Repair of Toyota Dyna (Toyota Dune) in Moscow

Small trucks like Toyota Dyna are in great demand in our country. The carrying capacity of such a vehicle can reach 3 tons. These are the types of vehicles that are needed when building a house, and such vehicles are also needed by various small enterprises and small businesses.

Toyota Toyoace is a copy of this car, which is produced for the domestic market of the Middle Kingdom. It is the Japanese version that may have a double cabin. Toyota Dune always comes with a short cab.

Toyota Dyna has many competitors. Among them we can name the most important: Isuzu Elf, Mitsubishi Fuso and others.

History of the creation and development of Toyota Dyna

The first generation came out in the incredibly distant 1956. We can't say anything remarkable about this car. The next version of the car came out in 1959, and again it was just a truck without any features. The next generation came out in 1963. The buyer had a choice of two power plants. The first, gasoline, had a volume of 1.9 liters (power 80 horsepower), the second version of the engine was diesel with a volume of 2.3 liters (power 64 hp).

The new series, which was released in 1968, had two options for the vehicle's wheelbase, as well as three types of payload and the same number of engines to choose from. One engine was gasoline, the other two were diesel.

Another series was released in 1978 in two separate versions. One variation could carry 3 tons of cargo; in addition, it was equipped with either regular rear wheels or a “sparkle” wheel. The cabin could be regular or narrowed. The second modification could take less cargo on board, only 1.5 tons. The car had a total weight of up to 3.5 tons, that is, it fell under the passenger category on the driver’s license.

The characteristics of the Toyota Dyna, which was released in 1985, also varied in terms of the vehicle's carrying capacity. The “heavy” version could carry loads of up to 2-3.5 tons. Light trucks of that time had a total weight of up to 3.5 tons and a load capacity of 1.5 tons. This generation featured the first 5-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Dyna cars, which were produced up to and including 1989, had round headlights. Trucks that were produced later and until 1995 were equipped with rectangular headlights.

How we repair Toyota Dyna (Toyota Dune)

Basic procedures carried out regularly, annually, to maintain the technical condition of the vehicle:

  • diagnostics, including computer diagnostics;
  • replacement of filters, working fluids, oils, lamps.

Post-warranty service is carried out using original components, which we offer to our customers at prices that are 10-20 percent cheaper than market prices. This discount is subject to our official distribution program.

Periodic mechanic repairs include engine overhaul, gearbox overhaul, exhaust system repair, brakes, suspension, starters, alternators, and car body repairs.

Toyota Dune in Russia

The generation that came out in 1995 began to be extremely actively imported into our country. These vehicles were also divided into light and heavy duty trucks, as was the case in previous generations. The production of such machines was completed in 2002. A more modern version of this vehicle began production in 2000. Again there were two categories of carrying capacity, as before. A hybrid version of the car has been added to the typical diesel engines of Toyota Dyna. This hybrid has not been noticed in our country. The end of production of this generation dates back to 2011.

Advantages of repairing Toyota Dyna (Toyota Dune) with us

We carry out diagnostic and repair work for Toyota Dyna in full accordance with the manufacturer's standards. All procedures and operations are clearly regulated. We do not impose anything unnecessary. We do not change prices at the end of the process; we fix them initially in the contract.

The principles of our work are defined in the company concept developed in 2001. We strictly follow the policies that led us to success. It is noted by numerous reviews from our clients and experts in their reviews. And even competitors. In order not to be unfounded, we invite you to come and see for yourself that our words are true in practice. We wait.

Technical features of the car

Dyna has a cabover design, standard for trucks (the cab is located on top of the engine), this allows the modest size of the vehicle to have a spacious cabin, as well as a relatively long cargo area. The machine is based on a high-quality steel frame with side members. This is a reliable and durable solution. The main common modifications of the vehicle include a tent truck and a van. But there are also other rare versions.

The interior of the truck is made of soft plastic and high-quality fabrics (including even velor). The cabin has two passenger seats (plus one for the driver). The dashboard of the car is very thoughtful and informative; the basic configuration includes electric side windows.

Review of Toyota Dyna 2.0 petrol (133 hp)

The car was bought in 2020 in order to transport goods. Dune performed its function in this regard properly.

From the positive

The small-sized truck from Toyota has all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. This is really a godsend in cases where the car is in constant demand and is driven mainly off-road.

When the car is fully loaded, nothing much changes, except that it picks up speed a little slower. The engine behaves like a tractor: it pulls without losing power.

Despite its age (the car was produced in 2006), it starts without problems, the engine does not require special attention and in cold weather it performs in the most positive way. The engine is really indestructible.

The frame of the car is also strong. Compared to analogues, fuel consumption is low, and it does not change depending on the vehicle load.

Toyota Dyna / Toyota Dyna

Dyna: parameters, tests (test drive, crash test), reviews, car dealerships, photos, videos, news.

Toyota Dyna

- beginning of production in 2011. It combines style and new technologies, thanks to Toyota's developments you get an excellent cocktail of excellent design and high technical performance.
Among the existing Dyna basic colors, you can easily find one that suits you, but most likely you can choose it to order. We most likely do not have all the configurations of this Toyota Dyna model, among which there are various Dyna assembly options: the gearbox can be automatic or manual, leather trim or wood inserts, wheels and other additional Dyna body elements, which will certainly be reflected in the price Dyna. Technical characteristics are good, but don’t forget about the safety of Dyna or the engine size, which will then make itself felt in operating costs in the future, as well as Dyna repair and maintenance with a warranty period. Since the purchase is made not for several months, but for several years, so consider for yourself what you will do in the summer and winter, what trips to make on the Dyna
. The table below shows a comparison of several Dyna configurations, the parameters include: what are the overall dimensions of the Dyna, what is the fuel consumption in the city, highway or mixed, engine size, maximum speed and acceleration time to 100 km/h, curb or gross weight of the Dyna, wheelbase, front and rear wheel tracks, transmission type (gearbox/gearbox), what kind of drive, tire size, how much power or torque and what price. In addition to all the numbers, you can read reviews of car owners about Dyna, watch videos or news, tests (test drive, crash test).

Nissan atlas or toyota dyna review

Rating from a car owner named Dietrich: Acceptable consumption, I get 6.2 liters on the highway.

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Description: The dimensions are as follows: length - 3203, width - 1100, height - 1722 mm. The wheelbase is 2434 mm. Ground clearance 162 mm. The car is equipped with a hybrid power unit. The 2-cylinder engine is equipped with a system that provides engine power output. There are 4 valves per cylinder. The diameter of one cylinder is 78 mm, the piston stroke is 70 mm. The engine crankshaft accelerates to 1000 rpm. Maximum torque is maintained up to 3000 rpm.

Below you can see the technical properties of which truck is better than the Nissan Atlas or Toyota Dune. Express your worldview about the car in the comments.

Release date: December 25, 2020

Laughter in the topic: Rose complains to her friend: “I just can’t teach Moishe to be tidy - every time he hides his wallet in a new place!”

I continue. I was in China and picked up the taillights and LED bulbs. I dismantle the Toyota stacks.

Comparison with tuned ones.

In terms of information content and appearance, tuning ones are definitely better, due to transparent glass and chrome reflectors.

I spliced ​​the original chip with the wiring of the Chinese stop using heat shrink and wrapped everything in electrical tape.

But there is one thing, they are larger than the original ones and much... so I had to cut off the hooks on both sides to be able to install them there.

Control check before installation on the truck - everything lights up as it should.

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