fact that the blades for the Neva KR 05 rotary mower are especially sharp and durable, the rotary mower copes equally well with grass and small shrubs and undergrowth. If the mower blades become dull, you should not throw them away immediately, despite their low cost. They can be resharpened without problems and significantly extend their service life. If desired, they can be purchased additionally in reserve.

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